Sir Ian Wood: 15 years of oil left before independent Scotland spending cuts

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Sir Ian Wood: 15 years of oil left before independent Scotland spending cuts
Is there any chance Scotland could become independent and take part of England? Its been the same for years, this government is very London centric when it comes to infrastructure spending. Its reasons like this the private sector in Scotland is dead and why Scotland should be independent. They are using Scottish resources to fund infrastructure in London while not just Scotland but the rest of the UK is being left behind in terms of infrastructure. More has been spent in London in the last 10 years than has been spent outwith London across the Uk in the last 50. How anybody can justify that is beyond me. Scotland doesn't even have a proper motorway network, we have a glorified dual carriageway in the M8 and the A9 which isn't even a dual carriage way as the only road linking up the central belt with the North of Scotland. Glasgow Airport, an International airport with no rail or underground link, its scandalous how scotland gets ignored in terms of spending and certainly isn't fair. People always go Scotland will be a 3rd world country if it got Independence, well i've got news for you it will become one if it remains in the UK, even Eastern European countries have better transport infrastructure than Scotland and can soome how do it with lower GDP than Scotland, that alone says it all.
Is there any chance Scotland could become independent and take part of England? @ Kandy- you've picked the one year out of the last, what? 8? where Scotland budget was slight under compared to all the others to prove a point???? All it shows is the impact of the unjustified cuts on Scotland lets look at GERS from the surrounding years The 4 years leading up to the year you provided: "The cumulative value of Scotland's current budget surplus over the four year period from 2005-06 to 2008-09 now stands at some £3.5 billion. Over this same period, the UK built up a deficit of £72.3 billion." http:// Then the last tax years: "In 2011-12, Scotland generated 9.9% of UK revenues with 8.4% of the population, while only receiving 9.3% of UK public spending back from the UK government. http:// So just stop with your propaghanda PR spin on 1 years set of figures compared to the overall figures. Your blatantly trying to mislead the questioner with 1 set of figures compared to the 4 I've provided which are all over a continuous 6 year period. Here's a question fro you how can Scotland be subsidised when England can't cover its own spending and Scotland can? didn't you know England had a deficit of 8% GDP, isn't England being subsidised by borrowing? Que the thumbs down for talking sense from the "British patriots" who will defend England's debt to the hilt and talk Scotland's profits down as much as possible as the truth be told Scotland gets less in spending than it raises in taxation. Now to answer the Question, if Scotland gained independence and say the NorthEast wished to come with Scotland first that region of England would have to have a referendum on leaving rUK and joining an Independent Scotland. Its possible but I'm not sure there is any support for that to take place.
So do you think Scotland will separate from the UK in the foreseeable future? Its only a matter of time. Scotland WILL be Independent within the next 50-100 years I don't understand people on here at times i really don't England pays for nothing in Scotland. Fact Scotland is the only country to run a Surplus budget Fact If you split England into its regions only 3 out the 9 return their public spending. Fact All released by the Uk treasury, use will probably deny this as you are all in better positions to judge the country's fiances than the government use all voted in Regarding the oil, anybody who says its running done is talking nonsense, it was claimed "peak oil" was in 1999. This turned out to be a LIE. "Peak oil hasn't actually happened yet, it is predicted to happen within the next decade, but that will change as their are over 200 unexplored oil fields still of the shetlands which happens to be in Scottish waters. It is far from done their is roughly 40-50 years left at least. Although I don't see the argument in this as Scotland won't be Independent till its roughly done. The whole point is void.
Regaurding Tax Reform--why not just cut all taxes 20 Percent and call it good? Congress works under a rule that tax cuts have to be justified by spending cuts. Taxcuts are easy, spending cuts are hard! This is why the tax cuts for the rich are paid for by cutting govt. services for the middle class and the poor. And it's those cuts that are unpopular, not the tax cuts.
