Tony Blair hints at extraordinary return to British politics as he urges Labour voters to consider voting TORY on June 8 to fight Brexit

TONY Blair has hinted today at an extraordinary return to British politics – as he urged Labour voters to consider voting TORY in order to fight Brexit. The former Prime Minister said he felt “motivated” to get back into Parliament in an astonishing tirade against Eurosceptics. He said Brits should vote for anyone in their […]
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  • Tony Blair calls on MPs and ministers to rise up and oppose Brexit as he hints at plans for a new political partyAn unrepentant Tony Blair has called on MPs and Tory ministers to rise up against the Government and oppose Brexit, as he hinted at plans for a new political party to offer a second referendum.  The former Labour Prime Minister called on politicians to “find the leadership within yourself” on the eve of the Brexit debate in Parliament on Monday.  He said people in positions of power should set…View On WordPress
  • Tony Blair wanted British football leagueMedia playback is unsupported on your device Media captionTony Blair believed a British football league would help bind the UK together Tony Blair became “obsessed” with creating a British football league as a way of bringing the UK together, the former prime minister has revealed. Mr Blair said he believed merging the Scottish and English leagues would strengthen the bonds between the two…View On WordPress
  • As long as some in Labour insist all Tory voters are evil, they guarantee that their party will lose – The i newspaper online iNews Here’s progress: the British left seems, finally, to be letting go of the delusion that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is doing OK with the electorate. John Mc Source: As long as some in Labour insist all Tory voters are evil, they guarantee that their party will lose – The i newspaper online iNews View On WordPress
  • Fury as students ‘openly boast of voting TWICE’ for Corbyn’s Labour – rules review called REUTERS Election rules review after students ‘openly boast of voting TWICE’ for Corbyn’s Labour Amid concerns that Labour support was boosted by illegal double voting by students and abuse of postal voting, Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom told MPs there was a need to “investigate” abuse of the democratic process. Ms Leadsom was responding to a concern raised by Wellingborough Tory MP Peter… View On WordPress
  • The Labour leader, a career-long Eurosceptic, has not agreed to recalibrate the party’s position on Brexit because he has fundamentally changed his mind about the EU. But Mr Corbyn is more of a politician than his detractors or his admirers often acknowledge. On some things, at least, he can do pragmatism and triangulation as well as any of the other grubby compromisers in the rough old trade. His inner circle and his allies in the shadow cabinet include both Eurosceptics and Europhiles. He has surely noticed – everyone else certainly has – the dislocation between his views about the EU and those of the crowd who adored him at Glastonbury. The younger voters who helped him to upset election expectations in June are overwhelmingly opposed to Brexit, as are many of his most passionate devotees within the party. A poll for Labour List, conducted before the announcement of this shift, found a substantial majority of party members thought Labour had not adopted a Brexit policy that was sufficiently different to that of the Tories.A sniff of power has wafted into Labour nostrils since June, and that mind-concentrating scent has influenced the mood at the top of the party. The shadow cabinet has had to think about what they would face if this minority Conservative government were to collapse and an early election propelled Labour into power to take charge of the Brexit negotiations. In the probably more likely scenario that the election comes later, Labour would obviously hope to reap a dividend at the ballot box if the Tories have delivered a bad Brexit deal or a disastrous no deal.
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  • [04-10] #beargrylls always puts his life in danger for little or no real return, i guess that's the voting #tory bit for no return!
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  • [24-09] 1. What shameful politics; UK trapped btwn a #Tory Govt pursuing a ruinous #Brexit & a #Labour leadership wanting it 2 fail 2 gain power.
  • [26-09] British actor #TonyBooth, father-in-law of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, dies at age 85.
  • [03-08] Voting for Trump is no more stupid than voting for #Brexit. At least the majority of American voters didn't support the idiotic choice.
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Tony Blair hints at extraordinary return to British politics as he urges Labour voters to consider voting TORY on June 8 to fight Brexit
TONY Blair has hinted today at an extraordinary return to British politics – as he urged Labour voters to consider voting TORY in order to fight Brexit. The former Prime Minister said he felt “motivated” to get back into Parliament in an astonishing tirade against Eurosceptics. He said Brits should vote for anyone in their […]
Are Labour voters demanding an early election the creme de la labour creme? Fingers on the pulse and in tune with the country?
How many voters did Labour lose today in London?
Are Tony and Cherie Blair Nothing But "CHAMPAGNE SOCIALISTS"?
Tony Blair May Return to Politics Over Brexit
Former prime minister says Britain has been hijacked by anti-EU ideologues.
New Labour’s New Leader: Tony Blair
Twenty years ago today, Britain’s languishing Labour Party elected a 41-year-old former lawyer and rock musician to lead a revolution.
Tony Blair Is Hurting His Labour Party--Again
The popular former prime minister Tony Blair wants to help his successor win reelection. Thanks, but no thanks.
Tony Blair: Hostility Keeps Me From Politics Frontline
But Blair said in an interview he would be working to improve debate in the center ground of politics.
Ukraine's Poroshenko Offers Ex-British PM Tony Blair a Job
The Ukrainian leader hailed Blair "a true friend of Ukraine" in Kiev.
