Rare footage of humpback whales filmed off Shetland

Wildlife photographers Richard Shucksmith and Brydon Thomason managed to film the creatures. 13-01-17
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Rare footage of humpback whales filmed off Shetland
Wildlife photographers Richard Shucksmith and Brydon Thomason managed to film the creatures.
What would it mean for the rest of the UK if Scotland became fully independent? Well, the Shetland islands want to be part of the UK and have said if Scotland became Independant, The Shetland islands would announce Independance and considering the Oil goes to the Shetland Islands, the Shetland isles would be the ones who get the oil. One thing is for sure though, we would have a Conservative Government for the rest of our lives. Nooooooooo!
Who needs news channels when you can watch public live webcams of events? And footage uploaded from people who were there and had a phone. Much of the real evidence of 9/11 was from people who uploaded their footage - not news channels. The French Lorry driver terrorist shot in his cab after putting the handbrake on and being surrounded by police was filmed by many on their phones and...
Where can I find footage of Trump saying “sh*thole countries”? Any speech the president gives is obviously filmed so did he say it or not?
Where is Game of Thrones filmed I heard Ireland and Northern Ireland? Its filmed in several places. I think that a lot of the stuff in Westeros is filmed in Ireland. The stuff beyond the Wall was filmed in Iceland or someplace like that. The exterior scenes in Kings Landing IIRC are filmed in Croatia.
Will Shetland and Orkney get their independence from Scotland? Good point, thanks for reminding me. Shetland is a Viking island and so too is Orkney - the very names have that ring of the Vikings about them. Indeed, the world's biggest Viking event is held each year on the Island of Shetland Up Helly A Lerwick Shetland http:// Shetland Times http:// Welsh Barbarian Savage
How is a whale shark a shark and not a whale? Because they are a shark, the largest of all. Two things compare them to whales, one is they are huge enough to compare to a whale, and two is they are filter feeders that eat krill and plankton like whales. They have gills and exchange oxygen from water just as do sharks., whales have lungs and must surface to breath, like humans.
Whenever UFO footage is posted online it's usually looks like it is filmed with a terrible camera so people think it's fake. But when UFO footage is filmed with a high quality camera people think it's too good to be true so they'll say it's fake.
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How can I choose a good destination to see whales, especially blue and humpback, preferably from a boat? I am very intrigued by whales. I want see them in their habitat not locked up somewhere in a cage or a facility. I read that you can watch whales in Antarctica in the months of November to February. But that expedition seems to be very, very expensive.Any other suggestions for places on this earth to see whales?I live in Bangalore, India. My maximum budget would be 3,000 USD. I would like to have a look at them from a boat and would prefer to see blue whales and humpback whales.
Where was Jefferson Institute footage filmed? Where were Jefferson Institute in the movie Coma from 1978 filmed in Massachusetts?
Is it possible to relight filmed footage with NUKE or After Effects? I have a Video of a face that I filmed with soft lighting and almost no shadows. The camera is a static portrait shot. Now I want a spot light to move slowly around the head. Is something like this ...
Where was Jefferson Institute footage filmed? [closed] Where were Jefferson Institute in the movie Coma from 1978 filmed in Massachusetts?
Where can I see Shetland ponies on Unst? I will be spending a couple days on Unst on the Shetland Islands next year. My wife is very keen on seeing some Shetland ponies, and I am wondering how to go about this.My research seems to indicate that Unst is a good place for this. Furthermore it seems that they are roaming freely and one can find them grazing at the roadsides. Now, by randomly looking through some Google Streetview, all I can find is a lot of sheep.So my question is, how do I go about to find Shetland ponies on Unst? Is there a high probability of us finding them at the roadside without looking for them or are there specific places (farms, parks) where one would have to go to find them?
Where is the best possible location that I might have to hear humpback whale sounds? This is kind of a follow up to my previous question, which was about where I can go for whale watching on budget within 3000 USD. I am from Bangalore, India. I want to hear the songs of whales (which are loud, melodic and very musical from what I have heard). I know it is impossible to say where a humpback whale might start singing. But is there any place where there is greater probability of hearing these sounds along with watching them?
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Is there a difference between Shetland Scotland and Shetland near Orkney? No. Shetland is part of Scotland and so is Orkney. Shetland is located to the North of Orkney in the middle of the North Sea.
What major difference have scientists discovered between today's whales and the fossils of whales ancient ancestors?
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This is specific to Utah and concerns footage obtained properly from a court clerk. Can I rebroadcast portions of criminal trial footage on internet on sites such as YouTube?
When you play a video on sony Vegas that you made with your aiptek hd camera it wont play any audio just the footage Is there anyway to get the audio and footage? well ill tell you what i did to fix this problem. i took the specific clip, put it in windows movie maker then published the clip after i put it in the timeline. after the publishing was done i found the movie i made in windows movie maker and put it in sony vegas and i worked
Is my brown hair and green eyes rare i ask because when people see me this is the first thing they notice and tell me that i have a rare face?
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Rome Adventure the movie filmed in 1962 had a balcony scene between Don Porter and Prudence Bell somewhere in the Italian Alps Can you tell me where that scene was filmed? I have been asking the same question but no one knows the answer. The best thing I believe is to contact the Warner Bros company. They probably must have a record of where it was filmed. I hope it was not in a movie set. Additional information After making some research I am certain that the balcony scene was filmed in a Hotel (Pensione) located in Val Gardena. in the Trentino Region (close to Bolzano) The Hotel is either located in the town of Selva di Gardena or in the town of S. Cristina. In the scene where Don is speaking with the Hotel owner you would see a Castle in the background. Th
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Locals asked to avoid humpback whales - the bay's news first - Locals asked to avoid humpback whales - the bay's news first Department of Conservation officials are warning locals to steer clear, after recent sightings of a ...
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