US Election: Tagg Romney says he wanted to 'take a swing' at Barack Obama during debate

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  • “Best Quotes From Barack Obama” Barack Obama, the 44th and current President of the United States, is amongst the most inspiring leaders the globe has actually seen in recent times. He is likewise by much the most spoken concerning individual around the globe. Adhering to are some inspirational Barack Obama quotes. “The… /
  • Barack Obama: Barack Obama starting his own YouTube channel guest starring Joe Biden
  • Revolution – The Unspoken Agenda Revolution – The Unspoken Agenda Barack Obama and Bill Ayers…how much alike, or how close are they? At a debate this year, Obama said, “This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood… . He’s not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis.” Why does Obama feel the need to disassociate himself from people like Ayers or Rev. Wright? Because he knows that they are toxic to his campaign… View On WordPress
  • Hillary Clinton apologised to Barack Obama on election night: Book Hillary Clinton apologised to the then President Barack...
  • Minho has talked about how SHINee reacted to being mentioned by former United States president Barack Obama during his speech!On July 3 of this year, Barack Obama gave a speech at the 8th Asian Leadership Conference held at Grand Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul, during which he talked about the friendship between South Korea and the United States.He mentioned, “Some of our young people in America are learning to speak Korean so they can keep up with the band SHINee.” He added, “In exchange, I understand SHINee has developed a passion for America’s In-N-Out burgers.”When asked about Barack Obama’s comments during an interview in the September 12 episode of “Night of Real Entertainment,” Minho smiled as he confirmed that Barack Obama had mentioned them.“Honestly, we were shocked too,” he said. “Before we saw the video, we thought it was made up.”The interviewer pointed out that Barack Obama had even known what kind of hamburgers they like. “Right!” said Minho. “Whenever we go to the United States, we go to this hamburger place that’s only near Los Angeles. It’s a necessity!” “He even knew that, he knew what SHINee likes,” said Minho with a laugh.  He then turned to the camera with a smile to say, “I’d like to take this opportunity to once again say that I’m so grateful.” cr: : Soompihere is the original speech of Mr. Obama where he mentioned SHINee(cr: PP2pinkyTOP89) 
  • [02-10] .@GeraldoRivera .@paulkrugman .@realDonaldTrump Barack Obama's election drove #Trump to tell reckless lies about his place of birth.
  • [01-11] You TREASONOUS TWAT,just wanted to point out BARACK OBAMA is tweeting about open enrollment to help Americans, wh…
  • [14-10] His Name is Barack Obama.Her Name is Michelle Obama And They Kept Weinstein's Money.#morningjoe #newday #foxandfri
  • [16-10] @realDonaldTrump Trends set into place by Barack Obama.You’ll never amount to the man Obama is, #DotardTrump .
  • [15-11] #JobsReport Yeah, Jobs Rup THANKS ONLY to BARACK OBAMA ! LOL! The Obama Effect continues, thank GOD!
  • [01-11] The Muslim who attacked New York was given a diversity visa under Obama, which EXPIRED.Thanks Barack Obama #Manhattan #New
  • [03-11] Obama Chides Romney: 'The 1980s Are Calling, They Want Their Foreign Pol...
  • [01-11] Barack Obama used to eat dogs.#WorldVeganDay
  • [15-10] You can’t do that! That’s not how Barack Obama did it!”?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ enough!#trump #ObamaLegacy #cnn
  • [18-11] I miss Barack Obama#2017In4Words
  • [03-10] Michelle and white Barack Obama ?????? no sis NO #htgawm
  • [20-11] .@calebrmclaughl1 out here name dropping Barack Obama’s name!#TheCruzShow
  • [19-08] Barack Obama's post #Charlottesville tweet becomes most-liked ever
  • [12-09] We miss you greatly Mr. President! #Barack #Obama
  • [04-11] FINALLY! The Clintons Are Going DOWN, Alongside Barack Obama #bbcr4today
  • [09-11] We know as little about Stephen Paddock's past as we do about Barack Obama's.#LasVegasShooting
  • [04-10] #VINTAGE : la photo de mariage de Barack et Michelle Obama :
  • [27-08] I didn't agree with Barack Obama, but he was still my President. #Trump
  • [19-11] On #InternationalMensDay, I think about the fact that Barack Obama epitomized what a man should be.Kindness over…
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  • [05-10] Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and Cam Newton Walk Into a Bar
  • [05-10] Why the F**k did we vote for you than, if were going get Republican anyway #YoureTheWorst Barack #Obama. ?? #ThursdayThough
  • [20-08] And, Obama's crew respected him, and wanted to be like him. Behavior is contagious, Obama was the quintessential le
  • [15-11] #JobsReport Yeah, Jobs Rup THANKS ONLY to BARACK OBAMA ! LOL! The Obama Effect continues, thank GOD!
  • [18-11] I miss Barack Obama#2017In4Words
US Election: Tagg Romney says he wanted to 'take a swing' at Barack Obama during debate
I need help on my Debate Club Election 'speech'?
Parks with swing sets in London?
Why do people always try to make out 1940s Swing or big-band as if we're rugged or grungy like 1950s Rock N, Roll?
The Obama-Romney Jobs Debate
The Obama-Romney Jobs Debate Sorting through the facts about Massachusetts and Washington.
Obama, Romney Debate at Hofstra
Obama, Romney Debate at Hofstra President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney participated in a town-hall-style debate at Hofstra University Tuesday.
