London 2012 Olympics: Hockey Centre and Handball Arena renamed as Olympic Park handed over to Locog

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London 2012 Olympics: Hockey Centre and Handball Arena renamed as Olympic Park handed over to Locog
Can you visit the London Olympics site now? Yes, you can visit the London 2012 Olympics site now. Many tour groups are already visiting. The Olympic Park, which is a large new area of green space with the aquatics center and main Olympic stadium situated onsite is still under construction. Olympic Park in east London will be the heart of the 2012 Olympic Games. After event ceremonies, parties, athletes, spectators, media, politicians will be gathering there. While the Olympic Park is still under construction with many of the 300,000 wetland plants are still in need of planting, it would be very interesting to see the London Olympic site now and compare it to what it will look like in 2012. As for visiting the London Olympics site now, the majority of it is under construction so if you are going to be spending a lot of money or time on the visit, I would recommend waiting until the venues and landscaping is closer to completion to make the visit more worthwhile and more photogenic. You can find out more about London Olympic site tours at this website: http://
Venues on London 2012 olypmics.? Venues will be all over London, some not even in London at all, though the main site is in east London. As ever, the sailing events will be somewhere else - Weymouth, in fact, on the south coast of England. Volleyball will be at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, badminton and rhythmic gymnastics will be at Wembley Arena, football will be in various football stadia around the UK including Wembley, tennis will be at Wimbledon (of course!), beach volleyball will be on Horse Guards Parade (the Prime Minister might be able to watch it from the windows of his own house very close by!), rowing will be at a rowing centre near Windsor Castle, archery will be at Lord's Cricket Ground... So a lot of existing venues will be used, which can only be good on sustainability grounds, and should also keep pressure off public transport as spectators won't all be going to the same place. The construction going on at the Olympic Park in Stratford, east London, is basically only for sports where the UK really did need a better venue anyway. And all the London venues at least are easily reachable by public transport, though the London Underground gets quite crowded enough now... I know there is plenty of work going on about that, and it's the major thing that worries me as a Londoner still having to get to work every day while the Olympics are going on (and the International Olympic Committee were worried about that too in the early stages of the bid). A new high speed rail line from St Pancras called the Javelin, getting people from St Pancras station to the Olympic Park in just 7 minutes will help. The trains are already in service, are electric (again good if the electricity is sustainably generated) and developed from the Japanese Shinkansen. (The London Underground is also electrically-powered and has been for years.) As it happens, the stadium used last time (1948) has long since been demolished so we needed another one! (It really was getting very scruffy and ended its days as a greyhound racetrack.) Perhaps something you won't immediately get from the web... the Mayor of London when the Games were awarded to London, Ken Livingstone, said after he was voted out in 2008 that he only campaigned to get the Olympics because it would bring a lot of investment into east London. True, it will transform a previously neglected formerly industrial area into the Olympic Park, and the "Olympic Village" will be used as new housing after the Games, but that really is the kind of statement you would only get from a politician that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. A mayoral election will take place in May 2012 just before the Games and he's standing again so it will be a re-run of 2008, which was won by the indescribable Boris Johnson (if you saw the closing ceremony in Beijing in 2008, he was the chap with the uncontrollable blond hair looking a bit uncomfortable waving the Olympic flag around when it was handed over to him). I hope he's re-elected in 2012 if only for the spectacle of having him welcome the world to London. The guy gives the impression of being a complete baffled buffoon, and the one thing he is totally incapable of is giving the smooth speeches you expect from politicians - he will er and um all the time even with a script - but he most certainly is not a buffoon, and I'm sure he well knows that his persona makes people warm to him as "an actual honest-sounding politician for once". Which in fact he is. Talking of sustainability, one thing that Boris has recently achieved is to get a bicycle hire scheme going in London sponsored by a major bank - he's a keen cyclist himself. There are docking stations all over central London now where you can pay to hire a bike, ride it to wherever you want to go and give it back at another docking station. http:// How good is that? All he needs to do now is get some docking stations installed at the Olympic Park!
best places to shop in london? London's "Tin Pan Alley" is Denmark street off the Charing Cross Road in the West End (check out 'Andy's Guitar Centre') - and is not far from either Covent Garden or Oxford Street both of which have clothes shops. The Westfield centres are all a bit much and have the same sort of things you can find elsewhere - eg at John Lewis on Oxford Street - but fewer specialist shops - and you don't really see much of London (one is at the Stratford Olympic Park of 2012 and other at the White City Olympic venue from 1908).
