Tony Blair hints at extraordinary return to British politics as he urges Labour voters to consider voting TORY on June 8 to fight Brexit

TONY Blair has hinted today at an extraordinary return to British politics – as he urged Labour voters to consider voting TORY in order to fight Brexit. The former Prime Minister said he felt “motivated” to get back into Parliament in an astonishing tirade against Eurosceptics. He said Brits should vote for anyone in their […] 23-04-17
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  • [04-10] #beargrylls always puts his life in danger for little or no real return, i guess that's the voting #tory bit for no return!
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  • [30-09] 13 years - you mean the Tory surrogates disguised as labour led by the war criminal Tony. Corbynhas nothing to do with this scum. #Labour
  • [18-01] The 'kinder, gentler' politics that #Labour and #Corbyn promote so eloquently:"I hope all Tory MPs and Tory voters ha
  • [18-01] John - #Labour and #Corbyn supporter:⚫️"Tory voters cannot die soon enough."⚫️"If you vote Tory, you are a cunt and
Tony Blair hints at extraordinary return to British politics as he urges Labour voters to consider voting TORY on June 8 to fight Brexit
TONY Blair has hinted today at an extraordinary return to British politics – as he urged Labour voters to consider voting TORY in order to fight Brexit. The former Prime Minister said he felt “motivated” to get back into Parliament in an astonishing tirade against Eurosceptics. He said Brits should vote for anyone in their […]
What will happen to the Labour paty if Scotland votes for independence? Hello Steve Can Labour get into power without Scotland? The answer is yes it will be difficult but not impossible. Tony Blair would've done it without the Scots. As I am sure you are aware Labour would lose 41 seats in the event of Scotland voting yes this has lead many to believe that the Tories would be in power all the time or most of the time. What happened last election was British politics was hung Cameron needed only 19 seats to get a majority and only Labour's Scottish Mps stood in the way. What is true is that all the while British politics is hung and more than likely it still is Labour cannot win out right and may struggle to form a coalition with Lib Dems for they will lose 11 and are very discredited. So that would favour the Tories. Now then as for a political force? The English Labour voter is more right wing then he Scottish one the only thing that keeps Labour vaguely resembling a left wing entity is the more traditional democratic Socialist in Scotland. In terms of what Labour will be after Scottish independence it will complete the shift to the right Labour has already started to do for like I said the English Labour voter is more right wing. Simply put Labour would fully become more a Tory Party than they are already. If you are Labour voter and you hope that one day you might be able to salvage Old Labour Scotland has to stay that's the only way you will get Labour elected on a Democratic Socialist programme is for Scotland to stay. The article below may prove useful. But anyway you slice it Scotland going is not good for Labour they will lose all their original identity and would need to win by a landslide to win out right. Labour governments are going to be fewer and every election will give the Tories an advantage I am ex Labour voter who will vote for UKIP next ATB
Will an independent Scotland end up becoming right-wing? In the UK there is no choice since Teflon Tony Blair turned Labour into a right wing party. There are currently only minority parties who could be described as left of centre. If Scotland votes for independence perhaps a Scottish Labour party will emerge with the traditional values of the pre Blair Labour party and it will undoubtedly command a significant share of the vote. Another good reason for voting YES
The UK is waking up to the abhorrence of the Tories. Now May only has a 5 point lead over Corbyn. Could Corbyn win now? An opinion poll does not directly translate into seats, due to the voting system. And all things are possible. It is worth noting that apart from when Tony Blair turned Labour into "Tory-lite", they haven't won an election with a convincing margin since 1950. And that was when they still had most seats in Scotland. They don't any more.
