Shetland: Scotland's wild, awe-inspiring islands

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  • [10-01] Focus on FestivalsUp Helly Aa in Lerwick, Shetland Islands, UK
  • [15-01] Considered as a paradise for beach lovers, Thailand’s Phi Phi Islands are a group of six stunning islands.…
Shetland: Scotland's wild, awe-inspiring islands
What would it mean for the rest of the UK if Scotland became fully independent? Well, the Shetland islands want to be part of the UK and have said if Scotland became Independant, The Shetland islands would announce Independance and considering the Oil goes to the Shetland Islands, the Shetland isles would be the ones who get the oil. One thing is for sure though, we would have a Conservative Government for the rest of our lives. Nooooooooo!
Ferry from Scotland to Iceland and Greenland? Smyril Lines used to stop in the Shetland Islands (Scotland) on their way from Denmark to Iceland but they no longer have any UK stops so it is not possible to take a ferry from Scotland to Iceland. If you are set on taking a ferry (I would love it) then you need to start your journey in Denmark and go to Iceland via the Faroe Islands. I'm not aware of any ferries to Greenland however there are cruise ships that go if that is what you are interested in. http://http://
We would love to go to the Shetland Islands but can not afford the price. Could anyone tell me where I would find a lot of ponies in? Scotland
Moving to Scotland? Help !? You'll need a job first; landlords require proof of income before they'll rent. Have you considered where in Scotland you want to live? It varies considerably from cities such as Edinburgh to very remote areas such as the Shetland islands.
Do people speak English in Scotland? What is the language that they speak when they are on the TV? Yes they speak English in Scotland and in some parts they speak Gaelic too. Scotland isn't an island, but there are a lot of Scottish islands like the Orkney's, Shetland and the Hebrides (Outer and Inner). There are a few airports like Glasgow, Prestwick and Edinburgh to name three of the main airports. There are train stations all over Scotland too many to name here! Tossing the caber at the Highland game is still done! I would give the Scottish Tourist board a call to get any other information. Or if you like click here http://
Im from Ireland, do I need a visa to work in Scotland? Yes, yes you do. Since Nov 2009 Scotland is no longer part of the UK, as you will already know. See: http://thescotsman.sc/independenceatlast... They are going to apply for EU membership but that dpends on a number of issues, will they continue eating deep fried snickers and so on. You can work visa free in the Shetland islands as they have broken away from Scotland and are now ruled directly from London. So, I'd set my sights on the Shetlands, lovely spot so I hear.
As Scotland Votes on Independence, Shetland Islands Ponder Own Fate As Scotland Votes, Shetland Ponders Own Fate Shetlanders are following the Scottish independence campaign as intently as the rest of the U.K. Some even want another vote soon after—on their own independence from Scotland.
Shetland hotel voted as Scotland’s best by The Good Hotel Guide Burrastow House in Shetland has been voted as the country’s best hotel by The Good Hotel Guide 2018.
After centuries of neglect, are Scotland’s islands now on the road to recovery? As the Scottish government introduces a bill to protect its islands, locals ask if the move will be enough to reverse their population decline On a tiny island beyond the northern fringe of Scotland’s coast, a lone piper salutes the end of a dozen generations. North Ronaldsay is the northernmost island of Orkney and today the primary school is saying farewell to its only pupil, 11-year-old Teigan Scott. None among the small group of friends and relatives who have gathered for the occasion can tell when North Ronaldsay School will next open it
TIL the CIA planned to kick the British off of the Falklands, send them to Scotland, and give the islands to Argentina.
Scotland bans use of wild animals in travelling circuses Animal welfare groups welcome decision of Scottish parliament and call on Westminster to follow suit Scotland has become the first country in the UK to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses. Animal welfare campaigners said the legislation, which was passed by the Scottish parliament on Wednesday afternoon, was leading the way for the Westminster government to follow suit.
