How to save the planet: Moon mining, iron filings and fake volcanoes

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  • [02-11] You need to go to 54:15 of this podcast and listen to #Kyrie talk about the flat earth & fake moon landing!
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  • [06-12] Uranus planet of separation is square her sun & Saturn may be squaring her moon #NayaRivera #astrology
  • [11-12] It's been amazing! My 8yr old now wants to be a marine biologist and save the planet! #BluePlanet2
How to save the planet: Moon mining, iron filings and fake volcanoes
Anyone who tries mining at this point is delusional. You aren't going to make any money off it and the pro-mining media or should I say Fake News is doing nothing but blowing smoke up everyone's a$$ while trying to keep Ethereum relevant. They're doing everything they can to keep Ethereum from dropping to it's true value which is around $50 a coin at best. The only people who actually make any money off this are the one who were mining well before the boom happened or they invested when it was worth pennies.
ALL of the planets in the Solar System have rocky cores. ALL of them, and they all have Iron nickel sulfur cores as well, because iron has the highest specific GRAVITY of the ten most common elements of the Universe.. IF a planet has a global magnetic field it HAS to have an iron nickel sulfur core because that is what happens when planets chemically differentiate.. IF a planet does NOT have global magnetic field,, either the planet is NOT rotating fast enough to create and maintain a magnetic dynamo effect ( Venus) OR enough of the core has cooled off and crystallized that the planet no longer has global magnetic field but has regional magnetic fields.. How Much ATMOSPHERE a planet holds onto OVER TIME is another matter. ALL of the Jovian planets, including the Ice planets., are far enough away from the Sun that the solar win's velocity isn't high enough to strip away the atoms and molecules of the atmosphere in significant quantities.. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus, are all further out then the ice frost line. This WHY they are planets with rocky cores with THICK atmospheres Pluto Charon, Eris Sedna and bunch of other dwarf planets are also out there and they are all rocky planets. Pluto is NOT a comet.... Pluto's' atmosphere is USUALLY frozen EXCEPT for the 20 years around perihelion when Pluto DID develop an a nitrogen atmosphere between 1977 and 1997.. The planets in the Solar System MAY have formed in Different places and then MOVED to where they are now AFTER they formed. There were a LOT of collisions taking place in the Early Solar System. Earth's Moon exists because a Mars sized planet impacted Earth and the seismic waves from the impact in addition to the debris from the glancing impact, ripped off Earth's crust and part of the Mantle.. The Moon coalesced in about 10,000 years and IT chemically differentiated too.. The Moon still has 30 kilometer thick liquid outer core that has NOT crystallized.. ALL of the Jovian planets have rocky cores, ALL of them.They ALL have global magnetic fields. Sources provided upon request..
Which physical property of matter enables a mixture of sugar and iron filings to be separated A.magnesiumB.flammabilityC.density D.ductility?
Read the book "Rare Earth" to get an idea how much of a freak case this planet is right now. --Get in a stable spiral galaxy with star formation on continuing basis from lots of gas clouds and a not-overly hungry central black hole. --No collisions with other large galaxies for many billions of years. --Form a metal rich (elements higher than helium and iron) star and photo-planet dust and gas disk. --Form gas giants and small rocky planets. --Move the gas giants far from the sun, leaving the rocky planets alone. --Have two rocky planets collide in a glancing blow, not destroying both. --Form a resulting planet with a heavy iron core that is slow to cool. This means there are long term tectonic plate movements, refreshing the surface. --Form a strong magnetic field from rotation of the liquid iron core, shielding planet surface from high radiation levels. --Form a large nearby moon. This stabilizes the angle of the axis of rotation for a long time. --Have the angle of the axis at a moderate value, so there are seasons in large areas. --Have this rocky planet in the "Goldilocks Zone" of liquid water. --Have a lot of water from comets or volcanism. And that is just to get up to where there is a stable temperate wet planet that might develop life. To get to humans with civilization, that is another list almost as long.
Mining doesn't use SLI or Crossfire. So you need not worry about enabling SLI for mining. It will take you nearly a month just to earn .25 Ether off 3x GTX 1080ti so I don't see how it would be worth it. On contrary to the latest answer, the 1080ti performs well in mining thanks to it's 352-bit memory bus. If it did have GDDR5 memory, it would be the most powerful mining card in the world by a longshot. The only cards with better raw mining performance are the Vega cards.
The technology to fake the moon landings did not exist in 1969. In fact the kind of high speed camera you'd need to make the fake slow motion moon walking tapes was not invented until the mid-70's, after the Apollo Program was cut short. Also faking the landings would have cost more than just going to the moon.
Dwarf planet may have hidden ice volcanoes
Mars was actually the moon of another planet that used to be between Jupiter and Mars (where the asteroid belt is). That planet was destroyed within the last few millions years, which devastated Mars and forced a massive migration.
Kraft Heinz, Phillips 66 Targeted by Fake Securities Filings Kraft Heinz, Phillips 66 Targeted by Fake Securities Filings Two more companies were targets of apparently fake securities filings, this time Kraft Heinz and Phillips 66.
Theranos Secretly Bought Outside Lab Gear and Ran Fake Tests, Court Filings Allege Theranos Misled Directors, Ran Fake Tests, Filings Allege An investor said in newly unsealed court filings that Theranos used a shell company to buy commercial-lab equipment, then pretended it was using its own technology in demonstrations for prospective partners and investors.
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Supernova iron found on the moon
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Pitch in to save the planet
40+ year old book: anarchists on the moon, a physicist travels to the planet to save the enemy I would like to re-read a book I first read about 40 years ago: I can no longer recall the title or the author, and my memory of the plot may be somewhat flawed, but perhaps it's close enough for ...
Sell Hash Power Fake - Cloud Mining Script FAKE
What are they mining for in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress? I read Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress some time ago and recall the mining operation but cannot for the life of me remember what they were digging up. Can anyone help me?
No experience from mining iron? I've noticed that you get experience orbs from mining coal, redstone and diamond. However, you do not get any from mining iron. Is there a reason behind this, or is it a bug?
Does the “Deep Mining” upgrade do anything in Iron Will mode? I'm currently playing Iron Will, and am at the point where I need tons of coal. Normally, the Deep Mining upgrade adds a coal per tick for each miner you have, however, since I don't have any kittens, ...
Mining ships can only enter/exit planet by sacrificing prisoners I remember a science fiction paperback novel from the late 1970s or early 1980s about a planet that was known to be rich in minerals, but that each ship that approached the planet was stopped by some ...
How do you separate aluminum filings iron filings and table salt?
How do you separate aluminum filings and iron filings?
[30-11] How can you separate iron filings from aluminum filings?
What planet has a moon with active volcanoes? JupiterJupiter (the satellite in question being the moon Io).
Can a magnet separate iron nails from a mixture of iron filings and iron nails?
Is mining iron Australia's best interest in mining? of course it isn't my best interest is watching tv and playing sport whats yours?
Are iron filings pure iron?
Where do iron filings come from?
What are the uses of iron filings?
Where can you get iron filings from?
Do iron filings float?
Why do iron filings float?
[27-11] What happens when you put sand with iron filings?
[15-11] What should you do when you swallow iron filings?
What is iron filings made out of?
Is iron filings homogeneous?
[15-11] What is a risk of iron filings?
How do you remove iron filings?
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