Is it bad that I am considering becoming a Tory ? As a lifelong Tory voter you know what I'm going to say! If Fine Gael is looking good to you, go ahead. Tory politics at its best is about what's practical in a capitalist world, while still having an eye to the less fortunate - ignore anything an American might say about this as basically Toryism equates to their Democrats. Capitalism because it works but not to the point of saying "you can't work so f*** off, you don't get anything". In terms of an old-style English aristocratic household, capitalism of course to create wealth but don't forget the servants - they deserve a proper reward for what they do, too. Which is why the British Conservative Party has never opposed the NHS (in fact it was in favour of it before Labour, because Labour was bickering at the time on exactly how it should work). Or social security - it just doesn't want that to become a realistic alternative to working. Nor has it repealed the minimum wage. That's where the British Conservative Party basically stands now - the "one-nation Toryism" of the 1950s that Margaret Thatcher would have despised as "wet". Seems about right to me so of course I'm not going to say it's bad. And Tony Blair admired her... You do it, mate. Vote FG if that's looking practical and sensible to YOU to do what is best for Ireland. Which is actually rather a thing about the Conservatives... they've never had an ideology, just pragmatism "whatever works". How can it be bad to have really thought it through and voted that way if that's your logical conclusion?
U.K. Voters would you consider voting for Tony Blair again if he decided to stand for election.....?
Did Tony Blair move the British Labour Party to the right or to the left?
Tony Blair May Return to Politics Over Brexit Former prime minister says Britain has been hijacked by anti-EU ideologues.
Ex-British PM Tony Blair ups calls for Labour to back Brexit U-turn Former UK Prime Minister Blair has warned British voters time is running out to stop Brexit. An overwhelming majority of Labour members — although not their leaders or many voters — share his wish for a Brexit reversal.
Tony Blair says stopping Brexit more important than Labour winning next election
Brexit should be the opportunity for Europe to deal with some of the fundamental issues that our own citizens all over Europe have with the European project" Tony Blair Former British prime minister
Tony Blair: ‘The whole country has been pulled into this Tory psychodrama over Europe’ The former prime minister says stopping Brexit is more important than getting a Labour government. ..
New Labour’s New Leader: Tony Blair Twenty years ago today, Britain’s languishing Labour Party elected a 41-year-old former lawyer and rock musician to lead a revolution.
Tony Blair Is Hurting His Labour Party--Again The popular former prime minister Tony Blair wants to help his successor win reelection. Thanks, but no thanks.
Tony Blair: Hostility Keeps Me From Politics Frontline But Blair said in an interview he would be working to improve debate in the center ground of politics.
British MPs Seek to Impeach Tony Blair After Chilcot Former SNP leader Alex Salmond is beginning to round up MPs ahead of the report's publication.
Ukraine's Poroshenko Offers Ex-British PM Tony Blair a Job The Ukrainian leader hailed Blair "a true friend of Ukraine" in Kiev.
Tony Blair: Brexit not needed to curb EU immigration The UK could bring in tough new controls on migration from the EU without actually having to leave the bloc, former Prime Minister Tony Blair says. Concerns over immigration were cited by many who voted for Brexit.
Brexit: Tony Blair Defends EU Freedom of Movement The former British prime minister denied he allowed immigration to rise too high.
Tony Blair: Labour should be well ahead in polls given Government `mess´ Theresa May´s government makes the embattled Tory Party of the 1990s look like a "paragon of stability", Mr Blair said.
Former British PM Tony Blair May Have Been Terrorism Target, Court Hears It has emerged today that a man charged with terrorism offences may have been planning at attack on former British Prime Minister
Tony Blair calls for tougher immigration controls in bid to stop Brexit The former prime minister said modified EU free movement rules would give the UK more control of its borders while remaining in the bloc.
Tony Blair calls for tougher EU immigration rules in bid to avoid Brexit Tony Blair has called for tougher immigration controls in Britain in an attempt to stop the UK pulling out of the EU. Anti-Brexit Mr Blair, who allowed open borders to immigrants from new EU member states when he was prime minister, said “times were different” now and Britain should be able to exercise tighter control over who comes into the country. A new report by the ex-Labour PM’s Institute for Global Change is calling for modified free movement rules to be negotiated with the EU, which he said would both honour the will of the people
Tony Blair Urges West to Cooperate With Putin Against Islamist Extremism Blair Urges Cooperation With Putin Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said the West must work with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Islamist extremism even as it takes a strong line with Moscow over Ukraine.
Tony Blair: How People of Faith Help Fight Malaria It is simple to prevent malaria with bed nets and medicines. Where they're used, they save lives.
Tony Blair wanted British football league to maintain UK ties post-devolution Tony Blair has said he wanted a British football league established to maintain cultural links across the UK following devolution.
