Labour leader Ed Miliband thanks NHS after undergoing surgery on broken wrist

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  • [13-08] @anandMenon1 do you really believe that if David and not Ed Miliband was the Labour leader #Brexit would have been
  • [13-08] #Brexit UK wouldn't be in this ridiculously shambolic state had David Miliband become #Labour leader instead of his brother Ed i
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  • [05-10] The leader of my socialist party who started out in a factory, knelt down to homeless broken me... I joined #PlaidCymru #Labour the myth!
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  • [14-01] @JulieOwenMoylan A Labour leader, a Labour Leader dishing out redundancy notices to his own members #JeremyCorbyn #Brexitreality
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  • [28-09] @HackneyAbbott Ex-leader Ed Miliband applauds Corbyn from the sidelines #Lab17
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  • [10-09] @LBC #TonyBlair - never knowingly right about anything since 1995 (apart from not wanting Brown, Miliband or Corbyn to be leader)
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  • [05-10] So apparently Ed Miliband embraced Thatcherism according to some Corbynistas?#Labour #Corbyn
  • [14-10] UK LABOUR gets a proper trashing at #PMQs LABOUR needs to establish it's NOT a racist party. Both LABOUR Leader & C…
  • [10-10] @paulwtrueman ‘Clarrie is cleaning up the blood on the kitchen floor after Will has broken Ed’s wrist with a wooden mallet’ #thearchers
  • [13-08] [the return of my favorite Miliband brother ?] David Miliband: "we need a second vote on #Brexit deal"
  • [05-11] #RandPaul ‘s “mild” injury included 5 broken ribs, bruised lungs& the psychopath that assaulted him only got a slap on the wrist.
  • [13-08] #Brexit Hey David Miliband! I'm a Labour member and I got one message for you this bright, sunny morning:-
  • [19-08] @SusanDipsue2003 @ScouseGirlMedia @UKDemockery If the Labour Party was democratic David Miliband would now be Prime
  • [14-10] Ed Miliband wants to team up with Jeremy Corbyn and rejoin frontline politics#Labour #goodnews
  • [16-09] @NickCohen4 #Labour had a shock defeat under Miliband. Corbyn deprived the #Tories of their majority in two years.…
  • [03-12] A #marr Ayesha Hazarika Ed Miliband special adviser on ????. That went well loves lecturing everybody how great Labour are. St
  • [23-08] Anti-#Brexit FAILED #Labour leadership candidate David #Miliband wants a second EU Referendum. NO WAY. Article by
  • [13-08] If David Miliband had won #Brexit wouldnt have happened & Labour 2017 would be a functioning political party not a fan
  • [07-11] Ed Miliband says 'sorry' for Labour failings in Rotherham. Full interview Sunday Politics 11am BBC1 #bbcsp
  • [14-01] @JulieOwenMoylan A Labour leader, a Labour Leader dishing out redundancy notices to his own members #JeremyCorbyn #Brexitreality
  • [13-01] WSU QB Luke Falk cleared to play in Senior Bowl Jan. 27 in Mobile, Alabama - had wrist surgery, missed the Holiday…
Labour leader Ed Miliband thanks NHS after undergoing surgery on broken wrist
UK -- rochester by-election tweet -- why do labour have so much contempt for the white english working class? I think it's misrepresentative to state that "Labour have so much contempt for the white English working class". One Labour MP tweeted a picture which has caused offence to some people, the Labour leader IMMEDIATELY condemned the tweet and then forced the MP to resign saying that she has given a false impression of what the Labour party is about. If Labour had the contempt for people as you describe then the MP would still be in her post and the Labour leader would have been dismissing the seriousness of the tweet. At last Miliband has shown a bit of effective leadership, I'm not his biggest fan but on this he acted swiftly and robustly, I can't fault him here, I'm not saying I agree but I respect that he's done something and is sticking to his guns.
Quote of the week 'momentum is strong' when describing the Labour Party? Didn't they lost a recent by election? you do actually know that Momentum is a group in the Labour Party, who heavily support Corbyn. They are the ones who got him to be leader and they will be the ones, who through number of members within the Labour Party, would elect the new leader. So if Corbyn decides to stay as Labour Leader, despite defeat, due to the support of the momentum group, he will remain leader. Pity when you have to spell things out one word at a time to the thick and igorant
Do you agree? 'You're more interested in a civil war than taking on the Tories': Lord Mandelson (the Mail)? Corbyn is a sanctimonious WAFFLER - worse than Wedgie Benn and Michael Foot. Under HIS 'leaderahip' Labour will be UNelectable - which a few experienced party MPs realise. Brown inherited the leadership and LOST in 2010. Miliband squeezed through on the Union vote and LOST in 2015 Corbyn WILL lose in 2020 so Labour will be OUT of power until 2025 and even then, their chances would be slim. Whatever Mandy Meddlesome opines...the prospect of Labour not winning a General Election until, perhaps 2030 is obviously a matter of great concern to some of Corbyn's Front-benchers.