Romney, Obama Hone Their Debate Messages
Romney, Obama Hone Debate Messages Obama will try to portray Romney as more conservative than the Republican has suggested, while Romney will seek centrist voters as the candidates prepare to debate. | |
Obama, Romney Face Off in Final Debate
Obama, Romney Face Off in Final Debate Locked in a race that is now a dead heat, President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney have one final opportunity Monday night to challenge each other directly and detail their differences in the third presidential debate.
Romney rules debate as Obama lacks punch
In Final Hours, Romney, Obama Debate Their 'Stand-Ins'
In Final Prep, Candidates Debate 'Stand-Ins' Both the Romney and Obama campaigns have held intensive sessions aimed at anticipating any scenario or question that threatens to throw them off message when the cameras are rolling.
Barack Obama 'rang with reassurance for May' on election night
<p>Barack Obama rang Conservative headquarters on election night with a mistaken but reassuring message for Theresa May because Labour insiders had told him the party was expecting to lose seats, according to a new book about the election.</p>
Obama Takes Election Fight to Romney's Backyard
Obama Takes Election Fight to Rival's Turf Obama campaigned in Romney's backyard, offering voters a blistering criticism of his rival just hours before the two candidates share a stage at a dinner benefiting the Catholic Archdiocese of New York. | | | |
Barack Obama's post-election letter to Donald Trump is filled with unheeded advice
"This is a unique office, without a clear blueprint for success." There was a lot of chatter around Barack Obama's welcome letter for Donald Trump, written and left inside the Resolute desk for the incoming 45th president to find after his January inauguration. Obama kept the contents of that letter a secret, and it stayed that way until now. SEE ALSO: Matt Damon explains the obnoxious requirement for filming in a Trump building Trump has reportedly treated the letter as a sort of trophy, showing it off to White House visitors. That's how CNN g
Barack Obama says Democrat election wins are 'what happens when the people vote'
Barack Obama has celebrated victories for Democrats in the first US statewide elections since Donald Trump entered the White House. Congrats Ralph Northam and Phil Murphy,” Mr Obama said in a Twitter post.
Darman: ‘Ask Not What You Can Do For Barack Obama, Ask What Barack Obama Can Do For You’
In the latest dead-tree NEWSWEEK, my colleague Jonathan Darman pens a letter to his generation. The message: "despite all the enthusiasm for Obama, you, his young supporters, have...
Was Barack Obama nicknamed Barack Oganja? A Twitter account named History in Pictures (followed by 515,501 users) tweeted the following: President Obama was known to be heavy marijuana smoker in his teen & college days. His nickname ...
Is Tagg Romney the owner of a company that makes Ohio voting machines? This photo is circulating across Facebook: The new owners [sic] of Ohio's voting machines under the brand name HART Intercivic is none other than Tagg Romney. We may not be able to buy this ...
Is Barack Obama's SSN valid? The latest conspiracy theory surrounding the validity of Barack Obama's Presidency is his Social Security Number. Some people are claiming that his SSN is a Connecticut SSN, but he never lived there (...
Is Barack Obama descended from slaves? Is Barack Obama descended from slaves? From Japanese lawmaker apologizes for Obama 'black slave' remark, Japanese politician Kazuya Maruyama claims that he's descended from slaves: "In America, a ...
Are these nude photos of Barack Obama's mother? In the last few days there is a video called "Dreams from My Real Father". The video claims that Barack Obama's mother posed for erotic/pornographic pictures for a pornographic magazine, and provide ...
Does Barack Obama have an active quora profile? A while ago, a friend of mine said that President Obama has just answered a question about the Iran deal on quora.com. I thought then it is just a fake profile claiming to be Obama and giving answers ...
Did Mitt Romney or Barack Obama help craft a health care law called the Affordable Care Act? Barack Obama Helped Craft It
Is the 6th year of a mandate in the US the year of the opposition Like the change to Democrats in 2007 under Bush junior or just like right now with Barack Obama and the coming election?
When did Barack Obama's second dad's marriage end with Barack Obama's mom?
Why does Barack Obama have Obama care? For many years, the Democratic party has been committed to expanding access to health care. Some presidents, most recently Bill Clinton, tried and failed to get health care reform legislation passed. Barack Obama wanted to see legislation that would help more Americans to get affordable health care: for example, many insurance companies refused to cover people who had pre-existing conditions (in other words, if you had been sick in the past, you could not get affordable health insurance). President Obama decided that if more Americans had access to health care, it would save them money and mak
Is or has WikiAnswers ever been associated with Barack Obama on a professional level or associated with Obama in any professional terms?
Did Barack Obama's mom believe in God?
Does Barack Obama believe in God?
How can you find a news report about Iraq and Afghanistan without it having to do with Obama and Romney?
Where was Barack Obama during Vietnam war?
Does Barack Obama have ADHD?
How did Barack Obama get away with ObamaCare? I am not sure it is accurate to say he "got away with" anything. For generations, presidents have tried to get health care reform passed, but most of the time, these efforts failed. The most recent effort that failed was during Bill Clinton's presidency. Whether you like the Affordable Care Act or not, it was not discussed or debated in secret. It was not voted on in secret either. Sadly, there was a lot of myth and misinformation about the bill, and that made the debates a lot more contentious, but in the end, the bill passed and was signed and was upheld by the Supreme Court. It remains to b
What is Barack Obama's dad's work?
Is Barack Obama a metrosexual?
Is Barack Obama in NBA 2K11? No, but he is featured in NBA Jam on the Democrat team as well as Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton he is also featured in Madden 11 if you win the Superbowl you go to the white house and he holds up a jersey of whatever team won the Superbowl that is number 44
Who is Barack Obama's pastor?
Does Barack Obama have a Law degree?
Where is Barack Obama campaigning?
Did Barack Obama take drugs?
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