Rio +20: indigenous people set up camp for the alternative People's Summit

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  • [07-11] Great panel today @People's Climate Summit #COP23 on Indigenous Peoples: Global Transformation & Just Transition of Human
  • [10-11] #TheDrum I'm a supporter of our indigenous peoples, but to say there wasn't abuse of women in traditional indigenous soc
  • [01-12] Chair of indigenous caucus speaking at the closing plenary of #UNForumBHR: indigenous peoples' right to "free prior info
  • [10-10] Today is: Indigenous Peoples Day Indigenous Resistance Day Fuck settler colonialism. Fuck #ColumbusDay. ?
  • [30-10] What a silly idea to have indigenous people deciding matters pertaining to indigenous people!#QandA
  • [15-10] #ColumbusDay in 2017 or Indigenous Peoples’ Day #Infographic
  • [15-10] #ColumbusDay in 2017 or Indigenous Peoples' Day @FemaleBloggerRT
  • [16-10] Why #Indigenous peoples have fared better in #NewZealand than #Canada:
  • [03-12] Report: Violence Against Indigenous Peoples of #Brazil from CIMI
  • [09-10] More than 50 cities and states across the US have renamed #ColumbusDay with Indigenous Peoples' Day
  • [12-08] A celebration of the world's indigenous peoples #travel #wanderlust
  • [02-10] Los Angeles votes to rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day
  • [30-10] #qanda Alan Jones, of course only indigenous people were part of a commission about indigenous affairs
  • [30-10] "Only Indigenous representatives." The point was to work out what Indigenous people wanted. The rest of us still get to vote on it.#qanda
  • [11-12] On #HumanRightsDayI remembering highest suicide rate in the world is young #Indigenous people in AustraliaThat #indigenous
  • [30-10] I think Indigenous people are probably the best to address Indigenous issues, Alan. #QandA
  • [09-10] RETWEET if you agree that #ColumbusDay should be replaced by Indigenous Peoples Day. #MondayMotivation
  • [09-10] #ColumbusDay - celebrating a day of ignorant tweets about Columbus & Indigenous Peoples. ?
  • [09-10] #Yahoo 5 Young Native Americans On What Indigenous Peoples Day Means To Them
  • [06-10] Peru urged to ban oil firms from isolated indigenous peoples' land
  • [21-11] #Ignominious #ColumbusDay will be observed as #Indigenous Peoples Day. Proud of my school! Thanks a ton…
  • [15-11] If you want to cover #LandRights for #Indigenous and #Forest Peoples please please do. They need news coverage. Acc…
  • [12-12] Dear #OnePlanetSummit: no planet will be great again if indigenous and forest peoples are not in. #landrightsnow fo…
  • [24-11] #COP23 Proved That Indigenous Peoples Still Don’t Have a Real Voice in Climate Negotiations :
  • [26-12] "I think about this as we celebrate #ColumbusDay, or newly renamed Indigenous Peoples Day, where symbolic gestures…
  • [09-10] To renew our understanding of holidays--Indigenous Peoples' Day #NativeAmericanDay #NativeAmerican #History…
  • [22-11] What do these exclusion figures in the workplace mean for Indigenous Peoples? “We want to be respected, heard, part…
  • [27-12] This day in 1862 the largest mass #execution in #UShistory and one of many atrocities inflicted on #Indigenous Peoples as the
  • [09-08] #IndigenousDay #EU Delclaration by @FedericaMog on the World Day of Indigenous Peoples / Marks 10 years of #UNDRIP
  • [09-10] #Boston turned out yesterday to honor Indigenous Peoples Day and abolish so-called Columbus Day
  • [04-12] #ChacoCanyon #NewMexico where ancient remnants of indigenous peoples could be at risk from Trump administration's h…
  • [09-10] #IndigenousPeopleDay This year Los Angeles voted to replace #ColumbusDay with Indigenous Peoples Day, beginning no later
  • [15-01] #MLK & Indigenous Peoples Civil Rights: Dr. Martin Luther King wrote in his 1963 book "Why We Can't Wait” which outlin
  • [22-01] #Forest loss hurts all of us—from indigenous peoples to animal species. Make a difference. Become a Forest Guardian. ht
Rio +20: indigenous people set up camp for the alternative People's Summit
UK --- why is it that socialists deny the existence of white indigenous brits & europeans? What on earth are you talking about?? Nobody has denied the fact that there are white people who are indigenous to Britain and these still make up the majority of the British population. A walk around the country will prove that. But just as indigenous Australians are not the only type of Australians, and indigenous Americans are not the only type of Americans, it is possible to say that those who are not indigenous Brits are not the only type of English Welsh Scots etc. And it is not a case of what people do or do not want. The word is becoming smaller., People move around a lot more.There are ethnic minorities in Japan (many are from South America and China). China is becoming increasingly westernised and capitalist (as opposed to communist.) Most European countries have similar if not higher levels of immigrants then the UK. Do you really think they are all run by socialists??
Are Inuits considered an Indian tribe? The Inuits are Indigenous people but they're not American Indians. Similar to Native Hawaiians. They're an Indigenous people, Indigenous to Hawaii, but are not American Indians.
When will people understand that being Native is culture not genetics? It's both culture and genetics, but yes being native is not only genetics but culture as well. Belonging to a community or a tribe who has survived colonialism, having tribal or ethnic ties to an Indigenous community. From Canada to Chile, that's how Indigenous people identify their own. That's why some people who are of mixed ancestry are accepted as native, while others are not considered Natives (in the case of Mestizos and creole people).