Seriously,what would be the future of an independent Scotland?I mean,where would the money come from? Scottish Independence would cause major problems for Scotland, as major employers such as the Clyde Naval Base might be subject to massive cuts. The Clyde Naval Base being Scotlands largest employer. The SNP would also withdraw an independent Scotland from NATO and would cut Defence Spending in order to match the low public spending of countries such as the Republic of Ireland (Defence Spending is 0.9% of GDP in Ireland). Indeed Margaret Thatcher didn't go anywhere near as far as the Republic of Ireland has gone in terms of cutting public spending and taxes. However whether a Socialist Scottish Government would be prepared to cap welfare and health spending is another matter, as in Ireland the gap between rich and poor has become ever greater. Scotland relies on North Sea Oil but by 2030 most of the Oil that is economical to extract will have gone, leaving only deep water fields which many oil experts see as uneconomical and too dificult and dangerous to extract oil from. The most authoritative source for the study of this issue is the annual GERS (Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland) report. The most recent, published last December, said that Scotland received 9.7 per cent of all UK government expenditure, although it is home to only 8.5 per cent of the UK population. The UK government spends £11.2bn more per year in Scotland than it takes in tax revenues. In other words, Scotland receives a subsidy from the rest of the UK equal to 12 per cent of its GDP, which it would lose if it left the UK. Furthermore North Sea Oil is diminishing fast and this deficeit is set to increase year on year. Scotland would have to renegotiate entry back in to the EU as an Independent Country, and the terms may not be as favourable as they are now. There's also the real threat that Scotland could be left to become a socialist backwater, while England rid of the largely socialist Scotland and possible also Wales, would cut taxes and reinvigour it's own ecenomy whilst moving to the right. England after all has the great power house of London and it's great victorian cities. At the same time will the English be as understanding or as accomodating towards Scotland and the Scottish people, given that the fires of English nationalism would have been stoked. Would the Scots as foriegners even be welcomed in England, should this petty tribalism come to a head.
Should Scotland become an independent nation ? ? Ignore paige, obviously doesn't know what shes on about and if she did maybe she would care to explain theses facts Scotland's GDP is currently at 99% and is third highest out of the 12 regions within the Uk only behind London and South East England. In the last year Scotland has gained a place at the expense of East England. That puts 9 regions GDP below Scotland's, 7 of which happen to be in England. http:// If you referred to the Government's GERS report, you would realise that Scotland is more than capable of supporting its national spending with the tax revenues that it currently generates. Taking all Scottish revenues and all spending in Scotland into account – including the financial sector interventions – the official GERS statistics show that Scotland has run a current budget surplus in four of the five years to 2009/10, while the UK was in current budget deficit in each of these years, and hasn’t run a current budget surplus since 2001/02. http:// Oh and theirs also this............. "A leading Professor of Economics, Andrew Hughes Hallett, has sensationally confirmed that Scotland has been subsidizing the UK treasury in London for years and that the Calman Commission recommendations are unworkable and potentially damaging." http://newsnetscotland.com/index.php/sco... What does she know that he doesn't maybe she would like to contact him and tell him his findings are wrong and that shes found discrepancies with his figures? Their is no financial reason why scotland cant be independent, even David Cameron has said this in the last 2 months. Yes scotland should be independent just like every other country yin the world, why should Scotland be any different than them?
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'Scotland Will Become an Independent Nation,' Departing Leader Says "Out of defeat will come future success," outgoing Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond told party members on Friday.
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Independent Scotland Could Launch Own Currency, Says Ratings Agency Scotland Could Launch Own Currency, Says S&P An independent Scotland would likely be able to successfully launch its own currency, ratings agency Standard & Poor's Corp. said Thursday.
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U.K. Warns Independent Scotland Would Have High Risk in Bank Sector An Independent Scotland Risks Financial Shocks An independent Scotland would have banking assets worth more than 1,250% of Scottish gross domestic product, putting taxpayers at significant risk in the event of another banking crisis, the U.K. Treasury said Sunday.
Third complaint against Police Scotland chief Phil Gormley referred to independent investigators A third complaint against the Chief Constable of Police Scotland has been referred to independent investigators.
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Spending Cuts Spending Cuts? All in Timing As the battle over deficit reduction continues in Washington, bond-fund managers at some of the biggest firms in the world say that, beyond the size of the cuts, they are intensely interested in when they would happen.
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Is it safe to travel in Greece during the riots about government spending cuts? I am travelling to Athens, Greece, shortly, and have seen reports of recent unrest. Should I be worried? Should I cancel my trip?UpdateIt's fine, taxis are currently on strike, but Syntagma Sqaure is fine:
Why is it - “My great-grandfather never left Scotland” Instead of “ My great-grandfather has never left Scotland”? [duplicate] Since, the sentence has "never" it must be present perfect, but whereas it's simple past. Why is it so?
Travel to Scotland over Christmas & New Years: are hiking & outdoor activities right out? I'm trying to plan a trip to Scotland & I don't want to wait >6 months for a number of reasons. It looks like there are a lot of winter festivals all over Scotland, and what I'm reading about sounds really great.Question is, I'd like to do the Jacobite train, some whiskey tours, visit Skara Brae, and also I'd like to do some outdoor stuff. Looks like Glencoe would be great for snow sports, but I'd also like to do some light (4-6mi round trip) hiking and see some of the landscape. I love the snow, very tolerant of cold, so unless it's miserably rainy/windy I don't mind the weather. Are these things possible/advisable in midwinter? Seems like winter travel around Scotland, esp. the highlands, would be amazingly gorgeous. I'm open for alternative suggestions that achieve similar results.
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