london 2012 medals... what's different? The designs for the rear face of the London 2012 Olympic medals are drawn from ideas about London and the flow of energy. It's hard to say what the design itself will mean to the teams since every athlete is an individual. But as an Olympic medal is the highest badge of achievement that an athlete can earn, every one will be precious beyond words to its winner. The rear face designs for the London 2012 games are by jeweller David Watkins. His inspirations were: * the idea of the athletes' energy radiating in and outward, represented in the radiating lines exploding from the centre of the medal * the River Thames, represented as a flowing ribbon-like feature across the medal's background * the square-outline symbol frequently used for cities on maps and atlases, showing London as a place in the world * the triangle as an architectural emblem (the strongest engineering / architectural structures are based on triangles). Watkins said at the time that the medals were unveiled last year that this symbol is often used to represent the City of London The front of Olympic medals always uses the same design for the summer games. It's a picture of the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike, stepping from the Panathinaiko Stadium into the host city. More info and pictures of the medal designs here from the official London Olympics website: http://
Where can I get a current Calgary Flames home jersey in either Newcastle or Edinburgh? Hi, not quite Newcastle or Edinburgh but yjese two shops can be found in Coventry Dundee The new and much larger Hockey Locker is now open and can be found at 32 City Arcade in Coventry City Centre - opposite Argos just over the road from the Skydome Arena. The Hockey Locker stocks a comprehensive range of Coventry Blaze and NHL merchandise, memorabilia and clothing as well as a comprehensive selection of ice hockey skates and hockey equipment from most major manufacturers. A full skate sharpening service is also available. The Hockey Locker is open from 9.00am until 5.30pm Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sundays. A reduced selection of Blaze and NHL merchandise is also available from the Matchnight Shop, in Mbargo in the Skydome Arena at Coventry Blaze home games. Hockey Locker phone / fax - 02476 631352. --------------------------------------... HHL - DUNDEE Dundee Ice Arena, Camperdown Leisure Complex, Kingsway West, Dundee. DD2 3SQ. Tel: 01382 858560. E-mail: info@hoppys-hockey.com
2012 olympics in east london? Think the security at the 2012 London Olympics will be massive and might even include visitors to the Games having to pass through the kind of security we now have at our airports - including body search and pat-down, cctv, x-ray, confiscation of potential weapons, (plastic combs etc), removal of shoe laces blah etc. This next is a cut-n-paste from the Independant of 2008 The London Olympics budget will break through the £10bn barrier because officials have "vastly underestimated" the cost of protecting the event from terrorists, The Independent on Sunday has learned. Security costs for the 2012 Games are now likely to reach £1.5bn – nearly three times the original estimate, a senior official involved in planning the event said. Now in the year 2010, I think the 2008 est of £1.5bn for security at the 2012 London Olympics might be an under estimate.
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US gymnastics doctor at London 2012 Olympics pleads guilty to abusing athletes The US gymnastic team’s doctor during the London 2012 Olympics has pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual assault after claims he abused young athletes.  Lawrence Nassar, who has since stepped down from the role, said he was “horribly sorry” for his crimes during a court appearance on Wednesday.  Three of America’s ‘Fierce Five’ gymnastics squad that won team gold in the 2012 Olympics in the UK have publicly claimed they were abused by Nassar.  McKayla Maroney, one of the five, said last month: "It started when I was 13 y
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Going for the Revitalization Gold Around London’s Olympic Park Going for Revitalization Gold Around London’s Olympic Park Real-estate investors are betting London is on track to deliver a rare feat: the lasting revitalization of neighborhoods around an Olympic park, years after the games ended.
[specific] Can someone please create an A4 sized image of Oscar Pistorius' 2012 London Olympics "2642" Bib? My Christmas party costume is incomplete!
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Anyone Want a Hockey Arena Anyone Want a Hockey Arena? After 10 years of mostly lousy seasons, the Columbus, Ohio, Blue Jackets are appealing to city and Franklin County officials to use public money to purchase the team's arena.
New Hockey Arena Heads for a Vote New Hockey Arena Heads for a Vote The fierce debate over a new arena for the New York Islanders will be decided Monday by Nassau County voters. In an unusual referendum, Nassau residents must decide whether to approve a $400 million bond sale to build a new home for the Islanders.