Who is an indigenous person in North America? By definition the indigenous people would have to have originated in?
Why do Americans think the more Native you look, the more "Latino" you are? It's funny how times have changed. The old Mexican stereotypes used be of tan but less indigenous looking people with black hair, bushy moustaches and sometimes missing (or gold) teeth like a bandito or something. Today because of the masses of indigenous Mexican immigrants coming from deep in the interior of Mexico, Americans are beginning to associate all Mexicans and Latinos with heavily indigenous features. Either stereotype is wrong though. The European to indigenous mixture varies greatly from person to person. That's why Latinos can have such varied appearances.
Lefties, why are you rude to people who choose to identify themselves as "indigenous British"? Given that, as genetic studies by Oxford university have shown, the vast majority of white British people have DNA from the first indigenous Britons in them. I have had ancestors living in Britain for so long the records don't go back far enough to trace them. Being a white skinned ginger haired Englishman of...
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Indigenous people under-represented on juries, lawyer says Increasing the proportion of Indigenous people on juries in the NT would improve confidence in the jury system, says the head of the NT Criminal Lawyers Association.
Native community to honor Indigenous People’s Day BALTIMORE (AP) — Native American organizers are spending Columbus Day spreading awareness of a campaign to support legislation in Baltimore to change the name of the holiday to Indigenous People’s Day. The event will take place on Monday at the Baltimore American Indian Center, where leaders from the Baltimore Native American community will share information […]
Trudeau: Canada failed indigenous people The prime minister laments Canada's "humiliation, neglect and abuse" of First Nations peoples.
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Japan to stipulate Ainu as "indigenous people" in new law: sources TOKYO - The Japanese government is likely to stipulate for the first time in law that the Ainu are an "...
Justin Trudeau: Canada humiliated indigenous people The prime minister laments Canada's "humiliation, neglect and abuse" of First Nations peoples.
Columbus Day 2017: Why more and more cities are celebrating Indigenous People’s Day instead
Does “native Japanese” indicate Japanese people or indigenous people in Japan? I want to simply indicate that I was born and raised in Japan. I think I can say "I am a native Japanese", but when I google the expression, the results include information about indigenous people in ...
is gentile used to signify people of indigenous origin? While "gentile" is used to describe people of non-Jewish or pagan origin, can it be used as a synonym for "indigenous" (with regards to connotation?)
Where can I find guided tours of Australia by indigenous people? Where can I find guided tours of Australia by Aboriginal persons, or organisations, ideally where profits go back into helping or preserving the local people and/or landmarks? I would love to see Ayers Rock.
Is it true that no indigenous people exercise sovereignty over any part of the Americas? [closed] I was reading about the Brazilian state of Amazonas when I came across this sentence: "Today, indigenous people do not exercise sovereignty over any part of the New World" - Source: http://en....
searching for a suitable synonym for “ a group of people ” ex. young people , old people , etc I specially want to use this word after "adolescent" . better said, I'm looking for a nice paraphrasing for " young people ".
Two people = duet, four people = quartet, three people = ...? [on hold] From what little I know about musical ensembles, two people performing together is called a duet, while four people performing together is a quartet. So what is three people performing together called? A triona ?
How did the indigenous and non-indigenous people of Australia treat each other once the White Settlers move in? the both parties regarded each other vermin and were ready for war
The emerging emotional view of decision making states that people form preferences toward alternative as soon as they receive information about these alternative?
What did the Spanish people think of the Indigenous people?
What concentration camp killed the most people and how many people was it?
What does indigenous people mean? People who originate from a particular area OR country
Who are the indigenous people of the US?
Who are the indigenous people of England? t The Ancient Britains all fled to Wales when the Romans invaded in 43 AD
Who are the indigenous people of New Zealand?
Indigenous people and other races?
Are there indigenous people in Guatemala?
[17-01] How do indigenous people help the rainforest?
How do you indigenous people meditate?
[29-11] What tools did the indigenous people use?
Who are the indigenous people of Canada?
Who are the indigenous people of Fiji?
What do indigenous people do to worship?
Who are the indigenous people of Australia? The correct name of the indigenous people of Australia is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. They are commonly known as Aborigines, but this is not the name by which they prefer to be known.
Who are the indigenous people of Scotland? You must be inquiring about the Picts. Unfortunately the Picts were very poor record keepers so little is actually known about them except what the Romans and Gaels recorded about them. The Picts eventually merged with the Gaelic Dal Riata kingdom from North Ireland as the latter settled in what is modern day Scotland in the 10th century.
How do indigenous people constitute themselves? - Dr. Marcelo Saavedra-Vargas is currently a Senior Advisor and Visiting Indigenous Elder for the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG), ...
Indigenous People and Amazon Storms - What do you do when you have a little spare time when volunteering abroad? Take a trip to see what life was like for the indigenous tribes of course! Follow us to ...
LITMUS TEST? Slavery Practiced By Indigenous People As Well - Columbus Day 2017 and Columbus statues were vandalized, protected by police, or fenced in and draped in white like a KKK member depending on the city.
Barbara Kay: No, Arabs aren't Israel's "indigenous" people - As the Temple Mount in Jerusalem erupts in violence again with Palestinian claims of indigeneity, Barbara Kay looks at the social justice phenomenon of “fake ...
#CulturalFactFriday: Acknowledging the traditional territory of indigenous people. -
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