This is how YOUR smoking is seriously harming your kids’ health – even when you don’t light up around them

MOST parents who smoke will be aware of the dangers of lighting up around their little ones. Second-hand smoke can increase a person’s risk of various cancers, heart disease and other nasty illnesses. But now, scientists are warning of the third-hand dangers of smoking. They found kids carry significant levels of nicotine on their hands. And […] 07-04-17
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  • [16-01] The dark side of light: how artificial lighting is harming the natural world
  • [17-01] People are DvDying their kids....and thina we dont have kids...sad story #Grade1 #BackToSchool
This is how YOUR smoking is seriously harming your kids’ health – even when you don’t light up around them
MOST parents who smoke will be aware of the dangers of lighting up around their little ones. Second-hand smoke can increase a person’s risk of various cancers, heart disease and other nasty illnesses. But now, scientists are warning of the third-hand dangers of smoking. They found kids carry significant levels of nicotine on their hands. And […]
What ways I can help my husband to quit smoking? Quit smoking: Just need to do small changes to your lifestyle which will help your husband to resist the temptation to light up. Here are some of the motivational tips your husband can adopt for stop smoking: 1. Make a list of reasons to quit & smoking effects on health 2. Prepare him for quit and think positive 3. Consider nicotine-replacement therapy 4. Avoid alcohol and other triggers 5. Start exercising regularly 6. Take up a new hobby 7. Get a stress ball 8. Help him to make non-smoking friends 9. Arrange healthy snack for him 10. Tell him to reduce caffeine intake 11. Meditation 12. let him Share his problems with you & other family members or experts instead taking smoke  13. Ask him to note down each achievement during this phase this will helps him to get your goal 14. Arrange regular medical checkup for him to track health status. These tips can help him to control the crave for cigarettes and also let him initiate to words the healthy life. For better understanding get more about the smoking effect on health:
Question about pipe smoking (tobacco)? Whether it's cigarettes, cigars or a pipe, if the smoke is not inhaled then the person is not "smoking". The thing with a pipe is that the smoker has to "keep it going". The pipe smoker has to continuously draw air through the pipe or else it will go out. No one who is moking wants to be continuously inhaling smoke so most of the smoke is exhaled straight away without being taken into the lungs. Added, you have some cute, but silly answers. "Smoking" involves INHALING the smoke from cigarettes, cigars or tobacco. You can light a cigarette or cigar and leave it and it will burn away. A pipe will simply go out. That's why the smoker has to keep puffing it even though they do not CONSTANTLY "smoke". I'm sure there are lots of silly kids sit with a pipe or cigar in their hands thinking they're "smoking". Unless they inhale, they're not. HERE IS A DEFINITION OF SMOKING: You have answers from absolute idiots, of course tobacco that is meant to be lit is "meant" to be smoked. Why would anyone buy a pipe and tobacco unless they intended smoking. How stupid are some of you kids?
Do you smoke? No, never in the past, present and definitely never in the future. You don't need smoking to fit in or look cool, it really stupid and a waste of your money and health. You should really stop while you can and yes, you really can quit smoking it just an addiction getting into your head. It like candy, it very hard to pass but once you deliberately go days by days, weeks by weeks before you know it months go by without it and guess what, yes you guessed it you crave less for it. So quit while you can. Smoking does a lot of damage to your health Btw I'm 25
Will smoking weed shrink your testicles? Not as much as taking steroids will. Sexual health is often highly correlated with overall health. Smoking anything is bad for you. But if you do regular exercise you can mitigate this. Lack of exercise will shrink your testicles more than smoking weed will. Of course the optimum is to not smoke weed and do regular exercise and eat a good diet. But health isn't really about being perfect, it is about finding a reasonable balance.
