Conservative Party Conference 2011: don’t rule out a fat tax, says David Cameron

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Conservative Party Conference 2011: don’t rule out a fat tax, says David Cameron
Should the Tories disband in scotland and a new centre right party be set up? Probably, but they won't. In their last leadership elections, which Ruth Davidson won, Murdo Fraser suggested that the Scottish Conservatives should step outside the direct line of command from the UK party and establish an independent Scottish Conservative Party. He got roundly beaten. Yes, it would potentially restore some of the credibility they haven't had for years, but when your party has been responsible for some of the worst decisions ever inflicted on Scotland for decades it's going to take more than a rebranding to sort that out. I would also point out that in the 1950's they did indeed take a majority of Scottish seats. But then in the 1950's the Tories were the party of Home Rule; they actively campaigned for home rule. The current lot are well and truly removed from that. And come to that, suggesting Labour are a centre left party these days; no, they're not. See some of the policies least popular with the people that the Tory/ Lib Dem coalition has introduced? The Bedroom tax was a Labour idea to start with, and the company responsible for the medical assessments, Atos Healthcare? Contracted by the last Labour government to carry out the checks that the Tories are now getting the blame for. UK Labour, and their Scottish wing, are no more left wing than David Cameron.
Hello Scotland - SNP's Hatred For David Cameron? I think you'll find that it's not the SNP who dislike David Cameron - it's all of Scotland. David Cameron stated just the other day that Kenny McCaskill, the Justice Minister should not have released Al Megrahi. He doesn't seem to have realised that it's got absolutely nothing to do with him (or the Americans either) but is an internal Scottish matter. Hence Cameron 'not understanding the reality of Scottish self government' The Conservative party voted en masse against devolved government for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - hence 'David Cameron and the Tories oppose the right of the people to choose Scotland's future' And finally, 'disrespect to Scotland'? Where does one start? Nuclear weapons on the Clyde is just the end of a long list. Funny how they're never positioned on the Thames, just beside Tower Bridge. Remember the Poll Tax? Hell, British Government legislation exists that denies Scotland's people and institutions the right to fly the Scottish national flag from schools and public buildings, except on St. Andrew's Day. The joke at the moment is - 'How many Tory MP's does it take to change a light bulb? He can't change it until he gets a Lib Dem to hold the chair for him'. Of course, in the past the answer has changed from 'both of them' to 'what's a Scottish Tory MP'
If you had to assign a song to represent David Cameron's Conservative government, what would it be?
Michel Barnier, said the British people need to be educated about the consequences of leaving the single market? The EU probably cannot believe their luck at being able to get rid of the UK and be paid for doing so too. But's that's just a tad too cynical. Certainly the UK electorate were lied to by the Brexit side and not told what they really needed to know by the remain side, lest David Cameron might look like a rat cornered by the anti-EU wing of his Conservative Party. However, when given the opportunity to cancel Brexit (by voting Lib Dem at the last election) the vast majority couldn't be bothered. Clearly there is one hell of a lot of 're-educating' to be done!
How far to the Right does England need to move to protect traditional values and culture......? There is no right wing party in the UK, it's generally referred to as the conservative party. We have a group claiming to be the conservative party in the UK, what exactly are they conserving? Mass immigration is still increasing under them, the British people still have their laws dictated to them by the unelected governing body of EU bearcats and David Cameron wont give us an in out referendum . Mohammed was the most popular baby name in all of Britain last year, good strong British name is it not. There is nothing that can be done, English people are a minority in most of these places you mentioned, and the majority (of Muslims immigrants) do not/cannot integrate with the minority of indigenous. Even if Muslims wanted to adopt British culture and values, which they don't and I'd argue impossible, it's not how integration works. The one assimilating is suppose to be the minority. In every country across the world it's the same problems with Muslim demographics, it's time to stop blaming everyone else and hold them socially responsible. Do it now before they elect a Muslim Bortherhood of their own into parliament, which they will do when they have numbers.
Conservatives hold Birmingham conference saying 'we're kinder'.At same time B'ham hit with £180 Million Public Service Cuts. Where's reality? Reality has no place in a conservative party conference.
Britain Elections: David Cameron's Conservative Party in Lead Cameron's chances have never looked better. So why are the Tories so glum?
David Cameron Faces Pressure From All Directions Ahead of Party Conference U.K. Prime Minister Under Pressure U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron will seek to rally his Conservative party as it gathered for its last annual autumn conference before next year's general election.
