The hidden costs of relying on wind power

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The hidden costs of relying on wind power
Which country has the most wind power? I think that Europe boast the most wind power,wind power have immense advantage ,it will NOT emit carbon dioxide and poisonous fumes into atmosphere,and a clean power, in the US,what 's held back wind power is lack of federal subsidy, because ,solar power has always dominated, I think that owning residential wind turbine will be next green trend,
If a cheap carbon capture technology were discovered, would global warmers be happy about not needing to switch to solar and wind? Not really, no. What you seem to be suggesting is that, if we had a cheap way of capturing and sequestering CO2, we could go on using fossil fuels to power our economies *and* solve the global warming issue. This might be the case, but there's another aspect to it. If you look at the costs of fossil fuels over the past 30 years, you find they are 'volatile'. They fluctuate up and down greatly. Oil is a prime example - you'd pay more than 140 dollars for a barrel in June 2008 (using 2017 dollars) and about 58 dollars today. If you look at the cost of solar or wind over the past 30 years the graph looks very different ... it's been falling and falling. In many cases, it's actually cheaper to generate power using solar and wind than fossil fuels. But don't take my word for it, take the World Economic Forum which, in January this year, reported that solar and wind were now the same price or cheaper in 30 countries than new fossil fuel capacity. Wind and solar are not replacements for fossil fuels. They are fuel-saving technology. When you're producing lots of power using wind or solar, you can cut back on energy generated by fossil fuels. This saves those fossil fuels (and reduces your CO2 emissions). When the wind and solar aren't generating, you use your fossil fuel stations to compensate. And if wind and solar are currently the same price or cheaper, and the costs are on a downward trend, why wouldn't you want to use solar and wind to reduce costs and save fossil fuels? Even if you ignore the global warming issue, or simply don't believe it, there are very good economic reasons why wind and solar should be included in the energy mix!
Are solar and wind power more expensive than fossil fuels? In most cases. yes. Solar and wind power require backup systems, either batteries, hydrogen or fossil fuels. The cost often quoted for solar and wind power by environmentals excludes these backup systems. Some exceptions would be for applications in which solar power is not required at night, and in remote areas, where just being connected could cost more than solar and wind power.
Are solar and wind power more expensive than fossil fuels? It seems that wind power. Were there is reliable wind 24/7. Is now cheaper to make than many coal fired plants. The problem is were these areas are.
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