Alex Salmond: Election swing shows I can win independence referendum

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  • Alex Salmond believes Scotland will be independent within four years and vowed to play “whatever part is necessary” in a second referendum campaign.The former First Minister said Brexit is the key driving force and will dictate the timing of another independence vote, the Press Association reported.Salmond is hosting a sold out run of chat shows at the Edinburgh Festival and speaking before his debut performance on Sunday, he said: “I think Scotland will become independent, I think that was rendered inevitable when the Scottish Parliament was established.“The timing has always been the interesting thing and I think the timing and outcome of Brexit will dictate the timing of another referendum and therefore the timing of independence, in the medium term.“If Brexit is a soaraway success, the best thing since sliced bread, then I think that will postpone another referendum but I don’t know anyone who thinks that now.“So therefore I think a (second independence) referendum will be at some point in the next three to four years, depending on the transitional period of Brexit, and I think the result will be a Yes.”The ex-SNP leader, who lost his seat as MP for Gordon in May’s General Election, said he will play “whatever part is necessary” in a future referendum campaign.Asked if he could return to elected office, he said: “I’m not ruling it out. The timing is not in my hands, I mean Theresa May didn’t know when the last election was until she was up a Welsh mountain and she probably regrets climbing it.”In the meantime he is looking forward to hosting his festival show which will feature invited guests, music and comedy.Salmond said: “There are things you can’t say in office that you can say out of office.“And there are things you can do out of office that you can’t do in office, not just as First Minister, but as an MP you can’t just swan off to the Edinburgh Festival for a couple of weeks, that’s not fair on your constituents but luckily my constituents relived me of that responsibility and I’m now able to do it.”He joked he could tour the world with the show if it is received well with audiences, saying: “The global decision comes after the run in Edinburgh.”The 62-year-old would not reveal any of the guests he has lined up for chats but said his ideal show would feature Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un as their political stand off continues.Salmond said: “Can you imagine it? I would need a third chair for a start but the entourage for each would have been fabulous and the fight over the camera angles for the hair lines - it would have taken years to be stage managed but it would be brilliant.”Jackson Carlaw, Scottish Conservative deputy leader, said: “It is clear that Alex Salmond has learned nothing from his election defeat.“The SNP’s obsession with independence and a subsequent lack of focus on education, health and the economy was a key factor in the widespread losses suffered by his party in June.“Voters sent a clear message that they are fed up hearing about a second referendum, but it seems Mr Salmond, along with many others in the SNP, are still not listening.”
  • Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond called U.S. Donald Trump a nincompoop for saying that Scottish independence would be terrible, the Scotsman reported Wednesday. Alex Salmond on the campaign trail in Edinburgh, Scotland on May 18, 2017 | Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images Alex Salmond: Trump is a complete and utter nincompoop The Grand Canyon is a minor crevice compared to the vast chasm of ignorance that is Trump, says ex-SNP leader. One little thing, what would they do with the British Open if they ever got out? Trump asked. They just went through hell.Much of Trumps concerns about Scottish independence seemed to stem from golf. Theyd no longer have the British Open. I am a bot written by a Mathematician Posted at Thu Aug 3 18:30:22 2017
  • What we expected has happened. Headlines every see this as a devastating blow against independence. It isn’t. The election was to decide whether Tory or Labour governed the UK. Seats across Scotland seem to have faced a concentrated unionist strike to unseat SNP MPs and this is shown from the huge amounts of LibDems and some Labour crossing to Tory to oust them. I’m an SNP member but I don’t always agree with everything they do. What I would like to see now is for Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson to create an independence think-tank. What the case for independence needs is solid facts and researched plans. The SNP do tend to rely on their boots on the ground activists to win votes. This strategy has worked for some time but it can only take the SNP so far. I joined the SNP because I’m pro-independence. It’s the thing that incentivises me to campaign for them. If they make the mistake of withdrawing this, even for a short period of time, it will take a good chunk of people with it. If Salmond and Robertson head up a think-tank then that would free Nicola up to ‘focus on the day-job’ and cut away that dig that unionists have. Independence can’t be one with SNP alone. We need a labour vision for independence, a LibDem for vision for independence. And yeah, even a Tory vision for independence.