@Conservatives: Watch the Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin address Conservative Party Conference 2017.
'Resign Cameron' Protest Storms Conservative Conference Several hundred chant 'hail to the thieves' after a week of revelations show the British prime minister profited from an offshore fund.
David Cameron vs. the Rule of Law Jamie Whyte: David Cameron vs. the Rule of Law The prime minister's energy-price activism will lead to more crony capitalism.
U.K.’s Cameron Seeks to Smooth Conservative Party Rift Over Europe U.K.’s Cameron Seeks to Smooth Party Rift Prime Minister David Cameron sought to fend off one of the most serious challenges to his authority since taking office, after the resignation of a top minister exposed a deepening rift in his Conservative Party.
David Cameron Demands Inclusion of Green Party in TV Debates Cameron added that he would be “happy for there to be no debates at all”.
U.K.'s Cameron Heads for Tough Party Conference U.K.'s Cameron Faces Tough Party Conference British Prime Minister David Cameron will attempt to rally his Conservative Party at its annual conference next week following a series of embarrassing policy gaffes.
Someone just handed Theresa May a P45 during her speech at the Conservative Party Conference
When does the Conservative party conference 2017 end, where in Manchester is it being held and what’s the schedule? THE 2017 Conservative party conference is now underway, with the party looking to use the four-day event to unite the party after a bruising few months. Here’s everything you need to know about the gathering where Tory big-hitters will outline their post-Brexit vision and where Boris Johnson may just launch a bid for the party […]
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@TheEconomist: Upping the ante might start with the Conservative Party conference itself
When is the Conservative party conference 2017, where in Manchester is it being held and what’s the schedule? THE Conservative party conference is now underway, with the party looking to use the four-day event to unite the party after a bruising few months. Here’s everything you need to know about the gathering where Tory big-hitters will outline their post-Brexit vision. When is the Conservative party conference 2017? The conference began on Su, day […]
Activists welcome Conservative party conference to Manchester with a 'Hang the Tories' banner.
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Ruth Davidson’s Conservative party conference speech, full text
When is Theresa May’s speech at the Conservative party conference today and where in Manchester is it taking place? THERESA May will bring the 2017 Conservative party conference to a close by becoming the first PM in decades to unveil a major programme to build council houses. Here’s everything you need to know ahead of her speech in Manchester as she tries to get her party back on track…   When is the Conservative party […]
Theresa May’s inspirational speech at the Conservative conference must become the party’s focus and blueprint — or we will have to worry about Labour INSTEAD of debating the future of the country at their party ­conference, the Tories have been ­distracted by Boris Johnson’s leadership ­ambitions. The party needs to get its mojo back, and fast. If they do not, we discovered at ­Labour’s conference last week what is at stake. Because what Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Chancellor, […]
Prime Minister Theresa May on Twitter: "Watch my speech this morning at Conservative Party Conference
Conservative Party conference MP’s fury at hanging effigies and sick sign near Manchester city centre location A PROTEST banner reading ‘Hang the Tories’ attached to two effigies swinging underneath has been condemned by an outraged MP. Michael Fabricant, the Conservative representative for Lichfield. shared an image of the protest display in Manchester as members of his party arrived for their annual conference. Writing on Twitter, he said: “What a charming welcome […]
Thousands of masked protesters throw smoke bombs and wave ‘Tory scum’ banners outside Conservative Party Conference THOUSANDS of masked protesters threws smoke bombs and waved ‘Tory scum’ banners outside Conservative Party Conference today as it descended into chaos on the streets of Manchester. Two separate demonstrations saw 30,000 people take to the streets in opposition to the Conservatives’ over Brexit and austerity. At the Take Back Manchester demo organised by the People’s […]
Police forced to let off smoke bombs as thousands of masked protesters wave ‘Tory scum’ banners outside Conservative Party Conference POLICE were forced to let off smoke bombs at a demo as 30,000 protesters descended on Manchester for Tory conference yesterday. Two separate demonstrations saw 30,000 people take to the streets in opposition to the Conservatives over Brexit and austerity. Cops were forced to act to disperse rioters upset at a People’ Assembly van being […]
[World] - Watch: Boris Johnson-themed musical protest takes place ahead of Conservative Party conference | Telegraph
No More Austerity" sign left on bench following Manchester protests in the U.K. Conservative Party in visits town for annual conference. October 1, 2017. Photo credit: Cudoe Photography.
