Comment: Police Scotland has a black hole at its heart

There has been little good news to come out of our police service over the last four years since the SNP government railroaded through their botched centralisation.
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  • A black hole has been devouring a star for a decade [ad_1] Enlarge / This artist’s illustration depicts what astronomers call a “tidal disruption event,” when an object such as a star wanders too close to a black hole and is destroyed by the black hole’s intense gravitational field. Sometimes, you get lucky. There’s a galaxy cluster that’s been a frequent target of X-ray observatories due to the galaxies’ interactions with the relatively… View On WordPress
  • Hello everyone,Tumblr has proven to be an excellent resource in finding missing persons.We are appealing to you, especially those in Scotland, but anyone can reblog.Our friend Nusrat Jahan (or Nusrat Dow) has gone missing. She was last seen headed to the beach in Aberdeen, Scotland 5 days ago. The football match let out around the same time.Nusrat is 5′3 and 34 years old. She was wearing flat black slip on shoes, black leggings or skinny jeans, a light grey patterned top, black rimmed glasses and was using a white handbag with black band across the top.If you have seen someone resembling Nusrat or have any information, please get in touch with the Aberdeen police.PLEASE REBLOG AND MAKE THIS GO VIRAL. HELP US BRING NUSRAT HOME.
  • A Supermassive Black Hole Has Been Devouring a Star For a Decade An anonymous reader quotes a report from USA Today: A massive black hole devoured a star over a 10 year period, setting a new record for the longest space meal ever observed, according to new research. Researchers spotted the ravenous black hole with NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and Swift satellite as well as ESA’s XMM-Newton, according to a statement from NASA. When objects like stars get… View On WordPress
  • CHARLY BLISS - BLACK HOLE She's got her toe in the cornhole Bleeding out in a snocone Lost my will to the black hole
  • Sometimes I feel like I’m… like I’m just some kind of black hole or something. A black hole? Yeah, it’s a… you know, it’s this...
  • [23-09] #CAFCL hole hole hole hole , hole hole hole hole Setshaba Sa @Masandawana si jabulile ????????
  • [04-07] #Scotland News - Scotland's papers: Police search concerns - Black people in Scotland are twice as likely as wh...
  • [07-11] Before 1994: White police killed black studentsAfter 1994: Black Police killing Black students#BlockFikileMbalula ht
  • [16-08] Love a cheeky wave. BLACK HEART TOMORROW ? @hemingwaysband #london @ The Black Heart
  • [22-08] #brexit #indyref2 #scotref Scotland facing £3.7bn black hole from Brexit shocks - The Scotsman
  • [15-07] ?I Wanna' Run, I Want To Hide? - in a hole on the Beach in Nairn #Scotland ? When you're in a hole ? stop digging ? #U2J
  • [01-08] I would never be jealous of anyone going on a trip/holiday to #Scotland. What a hole haha. A RAINY, COLD, GREY, MISERABLE HOLE.
  • [16-10] "To call the #Yankees DH spot a black hole is kind of an insult to black holes"- @JoeRiveraSN#PinstripePride?…
  • [28-09] Penguin joke?Cut a hole in the ice line it with peas he jumps out of the hole to take a P kick him in the ice hole #ConfessToSomethingStupid
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  • [12-11] Do you live in the black hole?? 👍🏻🤔🤔😂 #StupidQuestionsForGod
  • [29-09] To #TakeAKnee over police killings but ignore black on black crime Is like preparing for a thunderstorm but not a hurric
  • [03-10] "7,881 blacks were killed in 2016 ... police fatally shot 233." The @NFL should #TakeAKnee for black brutality upon black pe
  • [07-10] #RavensNation #BaltimoreRavens #Ravens Getting it Done in the Black Hole
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  • [01-10] I know he's name is black bolt but they whooped his ass like he was black #Inhumans #police
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  • [04-10] Now to fill the #DoctorFoster shaped hole in my heart, enter #Liar. Come at me @ITV.
  • [12-11] Do you live in the black hole?? 👍🏻🤔🤔😂 #StupidQuestionsForGod
  • [11-11] Rhys Williams is out here filling the Delpierre sized hole in my heart #MVCvBRI
Comment: Police Scotland has a black hole at its heart
There has been little good news to come out of our police service over the last four years since the SNP government railroaded through their botched centralisation.
Somebody replied to me on a comment I made on YouTube saying "Show us your boobs" do you think I should ignore or comment back an insult?
Isn't it amazing that police can't find 5 black youths who stabbed a man on a bus but can get a woman for speaking her mind?
Rashan Charles, age 20 dies after being chased by police in Hackney, London....... police brutality?
Comment: Police Scotland has a black hole at its heart
There has been little good news to come out of our police service over the last four years since the SNP government railroaded through their botched centralisation.
