Foster's rejects SABMiller takeover bid

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  • [23-11] If there could somehow be a realistic-yet-neatly-tied-up ending for the F***-Off Fosters, I'd be up for that.…
  • [15-11] Ohh Brandon Quinn aka Gabe from The Fosters!! He's ridiculously handsom. #KevinProbably
Foster's rejects SABMiller takeover bid
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When a child is adopted by a foster family, does the foster parents names automatically replace the birth parents names?
SABMiller to snap up Foster's for $10 b
SABMiller Pursues Foster's
SABMiller Pursues Foster's SABMiller said it will pursue a takeover of Foster's Group after the Australian beer maker rejected an initial $9.98 billion offer from the global brewer, saying it significantly undervalued the company.
Foster's Shuns SABMiller
Foster's Shuns SABMiller Foster's said it would recommend that shareholders reject SABMiller's hostile takeover offer of $10.03 billion, saying the proposal undervalued the Australian brewer and had too many conditions.
SABMiller's Foster's Bid Approved
SABMiller's Foster's Bid Approved SABMiller expects to close its US$9.6 billion takeover of Australian brewer Foster's by the end of the year after Australia's government approved the deal.
SABMiller launches $10 b hostile bid for Foster's
Foster's Shareholders Approve SABMiller Bid
Foster's Shareholders Approve SABMiller Bid SABMiller's $10.2 billion takeover of Foster's Group cleared its last hurdle as the Australian brewer's shareholders overwhelmingly approved the deal.
Foster's Fails to Perform for SABMiller
Foster's Fails to Perform for SABMiller SABMiller reported a sharp drop in Australian demand, barely a year after its $10 billion acquisition of Foster's, and warned of slowing growth in other key markets.
SABMiller Raises Heat on Foster's
SABMiller Raises Heat on Foster's SABMiller said it would take its $9.97 billion bid for Foster's directly to shareholders, two months after the Australian brewer rejected the offer.
SABMiller's Opening Shot For Foster's Looks a Bit Flat
SABMiller's Opening Shot for Foster's With its bid for Foster's, SABMiller is ready to speak Australian. But it will need to sweeten its price to get Foster's talking back.
SABMiller Questions Foster's Profit Outlook
SABMiller Questions Foster's Profit Outlook Australia's Takeovers Panel has received an application from SABMiller questioning financial statements by Foster's and seeking orders that the takeover target clarify the information.
Foster's Rebuff of SABMiller Ferments a Beer Bidding War
Foster's Rebuff Ferments a Beer Bidding War Foster's rebuff of SABMiller's takeover bid opens the door for a bidding war for one of the industry's few remaining prize assets.
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