Has New Labour alienated Scotland? I am a member of the SNP but will try and answer your question objectively. The Labour party for years in Scotland have put across the feeling that the "own" Scotland, I remember after the Govan by election which Jim Sillars won the Labour candidate started ranting about Govan belonging to Labour, Where most candidates would say something different Lately with new labour there has been a strong feeling amongst traditional labour voters that the Scottish Labour Party exists to serve Westminister and yes I do believe my party has benefited greatly from this disenchantment from traditional core Labour voters George Robertson said after devolution that the SNP had its final nail in its coffin and this was said because he believed that Scotland belonged to the Labour party. Again I am trying to say this objectively but the labour party in Scotland will be and increasingly be a spent force in Scottish politics until they distance themselves from the Westminister Labour Group, Even taking the SNP out of the picture I could not consider it possible in Scotland that a tory leader (Annabel Goldie) would have a much higher level of public support than a Labour leader (Wendy Alexander). I think that shows how deeply the Scottish electorate are disenchanted with new or old labour. Good question,, thanks EDIT Angle please list one piece of anti English retoric Alex Salmond has ever made. I think you need to stop reading the Sun and News of the world
Is it bad if Scotland want to be independant from England? On the whole it would be OK for the rest of the UK. Probably Scotland will be the worse off if it becomes independent. But there is one interesting political point. A lot of Labour MPs are Scottish. Scotland elects almost no Conservatives. If and when all those MPs go, the rest of the UK is likely to have the Conservatives winning and forming the government every time there is a general election because Labour will be so much smaller. That'll make even more likely that more people won't vote because what will be the point? It's important in a democracy that there should be opposition. We need opposition to question what the government is doing, make it explain what it's doing, and be an alternative to vote for. We even recognise that in how MPs are paid - Ed Miliband is paid an extra salary to be Leader of the Opposition. Effective opposition MATTERS and means the government can't get away with doing just as it pleases without explaining it to anyone. If they can, we have an elected dictatorship. There have been MPs I have totally disagreed with but I like that they're there. An obvious one is the late Tony Benn. He was VERY socialist and I can't think of anything I agreed with him about, but he was highly intelligent and any other MP had to be too if they were going to win an argument with him. A healthy democracy needs Benns! But if one party is going to win all the time, even another Benn can't do much. It could be good for the Liberal Democrats because then they could be the real English opposition (though they're pretty strong in Scotland too). Go back over 100 years before Labour was formed and that's what they were when they were just called Liberals.
Legit excuses for missing my exams of two weeks? Undergoing emergency brain surgery might work.
Ed Miliband, Labour leader
Ed Miliband, Labour's Futureless New Leader The Labour Party's new leader has perfectly good ideas. But because he looks like the union candidate, he'll probably be pummeled in the general election.
Former Labour Leader, Ed Miliband, to Quit Frontline The Times newspaper has reported that Miliband told friends he'd be taking a step back.
Former Labour Leader, Ed Miliband, to Quit Frontline Politics The Times newspaper has reported that Miliband told friends he'd be taking a step back.
Labour Leader Ed Miliband in Tenuous Position After U.K. Election Labour Leader Thrust Into Tenuous Position After defeating his brother for the center-left party’s leadership, the political career of Ed Miliband himself is now hanging in the balance
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Sproles out with torn ACL and broken wrist PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Eagles running back Darren Sproles tore his ACL and broke his wrist on the same play in Sunday’s win over the Giants. Coach Doug Pederson confirmed the injuries Monday, saying it’s a “devastating” loss. The versatile Sproles has nine returns for touchdowns, including seven on punts. The 34-year-old veteran went to three […]
Ed Miliband’s Old Labour Manifesto Ed Miliband’s Old Labour Manifesto Too much taxing and spending, too little economic growth.
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David Miliband: Labour Must Not Back Brexiters Former Foreign Secretary says party has become unelectable.
Labour's Miliband Rejects Calls for His Resignation Ed Miliband described media reports that members of his own party were conspiring to oust him ahead of the general election as "nonsense"
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Labour’s Miliband Struggles for Traction as U.K. Election Nears U.K.’s Labour Struggles for Traction With just over two months until the U.K. election, Ed Miliband and his center-left party are having trouble gaining ground.
Woman dies while undergoing family planning surgery
Demetrious Johnson Undergoing Surprise Shoulder Surgery While all signs had been pointing to the UFC pushing Johnson to put his belt on the line in a champion vs. champion superfight against bantamweight titleholder TJ Dillashaw as soon as possible, that fight, and any other title defenses for Johnson, will have to wait. Other than that, I will keep you posted via Instagram stories and after I’m done I will do a live stream back in the hotel room doing all the rehab. The victory over Borg cemented his position as the most accomplished champion in UFC history, as he broke the record for most consec
Nationals activate SS Trea Turner after missing two months with broken wrist The Nationals' lineup is coming back together — though not for Tuesday night's game.
I’m a 48 year old skater up at 2:30 in the morning with a broken left wrist due to a kid on a razor scooter. AMA
Ponting undergoes wrist surgery
del Potro to undergo wrist surgery
For Labour Party's Miliband, Much to Lose in Scottish Independence Vote For U.K.'s Labour, Much to Lose in Vote Among those with the most to lose in Scotland's independence referendum is Ed Miliband, leader of the U.K.'s opposition Labour Party—and a contender for the premiership next year. |
prayer for someone undergoing surgery Is there a prayer that is said by others on behalf of someone who is about to undergo a dangerous (non-cosmetic) surgery? Is the מי שברך the most appropriate?
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Who is the labour party leader? The current leader is Ed Milliband.
What is the average insurance settlement for a broken wrist and broken rib? Fifty bajillion dollars. Ethiopian money of course. ><
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