Massive Black Hole Discovered Near Heart Of The Milky Way
Scientists discover strange form of black hole at the heart of Milky Way
A strange form of black hole has been detected for the first time at the heart of the Milky Way. It's a "mini-me" version of its neighbouring supermassive "cousin" - shedding light on how it formed. Looming in the middle of every galaxy, supermassive black holes weigh as much as ten billion suns - fuelling the birth of stars and deforming the fabric of space-time itself. The centre of the Milky Way, 27 000 light-years away from Earth Credit: AFP/Getty Images But the mass of the newly identified black hole is on
Base Hiaat is open. (go from shunka void to atlas station. Turn left. Go to left black hole. Turn left. The first blue star behind the black hole is Zachte Landing.
Black Lives Matter comment results in suspension of university professor - VIDEO: Professor suspended for comment about Black Lives Matter
Comment: No need for Scotland to host British Masters
It is brilliant to see it back on the European Tour and well done to Lee Westwood in joining Ian Poulter and Luke Donald in embracing the role of host. But there is no need whatsoever of even entertaining a thought about bringing the British Masters to Scotland in the foreseeable future.
There’s a hole in the heart
Black Manta, Black Lightning, Black Panther, Black Talon, The Black Musketeers, Black Goliath, Black Racer and Black Spider (Eric Needham) Battle Royale
Hole in heart patched up interventionally
LPT If you strip out a wood screw hole, put a wooden toothpick in the hole and break it off. The hole will be as good as new! - LifeProTips
‘Black hole hunter' on its way
Collection of stories about Scotland Yard detectives/police in a world where magic is part of the job? Plot Summary/Details The book is a single novel, though IIRC, it read more a collection of related "cases", with the same recurring characters. I believe the story's timeframe is late 19th to mid-...
Is a police officer 18x more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be by a police officer? PragerU is a YouTube channel for expressive conservative views. They published a video titled Are The Police Racist? (with over a million views) that has this claim [at 2:48]: a police officer is ...
“The Black Hole” movie version 1979: What happened after the white hole exit? While the movie version ends with the exit from the white hole, in the Wikipedia section it is mentioned that in the Whitman comics the story continues in a parellel universe. It is also mentioned ...
What does Herman Cain’s “Bull’s-eye” exactly mean? Is it simply “a scorched black hole” or “a hole of bullet rightly hit on the mark”? The Washington Post (October 31) carried GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain’s remarks on allegations of his sexual harassement of two former female employees as head of the National Restaurant ...
Meshed-hole Direct Composting design - please comment, suggest changes, advise I've been putting some worms in my raised beds and feeding them the fresher kitchen scraps. I'm starting to run out of spots to place the food, so for the next bed I build I want to put in some-type-...
'Devon Police is' or 'Devon Police are'—should 'police' be treated as singular or plural? [duplicate] Which of the following is correct? Devon Police is recording incidents or Devon Police are recording incidents
Is leonard susskind wrong in the black hole war when unlike steven hawking he states a black hole can not destroy energy?
If a black hole is sometimes created with just one star shouldn't the thing the existed before the big bang have essentially been a huge black hole with all mass in it?
What of a black hole is the radius from a black hole at which the escape velocity is approximately equal to the speed of light?
Why might someone who has a heart defect such as weak heart or a small hole in the heart wall become breathless after climbing a lone flight of stairs?
What is the area beyond a black hole where black hole has stopped expanding and matter will no longer be pulled in?
What is the purpose of Black hole and why does a black hole turn into a black hole?
How does a quasar burst away from a black hole if the black hole has infinite gravity?
How many properties of the matter inside a black hole can be measured from outside the black hole?
When a black hole dies what happen to the stuff inside the black hole?
Does the hole in a black hole expand as the black hole gets older?
How is a white hole even plausible wouldn't all that gravity just suck things in like a black hole instead of spitting things out. And what exactly would connect the back hole to the white hole?
What is black hole Is there any side effect to earth from black hole?
Is an Intermediate-mass black hole a type of black hole?
Which is bigger a stellar black hole or a supermassive black hole?
At the center of the Milky Way is a powerful black hole What is a black hole?
How does a black hole lose energy and disappear wouldn't the lost energy get sucked back into the black hole?
How soon will Black hole electron WikiAnswer be updated to match current Wikipedia Black hole electron article?
How does light get attracted towards a black hole when it does not have mass since you say that black hole have intense gravitaion and F is proportional to mass?
Kel Profitt + Brad Robinson: Funky Love/Your Heart's A Black Hole - Taken from the last collection of songs we've been recording. The new (and possibly last) joint album of ours is coming next month. "Funky Love" & "Your Heart's ...
What Would Happen If A Black Hole Hit A Black Hole? - A baseball has a radius of 37 mm, four t 17 feb 2008 we can all guess what would happen should massive black hole drift into our solar system there wouldn't be ...
Police belge et police marocaine, comment chacune réagit aux débordements... - Comment la police belge et comment la police marocaine réagissent en cas de débordement ? Réponse dans cette vidéo.
Tripped on a hole in my piñata heart - played on a epiphone standard pro through a blackstar ID10 core amp.
Police Scotland's Tactical Firearms Unit - A short video showing you around the Police Service of Scotland's Tactical Firearm unit and their training facility.
'Terror at the heart of power' - and brave MP hailed -- Black blood donor appeal gets creative -- Black market -- Royal Bank of Scotland losses more than treble to £7bn --
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