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Nassau Arena, Hockey Future Are in Limbo Nassau Arena, Hockey Future Are in Limbo Nassau County officials moved quickly back to the drawing board Tuesday after residents rejected public financing of a new hockey arena for the Islanders, issuing a call for private development proposals.
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Hockey lovers in Hay River persevere, despite another delay with new arena Pokiak, the president of the Hay River Minor Hockey Association, says players had been anticipating the town's new recreation centre would be ready before Christmas. Hay Riverites have been waiting a long time for their new rec centre. Hay River and Fort Smith are scheduled to host the Arctic Winter Games March 18 to 24.
Last minute event tickets for London 2012 Olympic Games I know that tickets go on advance sale across the world in countries participating in the Olympics, each with their own quota. But this is for advance bookings. If one doesn't have firm plans and happens to be in London / England during the Olympic Games, is there any way to buy tickets at the venue itself (perhaps only for specific events) or only a week or two in advance?
Long layover in London, time to visit Olympics? I have a ~10 hour layover in LHR on July 26th (the day prior to the opening ceremonies of 2012 Olympics). I'm flying British Airways from JNB-LHR-MAD.What's the most reliable (and hopefully inexpensive) transportation to get me to and from the city?Is there anything Olympic-related that I can see?Will I have any issues with security leaving and re-entering? (No checked baggage)How busy is London right now, would I expect a jam at the airport that makes this trip risky for missing my next flight?
Olympic National Park Rain Forest in April The visitor center at Hoh is weekend-only until June. Is this because the forest is no fun or hard to walk in, or because not very many people show up? I will be close enough to consider a trip in late April.
Which expression is older: “London Royal Parks” or “London's Royal Parks” ? And why is it Hyde Park and not Hyde's Park? London Royal Parks and London's Royal Parks Both phrases are used, and I understand that "London" in the first example is acting as an adjective. Whereas in the second, "London", is used as a ...
If I want to see the Olympic Torch in 2012, what route is it taking in the UK? The claim is that 95 per cent of the UK population will come within ten miles of the torch during its 8,000-mile journey between May 19 and July 27.Is there a map of the route of the general UK travels of the torch?
Are there detailed street-by-street maps of the 2012 Olympics torch relay? The official map is plain horrible to use, and although they do have the exact route for all days except the last two (which are yet to be revealed), there's no way to get a proper list of streets or locations, or export the route to, you know, actual map/navigation application.As to why I need this -- I challenged a buddy of mine, a London-ese, to snap pictures of as many torch relay runners as possible, on the condition that I provide him with an accurate street-level route plan. On the line are a number of beers, one for each photo, bragging rights, and of course, a handy conversation starter ("Did I tell you about that one time I followed the torch relay for a bet?"). So give a brother a hand!I did some searching, and what I found are this this unofficial OpenStreetMap overlay and a nicer-looking interactive map found in The Guardian. I'd be happy with a detailed map of London only (say zones 1-6).To preemptively address close-as-duplicate votes, there's this related question, and while somewhat helpful, it is not what I'm looking for.