  • Alex Salmond Joins Johnston Press Takeover Bid Christen Ager-Hanssen, whose Custos Group is the largest shareholder in Johnston Press, has announced that he has secured the valuable support of former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond in his quest to revive the ailing company under a fresh strategic direction. Mr Salmond joins one of Britain’s most experienced newspaper executives – Steve Auckland – to help realise Mr Ager-Hanssen’s bold… View On WordPress
  • Scotland’s former leader shows off his comic timing at EdinburghScotland’s former first minister Alex Salmond is back, just not as a political heavyweight. Instead he is looking to be a big beast on Edinburgh’s comedy fringe, taking on a two-week stint of standup and conversations with special guests. Opening night saw Salmond spar with Britain’s Brexit Minister David Davies. Would the showman be inviting any other politicians in his phone book? “I didn’t…View On WordPress
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Alex Salmond: Election swing shows I can win independence referendum
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Why did Alex Salmond cancel his public appearance at the vote count during the 2014 Scottish independence referendum? It was not revealed why Alex Salmond cancelled his public appearance during the vote counting. However he was seen by reporters looking very depressed and heading towards the airport, where he boarded his multi-million pound private jet (paid for by the hard-working Scottish people's taxes). At the time he was seen heading to the airport, the no vote was in the lead and his "yes" party were sorely losing. Update When the no vote was victorious, Salmond appeared at Dynamic Earth, a conference centre in Edinburgh. Still, with no explanation for cancelling his appearance.
Did Alex Salmond abandon the Scottish people in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum? At the time of answering this, it appears that he did. As soon as it was clear that the No vote is in the lead, Alex Salmond cancelled his public appearance at the vote counting with no explanation. He was spotted by journalists hurriedly boarding his private jet (which was paid for with the taxes of hard-working Scots). As this vote is a historic event which will be noted in the history books of the future, people will remember for a very long time that Salmond likely ran away from Scotland. Update When the no vote was victorious, Salmond appeared at Dynamic Earth, a conference centre in E
Why does Alex salmond want Independence? Because he's on an ego trip.
Who does alex salmond have a link with? Moira Salmond
How is Alex Salmond determined? He is the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party and First Minister of Scotland. He is determined to make Scotland a totally independent country again and withdraw from the rest of the UK.
Is alex salmond a catholic? No, he is a member of the Church of Scotland.No, he is a member of the Church of Scotland.
Why did Alex Salmond want to be Scotlands First Minister? I suppose the best answer to this would be to look at the SNP website to see their policies... Essentially though, by being in charge of the Holyrood Parliament, he can now push through his policies and drive Scotland towards independence from the rest of the UK. This remains a controversial issue in Scotland, with strong feelings either side (I personally do not want independence, but others will disagree). He will want to be First Minister for the same reason that anyone enters politics - to change the country he lives in for what he would consider the better.
What age is Scottish first minister Alex Salmond? He was born on 31st December 1954 and will be 55 on 31st December 2009.
When did alex salmond become minister of Scotland? May 2007
Where does Alex Salmond of Scotland live? Strichen, which is a village in Aberdeenshire near his constituency.
Alex Salmond how long has he been leader of Scotland? Since May 2007
How long has Alex Salmond been leader of the Scottish government? He assumed office in April 2007.
What are the 2014 Scottish independence referendum results for Glasgow? In Glasgow, the winning vote is yes. 169,347 voted no. 194,779 voted yes.
What are the 2014 Scottish independence referendum results for Shetland? In Shetland, the winning vote is no. 9,951 voted no (63%). 5,669 voted yes (36%).
What are the 2014 Scottish independence referendum results for Renfrewshire? In Renfrewshire, the winning vote is no. 62,067 voted no (53%). 55,466 voted yes (46%).
What are the 2014 Scottish independence referendum results for Edinburgh? In Edinburgh, the winning vote is a very big no. 194,638 voted no. 123,927 voted yes. Since Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, a major no vote here is an incredibly massive blow for the yes campaign and SNP.
What are the 2014 Scottish independence referendum results for Orkney? In Orkney, the winning vote is no. 10,004 voted no (67%). 4,883 voted yes (33%).
What are the 2014 Scottish independence referendum results for Aberdeenshire? In Aberdeenshire, the winning vote is a huge no. 108,606 voted no. 71,337 voted yes.
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