Taylor Wimpey apologises in leasehold dispute

Taylor Wimpey sets aside £130m to deal with leasehold contracts described as the "PPI of house building".
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  • This post applies to England and Wales only and to houses as opposed to flats (aka apartments). The issue is not new, but there has been an increase in the proportion of new houses being leasehold rather than freehold in recent years.  With freehold houses, the same person owns the house and the land it occupies.  With leasehold, someone else owns the land.  There will be an annual “ground rent” and possibly other charges which will be set out in the lease.  After a stated period of time (often 999 years), the property will revert to the person or organisation which owns the land.  If both parties agree, the house owner can purchase the land from the leaseholder. Property prices are determined by the law of supply and demand.  If you are thinking of purchasing a leasehold house, ask the estate agent or vendor for a photocopy of the lease.  Remember that you should make a lower offer than you would for a similar freehold house and the reduction will vary depending on the conditions.  If you need help understanding the lease, you should discuss it with your solicitor.  If the estate agent/vendor does not supply the copy, this tells you what you need to know.  Something’s wrong.  Pull out of the deal. A lot of commentators have been complaining that some new leases double the ground rent every 10 years.  This is a rate of increase of about 7% per annum.  I would agree that this rate is high, that leasehold is a bad system for houses and that all new houses should be freehold (as the government proposes).  But what about people who already own a leasehold house? If you are in this category, you need to be aware that the value of your property is less than it would otherwise be.  However, you should have paid less for it (and you may be able to move to a lower council tax band).  There is talk of getting compensation from the original developer, but, in my view, this is not always justified.  Firstly, please read and understand your lease.  Secondly, do ask some questions.  Can you switch to freehold at reasonable cost?  Were you misled by anyone when you purchased the property?  If the answers are “No” and “Yes” respectively, you probably have a good case and should consult your solicitor.  That is unless it is your solicitor who did the misleading! (26/07/2017)
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  • [20-11] Forsters’ Dispute Resolution team can assist you in determining which dispute resolution process will best suit you…
  • [14-11] #OleMissfreshman forward Promise Taylor was named Freshman of the Week by theSEC office this morning. Taylor has sc
Taylor Wimpey apologises in leasehold dispute
Taylor Wimpey sets aside £130m to deal with leasehold contracts described as the "PPI of house building".
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Freehold and Leasehold for Pub/Bar? I'm a foreigner and I want to open a Pub in London. I'm searching for Pubs to buy but everywhere I look it says "Leasehold" or "Freehold" and I'm really confused. I googled it but I still don't get ...
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"dispute is lost" He predicts that such factors as the size of the opponents, the potential rate of predation in a habitat, and the probability of winning a subsequent site if the dispute is lost will all affect the behavior of spiders in territorial disputes. I am having problem with bold part. I have two questions: I have two interpretation for "dispute is lost". First, if they lose the fight (dispute). Second, If there are no fights (disputes). which one is the correct one? Does "Subsequent site" means a place where it comes after dispute?
What are to pro's and con's of buying a wimpey no fines property? There are no serious problems with no fines of which I am aware. The houses suffer from fairly poor insulation qualities and this can sometimes cause condensation depending on environmental conditions but this can be rectified by applying an external insulation. Some of them contain asbestos in various forms. Mortgage lenders will in general lend on normal terms (houses not flats) although if there is the merest hint of a problem most will require a structural engineer's report. They are in the main ex-local authority properties so suffer from a typical "low status" image but if snobbery doesn
Will a wimpey no fines cost more to insure? Wimpey no-fines houses are generally treated, for insurance purposes, the same as houses made of brick. Most insurers do not ask you which type of construction the house is as long as it's brick or concrete. It's when you start insuring wood, metal etc that you may have problems. Many people seriously misunderstand Wimpey no-fines housing.
A court may render a binding decision whether or not it has jurisdiction over the dispute and parties to that dispute?
How can you dispute items without taking the normal route of writing dispute letters?
What can i do to leave an abusive husband. he often kicks me out onto the street. he takes me back and apologises i cannot say no he gets very violent.? Can you, without his knowledge, consult a lawyer? It's free to just ask him/her about your situation. If you don't want that, then contact the police! That's what there here for; to serve and protect! You have the right to live your life without being abused. I'm sure your husband works? if so, when he's at work, contact the police. You can even ask a family and/or friend to contact the police for you if your too scared. Please, don't let this man get away with this. Protect your body and your rights.
When filing a dispute you relinquish your right to recover a disputed amount if you do not dispute it in writing before the 55 days from the date the erroneous charge first appeared on your billing?
When filing a dispute, you relinquish your right to recover a disputed amount if you do not dispute it in writing before the 55 days from the date the erroneous charge first appeared on your billing s?
The card-issuing bank will not accept the dispute of any item if the bank does not receive the Dispute Form within days after the disputed transaction appears on a statement?
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