Blair announces return to politics
Ex-PM Blair eyes ‘vacant’ centre in British politics
Blair urges for tougher EU immigration rules to stop Brexit Tony Blair is calling for tougher immigration policies to take back control of Britain's borders without the UK having to leave the European Union.
Interview: Commentator says Brexit outcome still unclear even after "extraordinary British concessions
[Politics] - Tory MP Bernard Jenkin urges visa deal for EU musicians | BBC
Why are leave voters angry about proposed plans to give remain voters individual EU Citizenship after Brexit?
Verb that describes voters putting a politician out of office by voting for a different candidate Imagine there is a governor in a certain federal state. He or she is currently in office, and if they manage to win the next election, they will stay there. If the people vote for another candidate, ...
Are the Conservatives preventing Britain from get the best possible Brexit deal from the EU; are they prepared to accept the consequences, if their actions harm the country? Why doesn't Labour distance itself from this historic error?
Will the British Parliament prevent "Brexit"? So today, the High Court ruled that the Parliament has to approve the British exit of the European Union. From what I see, this is their possibility to prevent Brexit and remain in the European Union - which would be a comprehensible step, now that - after the decision - the British seem to understand what they have done. As far as I know, a lot of the people who voted for the Brexit would now vote against it. This means that the Parliament can prevent Brexit after all. So now I read that observers believe Parliament won't prevent, but only delay the actions necessary to leave the EU. (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/04/world/europe/uk-brexit-vote-parliament.html) Why is this the case? If, even in unofficial polls, the resistance is big after the referendum, and the original decision was that close (52% towards Brexit), why won't the Parliament arrange a new referendum?
Why did the British people vote to leave the E.U.? What factors led to the Brexit outcome?
Someone who knows he is too small to change politics, but still wants to fight What is the word for someone who wants to fight against corruption in politics, but he knows he's too small to really change anything? For example many artists are like this: What do you call an ...
[10-12] In June 2016 citizens of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a process nicknamed Brexit (for British exit). What is the E.U. and what were some of the reasons for British voters' d?
What are the implications of the British Pound's loss of value post-Brexit?
[20-11] How on Election Day voters for president are really voting for?
Do middle class voters have circumstances for voting?
What group tried to get older voters involved in politics?
What is tony Blair's hometown? It depends what you mean by home town. He was born in Edinburgh, but is best known for being the MP for Sedgefield, in county Durham.
Name of Tony Blair's youngest son? Leo Blair.
Who is Tony Blair's wife? Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is married to Cherie Booth.
What is tony blair's fathers name? Leo Blair.
Is Tony Blair tall? Yes Tony Blair is 6 ft tall. which is tall.
What are three method other then voting to participate in politics?
Was Tony Blair the Prime Minister of the UK? Yes. Tony Blair was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
What did Tony Blair do for the United Kingdom? Nothing worthwhile. Gave us the biggest debt in the history of the country.
Occupation of Tony Blair farther? He was a lawyer, as was Tony Blair before he became a politician.
Where was Tony Blair's mother born? Hazel Blair (Tony Blair's mother) was born in Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland.
Where did tony Blair become prime minister? United Kingdom.
What voters of which state rejected secession on June 11 1861? West Virginia rejected secession on June 11, 1861.
Why British electoral system is defended by Tory party?
Labour urges action to improve voting among uk homeless - Labour urges action to improve voting among uk homeless Labour has urged the government to use planned reforms to the electoral system to ensure more people...
Kate Hoey on Labour voting against Brexit bill -
Breaking News | How should labour approach brexit? reassure leave voters - How should labour approach brexit? reassure leave voters How should labour approach brexit? reassure leave voters James Crouch Labour needs to reassure ...
Labour MPs turn on Frank Field for suggesting their voters wanted Brexit - Labour MPs turn on Frank Field for suggesting their voters wanted Brexit. Labour MPs turned on their veteran colleague Frank Field in the House of Commons ...
BREAKING - Pro-EU Tory rebels ready to BETRAY 17.4 million Brexit voters: 'We are deadly serious' - DAVID Davis was warned today by pro-EU Tory rebels that they are “deadly serious” about their threat to wreck Government Brexit plans. · ebreaking ...
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