What is the nickname of the Olympic handball arena in the Olympic park? spende taler wen spende 1.BigBOSS
Who won the Silver Medal for Men's Handball at the London 2012 Olympics? Sweden (SWE) Mattias AnderssonMattias GustafssonKim AnderssonJonas KällmanMagnus JernemyrNiclas EkbergDalibor DoderJonas LarholmTobias KarlssonJohan JakobssonJohan SjöstrandFredrik PetersenKim Ekdahl du RietzMattias ZachrissonAndreas Nilsson
Who won the Gold Medal for Men's Handball at the London 2012 Olympics? France (FRA) Jérôme FernandezDidier DinartXavier BarachetGuillaume GilleBertrand GilleDaniel NarcisseGuillaume JoliSamuel HonrubiaDaouda KarabouéNikola KarabatićThierry OmeyerWilliam AccambrayLuc AbaloCédric SorhaindoMichaël Guigou
Who won the Bronze Medal for Men's Handball at the London 2012 Olympics? Croatia (CRO)Venio LosertIvano BalićDomagoj DuvnjakBlaženko LackovićMarko KopljarIgor VoriJakov GojunZlatko HorvatDrago VukovićDamir BičanićDenis Buntić
Who won the Silver Medal for Women's Handball at the London 2012 Olympics? Montenegro (MNE)Marina VukčevićRadmila MiljanićJovanka RadičevićAna ĐokićMarija JovanovićAna RadovićAnđela BulatovićSonja BarjaktarovićMaja SavićBojana PopovićJasna Tošković
Who won the Gold Medal for Women's Handball at the London 2012 Olympics? Norway (NOR)Kari Aalvik GrimsbøKaroline NæssIda AlstadHeidi LøkeTonje NøstvoldKaroline Dyhre BreivangKristine Lunde-BorgersenKari Mette JohansenMarit Malm FrafjordLinn Jørum SullandKatrine Lunde Haraldse
Who won the Bronze Medal for Women's Handball at the London 2012 Olympics? Spain (ESP)Andrea BarnóCarmen MartínNely Carla AlbertoBeatriz FernándezVerónica CuadradoMarta ManguéMacarena AguilarSilvia NavarroJessica AlonsoElisabet ChávezElisabeth Pinedo
How high are all the doors for the basketball arena for the london Olympics 2012? 12
Does Air Canada Centre use the same Arena for hockey and basketball? yes
What will happen to the Olympic Park after the 2012 Olympics? Some of it will be deleted, some of it will be reconstituted. The area containing the athletes village will become Europe's first Self Digesting landfill site providing East London a green way to dispose of household waste.
Which Olympic Games are after the 2012 Olympics in London? There will be the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia in 2014. The next summer Olympics are in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in 2016. The 2020 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXXII Olympiad, will be a major international sports and cultural festival, celebrated in the tradition of the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee has begun the selection process for the host city. Five applicant cities, Istanbul, Tokyo, Baku, Doha and Madrid, are competing to host the Games. The IOC will select Candidate Cities on 23 May 2012. The host city will be elected in Buenos Aires on
Why will the O2 arena be called North Greenwich Arena in London 2012? Because Olympic events are to be held there and the O2 company aren't official sponsors.
Who won the Gold Medal in Men's Field hockey at the London 2012 Olympics? Germany (GER)Maximilian MüllerMartin HanerOskar DeeckeChristopher WesleyMoritz FürsteTobias HaukeJan-Philipp RabenteBenjamin WeßTimo WeßOliver KornChristopher ZellerMax WeinholdMatthias WitthausFlorian FuchsPhilipp ZellerThilo Stralkowski
Who won the Bronze Medal in Men's Field hockey at the London 2012 Olympics? Australia (AUS)Mark KnowlesJamie DwyerLiam de YoungSimon OrchardGlenn TurnerChris CirielloMatthew ButturiniRussell FordEddie OckendenJoel CarrollMatthew GohdesTim DeavinMatthew SwannNathan BurgersKieran GoversFergus Kavanagh
Who won the Silver Medal in Men's Field hockey at the London 2012 Olympics? Netherlands (NED)Jaap StockmannKlaas VermeulenMarcel BalkesteinWouter JolieRoderick WeusthofRobbert KempermannTeun de NooijerSander BaartFloris EversBob de VoogdSander de WijnRogier HofmanRobert van der HorstBilly BakkerValentin VergaMink van der Weerden
Who is captain of Indian Hockey Team For London Olympics 2012? sandip
Who won the first olympic gold medal at the London Olympics in 2012? Jin Jong-oh.
Who designed the Olympic flag for London Olympics 2012? It is not 'designed'. The olympic flag is always the same. If you want to know why search for the question: what are the olympic ring colors
handball Olympics 2012 Spain v North Korea classic match -
Women: DPR Korea vs Japan, 2012 London Olympics - Asian Qualifiers - The Asian Football Confederation's Pre-Olympic Tournament. Eighteen teams entered the qualification for the two allocated spots for the 2012 Summer Olympics Football tournament in London.
Olympic Torch to be handed over to 2018 Olympic Committee in Athens - 올림픽 성화, 세계 평화 염원 품고 30년 만에 한국으로 South Korean officials are in Athens to collect the torch for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.
Olympic Torch to be handed over to 2018 Olympic Committee in Athens - 올림픽 성화, 세계 평화 염원 품고 30년 만에 한국으로 South Korean officials are in Athens to collect the torch for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.
South Bend's Viewing Park renamed Governor Joe Kernan Park - South Bend's Viewing Park renamed Governor Joe Kernan Park.
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