British MPs Seek to Impeach Tony Blair After Chilcot
Former SNP leader Alex Salmond is beginning to round up MPs ahead of the report's publication.
Tony Blair: Brexit not needed to curb EU immigration
The UK could bring in tough new controls on migration from the EU without actually having to leave the bloc, former Prime Minister Tony Blair says. Concerns over immigration were cited by many who voted for Brexit.
Brexit: Tony Blair Defends EU Freedom of Movement
The former British prime minister denied he allowed immigration to rise too high.
Former British PM Tony Blair May Have Been Terrorism Target, Court Hears
It has emerged today that a man charged with terrorism offences may have been planning at attack on former British Prime Minister
Tony Blair: Labour should be well ahead in polls given Government `mess´
Theresa May´s government makes the embattled Tory Party of the 1990s look like a "paragon of stability", Mr Blair said.
Tony Blair calls for tougher EU immigration rules in bid to avoid Brexit
Tony Blair has called for tougher immigration controls in Britain in an attempt to stop the UK pulling out of the EU. Anti-Brexit Mr Blair, who allowed open borders to immigrants from new EU member states when he was prime minister, said “times were different” now and Britain should be able to exercise tighter control over who comes into the country. A new report by the ex-Labour PM’s Institute for Global Change is calling for modified free movement rules to be negotiated with the EU, which he said would both honour the will of the people
Why are leave voters angry about proposed plans to give remain voters individual EU Citizenship after Brexit?
Verb that describes voters putting a politician out of office by voting for a different candidate Imagine there is a governor in a certain federal state. He or she is currently in office, and if they manage to win the next election, they will stay there. If the people vote for another candidate, ...
Are the Conservatives preventing Britain from get the best possible Brexit deal from the EU; are they prepared to accept the consequences, if their actions harm the country? Why doesn't Labour distance itself from this historic error?
Will the British Parliament prevent "Brexit"? So today, the High Court ruled that the Parliament has to approve the British exit of the European Union. From what I see, this is their possibility to prevent Brexit and remain in the European Union - which would be a comprehensible step, now that - after the decision - the British seem to understand what they have done. As far as I know, a lot of the people who voted for the Brexit would now vote against it. This means that the Parliament can prevent Brexit after all. So now I read that observers believe Parliament won't prevent, but only delay the actions necessary to leave the EU. (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/04/world/europe/uk-brexit-vote-parliament.html) Why is this the case? If, even in unofficial polls, the resistance is big after the referendum, and the original decision was that close (52% towards Brexit), why won't the Parliament arrange a new referendum?
Why did the British people vote to leave the E.U.? What factors led to the Brexit outcome?
Someone who knows he is too small to change politics, but still wants to fight What is the word for someone who wants to fight against corruption in politics, but he knows he's too small to really change anything? For example many artists are like this: What do you call an ...
What are the implications of the British Pound's loss of value post-Brexit?
Do middle class voters have circumstances for voting?
What group tried to get older voters involved in politics?
What are three method other then voting to participate in politics?
What voters of which state rejected secession on June 11 1861?
Is Tony Blair tall?
What is tony blair's fathers name? Leo Blair.
What is tony Blair's hometown? It depends what you mean by home town. He was born in Edinburgh, but is best known for being the MP for Sedgefield, in county Durham.
Name of Tony Blair's youngest son? Leo Blair.
Who is Tony Blair's wife?
Why British electoral system is defended by Tory party?
Which organizations evolved during Reconstruction to intimidate black voters and Republicans and prevent them from participating in politics?
Occupation of Tony Blair farther?
Was Tony Blair the Prime Minister of the UK? Yes. Tony Blair was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
Where was Tony Blair's mother born? Hazel Blair (Tony Blair's mother) was born in Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland.
Where did tony Blair become prime minister? United Kingdom.
What did Tony Blair do for the United Kingdom? Nothing worthwhile. Gave us the biggest debt in the history of the country.
Who was the English Prime Minister before Tony Blair? John Major was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom before Tony Blair.
Labour MP urges 'war cabinet' for Brexit - Labour MP urges 'war cabinet' for Brexit A Leave-supporting Labour MP has called on Theresa May to form a cross-party "Brexit Cabinet" in the spirit of Britain's ...
Kate Hoey on Labour voting against Brexit bill -
Labour MPs turn on Frank Field for suggesting their voters wanted Brexit - Labour MPs turn on Frank Field for suggesting their voters wanted Brexit. Labour MPs turned on their veteran colleague Frank Field in the House of Commons ...
Breaking News | How should labour approach brexit? reassure leave voters - How should labour approach brexit? reassure leave voters How should labour approach brexit? reassure leave voters James Crouch Labour needs to reassure ...
Why many British voters are having Brexit regrets - British sentiment toward leaving the European Union appears to be changing. As the United Kingdom marks a year since its Brexit referendum vote, a new ...
General election: Labour 'would axe NHS parking charges' -- Theresa May's Brexit 'deal or no deal' -- City banks warn of Brexit job moves -- Theresa May to promise to take action for British industry --
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