UK tobacco firm in $49bn takeover

UK tobacco firm BAT takes control of US rival Reynolds to combine brands including Rothmans and Camel. 17-01-17
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UK tobacco firm in $49bn takeover
UK tobacco firm BAT takes control of US rival Reynolds to combine brands including Rothmans and Camel.
"a new round of anti-tobacco ads" is not my idea of "a hard line". how about taxing profits from tobacco 100 %, reducing the amount of places where you can buy tobacco, and banning ads about it completely?
What does cut mean in that context? " There was a bill board with Sammy Davis Jr on it that I saw, and uh.. I have objected to this a lot it pictures Sammy from the anti tobacco people and it said " he took our breath away " tobacco took his away. Well, no, tobacco didn't harvest it self and hop on a bus to Las Vegas and shove it...
A tracking number will show delivery progress,although I can't fathom why the trouble, you still have to pay tobacco taxes and you will have to sign proving you can legally purchase tobacco products. (US presumed) There are domestic sources for on line tobacco products, often cheaper and much faster than international.
Tobacco farming events? I was talking to a local farmer about agriculture.... Of course... It was about growing tobacco. I said that I wouldn't waste my money or my land on growing tobacco... Because with these regulations and all these lawsuits.... I wouldn't be able to sell a crumb of it. We're a long way from Nascar...
Lol **** those other people. If you're willing to spend some time rolling them then you can do it. Get loose tobacco, get some flavour (it's a spray, to spray over the tobacco can come in all sorts of flavours), and preferably organic tips and papers, but if not that's fine. Flavoured ones might help. idk where you live but in the UK I know the cigarettes have been tasting horrible since the fire safety thing, they're putting more chemicals in it, so loose tobacco won't have that (just make sure you get off the internet lol) they'll taste better and won't be as bad for you chemical-wise
hi im about to start growing tobacco and i was wondering if there was a small plant that can make tobacco?
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