How to save the planet: Moon mining, iron filings and fake volcanoes

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How to save the planet: Moon mining, iron filings and fake volcanoes
Is there something inside the earth perhaps a magnetic field that causes attraction of any mass at the surface of the Earth? What scientists have measured with both basic scales and accurate equipment is that as we draw closer to the centre of the Earth, our weight drops. Therefore if you enter a deep cave or mining operation, you would weigh a little less than you do on the surface. Gravity is increased by mass, so the more earth we have below us the more we weigh and conversely the less Earth below our feet the less we weigh. The Earth does have a magnetic field, but it is not drawing us to the Earth like a magnet does with iron. It's a separate aspect of our planet. A good example is the planet Mars. It has lost the vast majority of its magnetic field due to a cold core, yet still maintains a strong gravitational force relative to size. We would weigh less on Mars, but that's because it's a smaller planet, not due to lack of magnetic field.
Will three way sli with 1080ti scale for mining? Anyone who tries mining at this point is delusional. You aren't going to make any money off it and the pro-mining media or should I say Fake News is doing nothing but blowing smoke up everyone's a$$ while trying to keep Ethereum relevant. They're doing everything they can to keep Ethereum from dropping to it's true value which is around $50 a coin at best. The only people who actually make any money off this are the one who were mining well before the boom happened or they invested when it was worth pennies.
If all planets came from the same cloud and elements,why aren t all planets the same? ALL of the planets in the Solar System have rocky cores. ALL of them, and they all have Iron nickel sulfur cores as well, because iron has the highest specific GRAVITY of the ten most common elements of the Universe.. IF a planet has a global magnetic field it HAS to have an iron nickel sulfur core because that is what happens when planets chemically differentiate.. IF a planet does NOT have global magnetic field,, either the planet is NOT rotating fast enough to create and maintain a magnetic dynamo effect ( Venus) OR enough of the core has cooled off and crystallized that the planet no longer has global magnetic field but has regional magnetic fields.. How Much ATMOSPHERE a planet holds onto OVER TIME is another matter. ALL of the Jovian planets, including the Ice planets., are far enough away from the Sun that the solar win's velocity isn't high enough to strip away the atoms and molecules of the atmosphere in significant quantities.. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus, are all further out then the ice frost line. This WHY they are planets with rocky cores with THICK atmospheres Pluto Charon, Eris Sedna and bunch of other dwarf planets are also out there and they are all rocky planets. Pluto is NOT a comet.... Pluto's' atmosphere is USUALLY frozen EXCEPT for the 20 years around perihelion when Pluto DID develop an a nitrogen atmosphere between 1977 and 1997.. The planets in the Solar System MAY have formed in Different places and then MOVED to where they are now AFTER they formed. There were a LOT of collisions taking place in the Early Solar System. Earth's Moon exists because a Mars sized planet impacted Earth and the seismic waves from the impact in addition to the debris from the glancing impact, ripped off Earth's crust and part of the Mantle.. The Moon coalesced in about 10,000 years and IT chemically differentiated too.. The Moon still has 30 kilometer thick liquid outer core that has NOT crystallized.. ALL of the Jovian planets have rocky cores, ALL of them.They ALL have global magnetic fields. Sources provided upon request..
Why the entire world see the same side of the moon, how is that possible ? The same side, and the same phase. Why would it be otherwise. Look at the system from the outside. You're looking at two balls in space, one spinning and one not (that's not strictly true--the Moon rotates roughly once a month, but ignore for now). You're on the one that's spinning. If you were standing on the Moon, you'd see Earth rotate once every 24 hours, and you'd see all of the planet. From Earth, we see the Moon appear to revolve around the planet once a day, but since it's (almost) not spinning, we see only one side of it. It couldn't be otherwise. . Don't feel too bad for not getting it at first, though, you're not the first. There's a hack writer named James Redfield who wrote a piece of sophomoric New Age drivel called The Celestine Prophecy. In it he idiotically described imagining looking at the Moon from different places on Earth, able to leap instantly from one place to another, seeing the Moon in a different phase from each. Which is, as you now know, pure garbage, because it looks virtually the same from every vantage point on the planet. . .
Might Earth be a complete freak case in the Universe? Read the book "Rare Earth" to get an idea how much of a freak case this planet is right now. --Get in a stable spiral galaxy with star formation on continuing basis from lots of gas clouds and a not-overly hungry central black hole. --No collisions with other large galaxies for many billions of years. --Form a metal rich (elements higher than helium and iron) star and photo-planet dust and gas disk. --Form gas giants and small rocky planets. --Move the gas giants far from the sun, leaving the rocky planets alone. --Have two rocky planets collide in a glancing blow, not destroying both. --Form a resulting planet with a heavy iron core that is slow to cool. This means there are long term tectonic plate movements, refreshing the surface. --Form a strong magnetic field from rotation of the liquid iron core, shielding planet surface from high radiation levels. --Form a large nearby moon. This stabilizes the angle of the axis of rotation for a long time. --Have the angle of the axis at a moderate value, so there are seasons in large areas. --Have this rocky planet in the "Goldilocks Zone" of liquid water. --Have a lot of water from comets or volcanism. And that is just to get up to where there is a stable temperate wet planet that might develop life. To get to humans with civilization, that is another list almost as long.
Which physical property of matter enables a mixture of sugar and iron filings to be separated A.magnesiumB.flammabilityC.density D.ductility?
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