Scotland Bans Traveling Circuses From Using Wild Animals In Performances Scotland has banned the use of wild animals in traveling circuses, handing an important victory to animal welfare advocates.
NW Florida, Inland from ocean a bit, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Wild- sandy soil, smells like sage
Spectacular Shetland
Shetland Ponders Own Fate Shetland Ponders Own Fate
One of the most inspiring women I know talks about her career in extragalactic astronomy, and inspiring the next generation of women
Shetland’s £55million school ready to welcome pupils Youngsters on Shetland now have a brand new high school following the local authority’s biggest ever building project.
Guide says Shetland site should win Unesco status A TRAVEL guide has named an ancient site on Shetland as the top place in the UK that should next be declared a world heritage site by Unesco.
Giant Shetland field poses challenge for oil firms NORTH Sea-focused EnQuest has revealed that production from a flagship oil development off Shetland has been running below expectations sending its shares plunging around 10 per cent.
Man charged with road traffic offences after Shetland incident A 26-year-old man has been arrested and charged following an incident in a car park on Shetland.
[r/Scotland] Scotland to avoid recession amid falling economic growth by /u/Scantcobra
UK petrochemical firm Ineos buys stakes in Shetland gas operation
Shetland family find boat carrying messages from school 3,300 miles away By Richard Ashmore
Bill Nighy and George MacKay to attend Shetland film festival Popular actors Bill Nighy and George MacKay will be among the special guests attending this year's run of the UK's most northerly film festival.
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Lithuania 0 Scotland 3: Rampant Scotland slay Lithuania away to keep their Russia 2018 qualification hopes alive YESTERDAY saw the start of three days of traditional celebrations in Vilnius to mark the local students returning to university for the new academic year.
Man pulls over to save a wild rabbit's life amid the Los Angeles wild fire.
Wild Wild North: Trigger-Happy Sweden Soon to Rival Mexico in Shootings Sweden has long been seen as a Nordic bastion of domestic safety and social security. That situation has begun to change, as the Scandinavian nation seems to be poised to become the European leader in the number of shootings. If the current trend persists it may come to rival Mexico in that category.
[S. Florida] [Outdoor/ Wild] what is this tree? Grows wild and is also cultivated in landscapes.
How to get from the Faroe Islands to the Shetland Islands How do I get from the Faroe Islands to the Shetland Islands or the other way round? Is there anything besides a flight via Scotland?
Encountering Weasels in the Wild in Scotland I understand that it's possible, but difficult, to visit Scotland and see weasels in the wild and I'm interested in this. I would need to use Scotland's 'Right to Roam' rules because I don't know anyone with substantial amounts of property there. Is there a particular 'Right to Roam' trail where the chances of observing a weasel, possibly even a weasel family, might be higher than another trail? Or are the trails generally the same with respect to spotting a weasel?I understand that one must sit very still in an isolated location and wait for a long time before a weasel will pass by, and that overall it's a matter of luck. Is there anything that can be done to improve the chances? I considered bringing some dog treats but then worried that it's probably against the rules. Also is there anything else that can be done so as not to disrupt the other wildlife that may be using the area?It would be great to select a spot where I could observe both a weasel and a seal (a view over the water). Is there a 'Right to Roam' vantage point that offers that possibility? It's not an 'outdoors' question, it's more about nature along with what can be seen and where.Question: what's the range of weasel varieties in Scotland? Where are they most likely to be seen? Does time of day may any difference?
Is free / wild camping legal or tolerated on Kinmen and Matsu islands? Matsu island of Taiwan (but actually located just near Fuzhou, China) is beautiful and sparsely populated. Official tourist accommodations are expensive compared to PRC and even a little high compared to Taiwan perhaps.It seems like a gorgeous place to camp wild. But I can't seem to find anywhere if you might get in trouble for doing so outside an official campground. In fact I can't even find info regarding whether there are official campgrounds.I'd assume the answer for Matsu would be the same for Kinmen (Quemoy) since they are often mentioned together though not actually so close to each other as I just found out.
