Women should not laugh out loud in public, Turkey's deputy prime minister says

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Women should not laugh out loud in public, Turkey's deputy prime minister says
Why do USA never had a Female president '-' ? My guess is the USA's very different way of choosing a president. To become the US President, it is necessary to first win the primary for your party, then beat the opponent in November. Winning the primary is the key and only one woman has ever achieved this. And then she lost to Donald Trump, because he was promising something different from "normal politics" and there were all kinds of allegations about her breaking the law. The USA still has something of a bias towards male superiority. Just speaking as British, of course we don't have a president, we have a Prime Minister. And two of those (including the current one, Theresa May) have been women. But Prime Ministers are chosen differently. The country gets no say in that. We elect the House of Commons, and the party which gets most MPs in the House of Commons becomes the government. The leader of that party becomes Prime Minister. It's the party that chooses its leader, and as an ordinary voter, I don't get to choose. The party will choose an MP they like and can work with, so they will usually make a sensible choice. It works in a very similar way in Germany, and look who their Chancellor is - Angela Merkel. Most presidents around the world don't actually govern the country. They are only a figurehead. The Irish one certainly is. In Ireland, the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) is in charge of government and that's never been a woman. Monarchies are totally different. Nobody votes for the monarch, they inherit the job. Queen Elizabeth II is queen because the last king had no sons, only 2 daughters, and she was the older daughter. Therefore she was next in line to the throne. And we KNOW who will be next after her because the law says who it will be. LOL I thought you might enjoy a little story. To set the scene, the two big parties in the UK are Conservative and Labour. Both women who have been Prime Minister have been Conservatives. And the Prime Minister has to face Questions in the House of Commons for half an hour every week. The Leader of the Opposition is of course the Labour leader, as the Prime Minister at the moment is Conservative, and he's always allowed to ask six questions. When Theresa May first had to face Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition, congratulated her on becoming the country's second female Prime Minister. She said, "I have long heard the Labour party asking what the Conservative party does for women. Well—it just keeps making us Prime Minister." That got a good laugh!
Is the Irish PM's resignation a good or bad thing for Brexit? Ireland's "deputy" prime minister Frances Fitzgerald has reportedly agreed to resign. Her minor position won't affect anything.
English conversion? The writer is thanking you for writing to the Prime Minister of Canada (Chief politician of Canada). Presumably the Prime Minister is too busy to reply personally to every letter which is sent to him, so his employee (worker) writes to you on behalf of the Prime Minister. The letter simply says that your letter has arrived, it does not promise any action on what you have said in your letter.
Please rank the British Prime Minister, the German Chancellor, the Swedish Prime Minister and the Italian PM in terms of their power?
How was the 1980s for you? Too busy bringing up three children in southern England to think about the times we were living through! But we did notice Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister - first time Britain had had a female Prime Minister.
what is the difference president and prime minister? Also who is more powerful? It depends! Any country needs a head of state to be the visible head of the nation, and a head of government to lead the government and be the real boss. These can be both the same person, or two different people. The prime minister, if there is one, is always the head of government only, and so there must be someone else to be head of state. So the real question is, does the country have one person or two people, and if there are two, what does each of them do? There's more than one way of dividing the work between them. If a country has only a president, like the USA, then he or she has both jobs and is in charge. If a country has a prime minister, then the prime minister is the head of government, and the president or king or queen is the head of state. Normally this means the head of state is more of a figurehead ceremonial role, and the prime minister has the real power. There are many countries like this, including the UK, Ireland, Germany and Italy. The other way it can work is a country can have a semi-presidential system, where the president and prime minister share power between them. France is an example of this. In France, the president deals mostly with foreign affairs, and the prime minister deals with affairs inside France. This used to create problems sometimes! - with the president being elected for 7 years, and the prime minister appointed for only 5, you could get the two of them being from opposite parties (France calls this "cohabitation") and they could end up arguing. This is why, some years ago, it was changed to 5 years for both. So now they are both chosen in the same year. So if you want a specific answer, you have to be asking about one particular country, as they all do it a bit differently.
Emerging Markets Must Attract Capital, Says Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Emerging Markets Must Attract Capital, Says Turkey’s Deputy PM Emerging markets need to take steps to attract foreign capital to avoid economic shocks as the U.S. Federal Reserve prepares to raise interest rates, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Cevdet Yilmaz said.
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Irish Deputy Prime Minister resigns
Thai Deputy Prime Minister Dies Thai Deputy Prime Minister Dies The leader of one of the minority parties in Thailand's ruling coalition died, the government said. His death is expected to have little impact on the ruling regime.
Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Quits Former Kremlin Ideologist Quits The man widely credited as the architect of Vladimir Putin's tightly controlled political system, Vladislav Surkov, abruptly resigned his post as deputy prime minister.
Australian former deputy prime minister returns to parliament Australia's former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce will return to parliament after he won an essential by-election for his seat, just over a month after he was kicked out over a dual citizenship crisis that cost the conservative coalition government its majority. Joyce, who was widely expected to win, said he was "utterly humbled" by his sizeable victory in the rural New South Wales seat of New England, in which he looks likely to increase his primary vote by an additional 10 points. ABC election analyst Antony Green reported that Joyce is
VP attends Cambodian deputy prime minister`s cremation Vice President Jusuf Kalla and wife Mufidah Jusuf Kalla left for Cambodia Sunday morning to attend the cremation ceremony of Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Sok An in Phom Penh. Based on a press release of the Vice ...
Sadovy offered post of first deputy prime minister  The parliamentary factions of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko and the People's Front have called for Andriy Sadovy's appointment as Ukrainian first deputy prime minister.