Did Prime Minister David Cameron commit necrophilia with a pig's head? Doing the rounds on Twitter at the moment is the idea that UK Prime Minister David Cameron did something unspeakable to a dead pigs head when he was in University. Twitter being Twitter, the actual ...
Was David Cameron linked to “Hang Nelson Mandela” posters in the 1980s? A post circulating Facebook and elsewhere reads: Nelson Mandela will die soon. Today, tomorrow, this week, next week. It won't be long. Remember this, he out-lived Thatcher. When he does die, and ...
What does David Cameron’s “You did Britain a service, and kicked that useless voting system off,” mean? British Prime Minister David Cameron delivered a speech to the annual Conservative Party Conference held on October 5th in Manchester. The New Yorker magazine (October 5) introduced some of clips ...
Does the Conservative Party of Canada have a ban on abortion in its platform? It would either be an outright ban (outlawed) or a ban on the public funding part (health care being all public in Canada). But I'm just asking: is there such a thing in their platform?
Should I avoid providing a copy of my passport to a third party to secure a visa to travel to Russia for a conference? I'm a Ph.D. student from the United States, and I'm planning on attending an academic conference in Moscow this December as a participant (not an invited speaker). When I attempt to register for the conference, I'm asked whether I need a visa, and when I respond that I do, I'm told that I need to send a digital scan of my passport to an email address that I assume belongs to one of the assistant conference organizers. I understand that this is probably standard operating procedure, but I've never traveled to Russia before, and I'm a little wary of providing a copy of my passport to somebody I don't know who isn't affiliated with a governmental organization. I do know several of the professors and researchers who are speaking, but they all hold Russian citizenship, so I don't think any of them have to go through the same process of acquiring a visa through the host university.(1) How large are the potential repercussions of sending a copy of my passport to somebody in Russia who I presume is affiliated with the host university but whom I don't know personally? Should I instead ask the point of contact for the required written statement of purpose and attempt to apply for the visa myself?(2) Should I be at all concerned about potential changes in the geopolitical situation between the U.S. and Russia between now and December? Although I tend to be pretty optimistic, my family seems concerned that I as an American academic would travel to Russia at a somewhat fractious time in our post-Cold War relationship.Thanks very much in advance for your advice.
Rule out third party scraping, but allow Google crawling
Why did the British Conservative Party commit itself to Ulster Unionist resistance to home rule 1912-1914? "the formal name of the concervative party was/is the "conservative and unionist party" - originally referring to the union with Scotland but also with Ireland so their support was totally to be expected - they would have seen any threat to the union as a threat to the whole british empire"While this answer is perfectly correct, it is somewhat naive. Indeed the preservation of the Union and de facto the integrity of the British Empire was a major concern of the Conservative Party (particulalry Conservative Peers), it was by no means the only reason for the "Tories" to support Ulster resistance
What is the difference between the Tory party the labor party and the Conservative party in Britain? The "Tory Party" is a nickname for the Conservative Party, and dates back to before political parties, when conservative members of Parliament were known as the "Tories". The Labour Party is the left wing party, who stand for the working class and believe in more government spending on health, education, infrastructure and benefits, as well as regulation in the economy. The Conservative Party is the right wing party, who stand for the middle class and believe in less government intervention, a free economy, lower taxes and maintaining traditional institutions and values of the United Kingdom.
Whom did conservative nationalists want to rule Italy? A federation were states are ruled by a pope
Which party are conservative?
Where was the conservative party?
What is a Conservative Party?
What does the conservative party believe in?
What is the Conservative party in US?
[20-01] How does king David's rule and Solomon's rule relate?
Who is the leader of the conservative party? David Cameron is the present leader of the Conservative Party. He is also Prime Minister of Great Britain as of 11th May 2010.
How many seats are in the conservative party in the UK?
Why did the conservative party start? You need to say which country you mean. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The Canadian Conservative party is the current ruling party of Canada and was created in 2003 out of a merger of the Canadian Alliance Party (Reform) and Progressive Conservative (PC) Party. But that isn't really the why answer. The PC party had it's roots back to the founding of Confederation and Canada's first Prime Minister. Like the Liberal Party of Canada by the 21st century had lost much of it's support due to corruption and scandals while in government during the 20th century. B
What is the US equivalent of the UK conservative party? The Republican party
Who was the leader of the Conservative Party? Benjamin Disraeli
Which party is seen as more conservative in its views?
Which party in seen as more conservative in its views?
When did conservative party come to power?
Why is David Cameron important? He is the UK Prime Minister.
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