How does Channel 5 find the people who live on isolated islands for their show Ben Fogle: New Lives In The Wild?
Where can I see Shetland ponies on Unst? I will be spending a couple days on Unst on the Shetland Islands next year. My wife is very keen on seeing some Shetland ponies, and I am wondering how to go about this.My research seems to indicate that Unst is a good place for this. Furthermore it seems that they are roaming freely and one can find them grazing at the roadsides. Now, by randomly looking through some Google Streetview, all I can find is a lot of sheep.So my question is, how do I go about to find Shetland ponies on Unst? Is there a high probability of us finding them at the roadside without looking for them or are there specific places (farms, parks) where one would have to go to find them?
Affordable yacht holiday around Cook Islands / Pacific Islands Does anyone know any affordable options for some form of yacht / boat holiday around the Cook Islands or other Pacific Islands? I'd really like to explore a bit off the normal beaten path with a bit of island hopping.I guess there might be private smaller yacht owners that occasionally take passengers on-board for a bit of extra cash? Any methods to reach out to such potential providers?
Are the shetland islands part of Scotland? Yes
How many same-sex couples have married in the Shetland Islands of Scotland? No such marriages have yet been recorded there since the same-sex marriage law will not take effect until October 2014.
How far is it from Glasgow Scotland to Burra Shetland Islands? To get from the centre of Glasgow to Burra, Shetland by car you have to drive from Glasgow to Aberdeen which is about 145miles, then get an over night ferry from Aberdeen to Lerwick in Shetland (leaving 7pm arriving 7am) which is 231 miles and then it is 10 to 12 miles to Burra depending on which part you are going to.Total travelling distance roughly 390 miles and you would need to leave the centre of Glasgow no later than 12 noon to arrive in Burra about 8am the next morning.
Fishing and sheep raising are the chief economic activities in a group of danish islands that lie northwest of the shetland islands name these islands? The Faroes.
Is there a difference between Shetland Scotland and Shetland near Orkney? No. Shetland is part of Scotland and so is Orkney. Shetland is located to the North of Orkney in the middle of the North Sea.
What is the name of a group of Danish Islands that lie northwest of the Shetland Islands? Orkney's
What are the danish islands that lie to the northwest of the shetland islands? The Faroes.
What islands are northwest of the Shetland islands? The Faroe Islands.
Where are the Shetland Islands? The Shetland Islands form an archipelago in northern Scotland and are to the northeast of the Orkney Islands.
Are there any synagogues in the Shetland islands? I don't think there are any in the islands. No. But I could be wrong...
What are the Shetland islands animals like? Amorous!
Where is the shetland islands located? Off the north coast of Scotland.
Are the Shetland Islands beautiful places? Yes they are. Some people that live here don't agree but I personally like the peace and quiet and the natural beauty of the islands.
Longitude and latitude of shetland islands? The south mainland of the main island cuts through the 60 degree North line and it's approximately 1.2689 degrees West.
Who controls the South Shetland Islands?
How long would it take from the shetland islands to London on a train? You can't take a train directly from the Shetland Islands to London. You can't even fly directly between Shetland and London. You could travel by boat from Shetland to Aberdeen and then take a train or fly from there to London or you could fly from Shetland to Edinburgh and either fly or take a train from Edinburgh to London.
How many villages towns and cities are there on the Shetland Islands? Lerwick is the only town of any size.
What language do people who live on the shetland islands speak?
Satellites could be launched from shetland islands' most northern isle - Satellites could be launched from shetland islands' most northern isle For the 600 residents of the most northern island in the Shetlands, it could be the most ...
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Scotland bans use of wild animals in travelling circuses Scotland bans use of wild animals in trav - Scotland bans use of wild animals in travelling circuses Scotland bans use of wild animals in trav Scotland bans use of wild animals in travelling circuses Scotland bans use of wild animals...
Sea Eagle POV over Scotland’s Orkney Islands -
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