Deputy Prime Minister Meets Omani Ambassador
President of Guinea Meets Deputy Prime Minister
Chinese FM meets Syrian deputy prime minister
Yarema accepts offer to become first deputy prime minister KYIV, February 27 /Ukrinform/. Batkivshchyna faction leader Arseniy Yatseniuk has said that Vitaliy Yarema has agreed to take up the post of first deputy prime minister in a government of national trust.
U.K. Deputy Prime Minister Backs Higher 'Wealth Tax' U.K. Deputy Prime Minister Backs Higher 'Wealth Tax' Nick Clegg, the U.K. Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, said he won't back plans for further government spending cuts unless the richest people contribute more.
Australian deputy prime minister under citizenship cloud
Catalonia: Spain's deputy prime minister takes charge The dismissed Catalan government said it will keep working for independence. Spanish deputy prime minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria has been delegated the powers of the Catalan presidency.
Widodo receives visit of deputy prime minister of Uzbekistan Indonesian President Joko Widodo received a courtesy visit of Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Zoyir Mirzaev at Merdeka Palace in Jakarta on Monday. Accompanied by Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi and State ...
British deputy Prime Minister, Damian Green resigns British Prime Minister, Theresa May on Wednesday accepted the resignation of her deputy Damian Green, who announced he was stepping down following a probe into his conduct. ..
[Image] How does Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister Motivate Malaysians
UK Deputy Prime Minister Could Lose Seat, New Poll Reveals The Lib Dem leader is trailing Labour by two points.
Former deputy prime minister named Uzbekistan Airways head Uzbekistan’s former Deputy Prime Minister Ulugbek Rozukulov has been appointed the director general of the country’s national airline Uzbekistan Airways.
Thai Deputy Prime Minister Has Been Snapped with 25 Different Luxury Watches
British prime minister’s deputy resigns over conduct probe British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday accepted the resignation of her deputy Damian Green, who announced he was stepping down following a probe into his conduct...
New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Bill English Set to Become Next Leader New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister Set to Become Next Leader Bill English is expected to succeed John Key, after two other contenders for the leadership of the ruling National Party conceded.
Does the Prime Minister meets with a voter or does a voter meet with the Prime Minister? [closed] A caption for a picture reads, “A meets with B”. Is there any implication from the caption as to which person is more important? My feeling is that B is the more important.
Where is the joke in “prime minister”?
Reference to the prime minister in Harry Potter? I'm just re-watching The Order of the Phoenix and Cornelius Fudge makes a brief but interesting comment on the Azkaban prison break where 10 prisoners make an escape. Fudge says: "And of course ...
How does one address a former UK Prime Minister in a letter? [closed] More specifically, does the title "The Right Honourable" apply to former PMs as well? Is "Your/Her/His Excellency" used at all? I'm finding several references for how to address current PMs, but I'm ...
Why Prime minister Churchill hates his portrait? In the ninth episode of the first season of Netflix's The Crown, Graham Sutherland paints Churchill's portrait as an 80th birthday gift from Parliament, but Prime Minister Churchill hates that ...
Are the claims in this infographic about the UK Prime Minister accurate? The image below is getting lots of attention on social media (Twitter) It's pretty damning, but is it accurate?
Can the deputy prime minister travel with the prime minister in the United Kingdom? Yes
Who is the deputy Prime minister?
Who is the deputy Prime Minister of Nepal?
Who is the deputy prime minister of the Bahamas?
Who is the deputy prime minister England? Nick Clegg (leader of liberal democrats)
Who was the deputy prime minister in 2000? John Prescott
Who are 4 deputy prime minister of the Bahamas since 1973?
[22-12] Who is the deputy prime minister if England 2017?
Who is the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? As of August 2010, Nick Clegg
Who was the Deputy Prime Minister of India in 2009?
Who is the deputy prime minister of England 2014? Nick Clegg
Who was the first deputy prime minister of northern Ireland? It was a king
Who is the current Deputy prime minister of new zealand?
Who was the Deputy Prime Minister in 1993 in the United Kingdom? In 1993 there was no deputy Prime Minister. The Prime Minister, John Major, appointed his first Deputy in 1995 (Michael Heseltine).
Which actor's brother became Canada's deputy prime minister in the 1980s?
Who was Europe's first female Prime Minister and the only British Prime Minister to serve three consecutive terms? Margaret ThatcherIn office as leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister from 4 May 1979 to 28 November 1990
The son of a prince Kukrit Pramoj played the prime minister of the fictional Asian country called Sarkhan in the 1963 film The Ugly American In 1975 though he became prime minister of what very? Thailand
How many women have been Prime Minister of Britain? Just one - Margaret Thatcher.
Why Australia has lost its deputy prime minister - Australia's High Court has ruled that the country's Deputy Prime Minister is ineligible to remain in parliament. He has discovered he has dual nationality.
Deputy Prime Minister Minh on APEC's Timely Globalization Value Add - Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh has been a prime mover of Viet Nam's chairmanship of APEC in 2017. He sat down with APEC Bulletin discussing the ...
Brexit deal on border ‘doable’, says ireland’s deputy prime minister - Brexit deal on border 'doable', says ireland's deputy prime minister Ireland's deputy prime minister and foreign minister has said he believes a Brexit deal on the ...
Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce ineligible to sit in Australian Parliament | #breaking #auspol - DEPUTY Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has been ruled a Kiwi and ineligible to sit in the Australian Parliament, in a nation-stopping ruling by the High Court of ...
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