does anyone know where i can get the song about the smoking ban in scotland (funny one)? The Smoking Ban Song' by Terry and The Gang was written and recorded by singer-songwriter Terry Moore who is based in Hamilton, Scotland. "The smoking ban is killing pubs in Scotland," said Moore, a light smoker. "I play up to six gigs a week in pubs and clubs and I know that profits are being eaten into and the atmosphere and tradition are slowly being destroyed. "People have died in wars fighting for freedom of choice. Now they deny us the right to light up, even in a designated smoking room. It's scandalous. I'm not against some smoking bans but I object to a blanket ban. I believe in choice." After being played live in pubs and clubs, 'The Smoking Ban Song' was recorded to meet public demand. It can be downloaded from as an MP3 file and is also available on CD by mail order. "There are two versions available," said Moore. "One is radio friendly, the other is x-rated with strong language. Take your pick." Note: FOREST recommends the x-rated version - but NOT in front of the children!! Lyrics to 'The Smoking Ban Song' (radio friendly version) My name is Tam and I'm yer man, I'm here to enforce the smoking ban. I used to be a bus inspector, now I'm an official smoke detector. Cinemas and bingo halls, hotels, motels and shopping malls, Pubs and clubs and railway cars, knocking shops and sleazey bars. No pipes, cigars or cigarettes, no roll-ups with added grass. Wear a patch, missus, bite yer nails, or scratch yer Kyber Pass. Walk into your local boozer see the sign upon the wall. You can drink tae yer legless, but you cannot smoke at all. No more *** ends or ashtrays no asking for a light. If ye wanna smoke, my friend, you'll need tae walk in an oot all aw night. Oh, is that right? Well, my name is Ross, and I couldn't give a toss for Tam an his smokin' ban. Don't dae this, don't dae that, you cannae sneeze, you cannae fart. Don't hit your kids, don't pick your nose, Don't have sex, you might catch a dose. Ye cannae park here, ye don't park there, the Blue Meanies are everywhere. A woman can marry a woman, a man can marry a man. And now that Bob's yer auntie, they bring oot a smokin' ban And here's another thing, Tam, that makes me really sick. You can still light up in parliament, and smoke when you're in the nick ... So, my lord, I'm feelin' guilty, to possession of plenty dope. Don't give me bail, I want the jail, so I can have a smoke. But smoking is bad for your health. Oh, we all know that. But so is a Stanley knife, my Lud, and a wooden baseball bat. My name is Tam, an I'm yer man, I'm here to enforce the smoking' ban. Well, my name is Ross an I don't give a toss for Tam an his smoking ban (gie's a light, Tam). 'The Smoking Ban Song' can be downloaded from There are two versions: 'radio friendly' and 'x-rated' (the latter includes 'industrial language' and slightly different lyric to the above). *********************
When did people realized that smoking is bad for you? we had warnings on Cigarette Packets American and British scientists first discovered it in the 1950s The German movement was the most powerful anti-smoking movement in the world during the 1930s and early 1940 The National Socialist leadership condemned smoking and several of them openly criticized tobacco consumption. Research on smoking and its effects on health thrived under Nazi rule and was the most important of its type at that time. Adolf Hitler's personal distaste for tobacco and the Nazi reproductive policies were among the motivating factors behind their campaign against smoking. The Nazi anti-tobacco campaign included banning smoking in trams, buses and city trains promoting health education limiting cigarette rations in the Wehrmacht,
60 years ago, most people believed that smoking had no adverse health affects. What us something that is commonly used today that you think is secretly harming us?
Kids' Strike: Parents Are Harming Their Children As part of a nationwide demonstration, parents are protesting against standardised tests for pupils.
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Couples who are married but don't have any kids, what made you decide that you both do not want kids? How was the marriage like without kids? Would you want kids now or regret not having kids? For those of you that have kids what is it like and do you re
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CVS Health Leaves U.S. Chamber of Commerce Over Smoking Stance CVS Leaves Chamber of Commerce Over Smoking Stance CVS Health is quitting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, citing conflicting stances with the lobbying group regarding smoking.
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U.S. health groups demand "R" rating for movies that depict smoking
FTC Shines Light On Food Ads, Kids FTC Shines Light On Food Ads, Kids Federal officials concerned about childhood obesity say they are closely watching the kinds of food advertised to children, but there isn't much they can do.
