Wimbledon 2010: Clay-court king Rafael Nadal wants his grass-court crown back

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  • [15-01] Rafael Nadal not wearing sleeves at the Australian Open?Now that takes us back... #Wimbledon #AusOpen
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  • [24-09] @SkySportsNews Rafael Nadal. Really! Useless fucking twats! RAFAEL BENITEZ!!!!!! #nufc #shambles
  • [22-01] Sometimes we have to take a step back and acknowledge this is Rafael #Nadal's first tournament of 2018. He's been rolling s
  • [15-01] Hahahahaha! Rafael Nadal is wearing sleeveless. Taking us some years back. And he goes with pink! 😁😍#AusOpen
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  • [15-01] Now that was seriously impressive!Rafael Nadal has taken the first set 6-1, in 23 minutes. #ausopen…
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  • [05-12] @Leesy29 Oh, okay...but all the same - the question might just as well have been"what sport does Rafael Nadal play…
  • [23-01] Top 5:1: Oscar +102: Rafael Nadal +93: #RAW25 -14: #BRIvCER -15: #U19CWC +6
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  • [14-11] Rafael #Nadal career winning percentagesOutdoors: 84.2% Indoors:68.7%
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  • [14-11] BREAKING: Rafael #Nadal has withdrawn from the #NittoATPFinals because of a knee injury.More soon...
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  • [15-01] Rafael Nadal not wearing sleeves at the Australian Open?Now that takes us back... #Wimbledon #AusOpen
  • [22-01] Sometimes we have to take a step back and acknowledge this is Rafael #Nadal's first tournament of 2018. He's been r…
Wimbledon 2010: Clay-court king Rafael Nadal wants his grass-court crown back
Who do you think, if anyone, will beat Novak Djokovic in Paris and at Wimbledon this year? I think in Paris the only players who could possibly stop him in a semi-final or final are Nadal (because of his record there and he seems to be coming back to top form) or Murray, because he beat him in Rome and seems to be getting better and better on clay. I say in a semi or final because there is always that possibility at grand slams that someone could get hot in an early round and knock out one of the top seeds if they have an unusually bad day. Although at the moment that seems highly unlikely with Djokovic. At Wimbledon I think Murray or Federer will be his strongest challengers, although I wonder if even the incomparable Federer, at 34, can seriously expect to win Wimbledon again. Wawrinka or Raonic might even have an outside chance of going all the way at Wimbledon as well.
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Djokovic Eyes Crown in Court of King Nadal French Open Djokovic Eyes Crown in Court of King Nadal On Wednesday in Paris, tennis fans will witness something they have never seen before: Rafael Nadal playing at the French Open as a true underdog.
Rafael Nadal seeded fifth at Wimbledon
Rafael Nadal: The Master of Clay Nadal Still the Master of Clay Top-ranked Rafael Nadal beat his rival Roger Federer in four sets for his record-tying sixth French Open, bolstering his case for the greatest ever at Roland Garros.
Nadal Quickly Transitions From the Red Clay to Grass Nadal Quickly Transitions From the Red Clay to Grass His ninth French Open title behind him, Rafael Nadal already is thinking ahead to what's next: Wimbledon.
Clay-grass double for Nadal in Stuttgart
Wimbledon 2017: Rafael Nadal upset by Gilles Muller in five-set marathon Rafael Nadal may have just won the French Open but he endured more misery at Wimbledon, suffering a marathon fourth-round loss to Gilles Muller on Monday.
Nadal makes hard work of grass-court opener
Resurgent Nadal sets sights on clay court season
Roger Federer hits out at Rafael Nadal’s suggestion that ATP Finals should be played on clay
Nadal reclaims Wimbledon crown in style
Nadal returns as the king of clay
Nadal remains the king of clay
Nadal returns as the king of clay with La Decima
King Nadal keeps his date with eighth crown
Rafael Nadal, Back in the Dirt Rafael Nadal, Back in the Dirt Jason Gay: It had been 222 days since Rafael Nadal last played singles tennis. For too long, the Big Four in tennis was the Big Three. Not bad. But shorthanded.
Nadal back on grass after Paris win
Rafael Nadal on Serena Williams Getting Back to No. 1 After Birth of Daughter: ‘I Think She Can’ Rafael Nadal has zero doubts when it comes to Serena Williams‘ power on the court. The tennis star told PEOPLE at a Cosentino cocktail event before the U.S. Open that he was confident Williams would get back to her No. 1 world ranking after welcoming her first child on Sept. 1. “I think she can. If she keeps the motivation she’s had all these years, Serena has more than demonstrated that she’s capable of anything,” Nadal said. “Someone like that always has the possibility of getting back to the top. She’s shown that tennis is a
Nadal heads back to clay
King Federer back on Wimbledon throne
Nadal Looks Like Himself Again as He Heads Into U.S. Open Finals Nadal Looks Like Himself Again as He Heads Into Finals After an uneven summer and a slow start at the U.S. Open, Rafael Nadal dominated his match aga
Wimbledon's Grass Buries Its Seeds Wimbledon's Grass Buries Its Seeds On a day of slips, falls, aches, pains, retirements, withdrawals, and out-and-out nuttiness at Wimbledon, Roger Federer, the seven-time and defending champion, did something he hadn't done here, or at any Grand Slam, in nine years: He lost before the quarterfinals.
‘Hoping to have more grass-court events’
Grass court Nationals from today
Kerber targets Wimbledon after debut grass win
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How much money did Rafael Nadal win at the 2010 Wimbledon? Rafa won £1 million at Wimbledon in 2010
How did Rafael Nadal beat Tomas Berdych to win the 2010 Wimbledon men's title? 6-3,7-5,6-4
What was the score when Rafael Nadal beat Tomas Berdych to win the men's singles title at Wimbledon 2010? the score was: 6-3, 7-5, 6-4.
How many times has Rafael Nadal played at Wimbledon? As of the 2010 Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal has played in 9 Wimbledon Men's Singles tournaments. His first time came back in 2002.
Who did nadal win Wimbledon against in 2010? Rafael Nadal beat Tomas Berdych in the final of Wimbledon 2010.
Who did Rafael Nadal of Spain beat in the finals of the French Open 2010 tennis tournament? Robin Soderling
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Barcelona Open Final | Rafael Nadal Equalled Guillermo Vilas's Record Of 49 Clay-Court Titles - Rafael Nadal equalled Argentine legend Guillermo Vilas's record of 49 clay-court titles with his ninth Barcelona Open after overcoming defending champion Kei ...
Rafael Nadal practicing at Rogers Cup 2010 in Toronto - Rafael Nadal hitting baseline groundstrokes on a practice court at the Rogers Cup in 2010 (August 8th) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Breaking News - Margaret Court's husband hits back at Billie Jean King - Margaret Court's husband has hit back at Billie Jean King and others who called for her name to be taken off the Australian Open arena.Margaret Court was embroiled in controversy last year...
Margaret Court's husband hits back at Billie Jean King | Breaking News US/Australia - More News Channel - Entertainment Video▻▻ Margaret Court's husband has hit back at Billie Jean King and others who called for her name to be taken off the Australian...
Breaking News | Rafael nadal’s coach toni nadal reveals what he will miss most after retiring - Rafael nadal's coach toni nadal reveals what he will miss most after retiring Rafael nadal's coach toni nadal reveals what he will miss most after retiring ...
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