Prescription for Kids: Turn Out That Light Prescription for Kids: Turn Out That Light Thank you for the essay "Waking Up to Young Kids' Sleep Troubles" (Review, Nov. 5), which illuminates one of the biggest areas of collateral damage created from our children's ever-expanding digital universe: less sleep
[Health] - Anti-smoking plan may kill cigarettes--and save Big Tobacco | ABC
Anti-smoking, nutrition clinics opened at mental health centre
“I left smoking”, “I quit smoking”, “I gave up smoking”, “I stopped smoking” are these same? For various such sentences in many cases I get confused, it seems different for different cases. I want to know if someone left doing something for permanantly then what should be used? Also give some ...
"I left smoking", "I quit smoking", "I gave up smoking", "I stopped smoking" are these same? For various such sentences in many cases I get confused, it seems different for different cases. I want to know if someone left doing something for permanantly then what should be used? Also give some examples for different cases. Suppose... "I left my bag" means "I forgot my bag". but If I want to say the same for permanentaly "I left bringing my bag". Where should we use "stop" and "quit" then?
What are known health effects of smoking e-cigarettes – E-Cigarettes have been recommended by a fair share of physicians as a substitute for cigarettes because they are supposedly healthier. What is the scientific consensus on the health effects of e-...
Is this fluorescent light harming my beers during bottle conditioning and storage? [duplicate] Possible Duplicate: How much light is too much light? I've read most of the posts about skunking and fluorescent lights, and from what I can tell it would take quite a bit of light to skunk my ...
Can anyone name this film about a group of misbehaving kids swearing and smoking redhead girl Can anyone name this film, I watched it as a child,I think the movie is from the late 70s or 80s. if is about a group of kids who go off on adventures on their own and get into trouble, in places ...
What is the health danger of frying past a smoking point?
How is the American diet harming your health?
My boyfriend's work is really harming his health what should i do im really worried?
Does it seem reasonable to break up with someone who starts smoking when they know you think that smoking is disgusting and an unnecessary health risk?
Does passive smoking produce the same health issues as smoking itself like yellow teeth breathing problems or smelly clothes?
When may be required to discharge the duty of care in order to protect a person from harming themselves or from harming others?
What is a detailed time line of health improvement for your lungs and overall health after quitting smoking?
Is self-harming still self-harming even if you don't draw blood?
Why are there no health issues applied to welfare and disability like many health insurances are requiring such as smoking cessation exercise weight maintenance to qualify or be penalized? because there isnt. simples
How many alcoholic beverages can pregnant women have per day without harming the baby en have a day without harming the baby g the ba?
If an ex husband pays kids health insurance does that mean the ex wife doesn't get any say on what doctor the kids see?
Why don't kids say something about their parents smoking?
Is there a law against parents smoking in the same car as kids?
Information about smoking for kids 4-6 years old?
What age do kids start smoking all over the world?
Can smoking weed make you not have kids?
How is smoking bad for your health?
What does smoking do to your health and needs?
What does smoking do to your health?
How I Quit Smoking - Selena Coomer | Smoking and Health | KET - Selena Coomer, director of health services at the Healing Place in Louisville, describes how she quit smoking and the freedom she has found as a non-smoker.
SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH SMOKING KILLS - Quitting smoking is more than just giving up cigarettes. Your friend may have to learn new skills and habits to adjust to a smokefree life. During the early weeks ...
పొగ త్రాగడం ,ఆల్కహాల్ వలన వచ్చే జబ్బులు ,Smoking is Injurious to Health, Health TV - పొగ త్రాగడం ,ఆల్కహాల్ వలన వచ్చే జబ్బులు ,Smoking is Injurious to Health ,Health TV, Cr.G.Jesu Prasad Babu.
How To Quit Smoking Easily l What Happens When You Quit Smoking l Health Updates - Telugu Feed Is An Official Youtube Channel Which Provides You The Latest Tollywood Updates, Tollywood Gossips, Interesting Facts, Telugu Film News, ...
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