Conservative lead over Labour falls to two year low

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  • [11-11] #AlexSalmond: "Over the last year or two 50 Labour MPs (including Jeremy #Corbyn) and 37 Conservative MPs have appeared on
  • [16-12] Last year 312 Conservative MPs voted against forcing rented homes to be made fit for human habitation. No Labour, L…
  • [24-11] #Labour #Conservative Conservative cabinet members, who are all millionaires, do not use publicly funded educationa…
  • [25-09] Chukka (et al) wants Labour to lead the country, all Momentum wants is for Corbyn to lead the Labour Party. #Newsnight
  • [26-11] @SadiqKhan expects #Labour to wrest control of long-held Conservative councils in the capital in next year’s local elections,
  • [17-12] I blame #MikeTomlin for losing the lead.Too conservative with his plays with a lead.But he is forgiven now that they scored the TD!
  • [05-10] The difference between a #Conservative and #Labour voter. #Tory supporters want good things for everyone, Labour just want it for themselves
  • [04-10] The Conservative Party couldn't even reach 200 seats between 1997-2009. In 2017, Labour got 262. But Labour are "be…
  • [14-07] #Scotland News - Teenager who died at Falls of Bruar named - The 19-year-old's body was recovered from Falls of...
  • [04-10] The moment the 'F' falls off the sign behind #TheresaMay's head at the #Conservative party conference.
  • [01-10] #Marr Jeremy Corbyn is Labour's best asset, Theresa May is Labour's second best asset just edging out Boris. Conservative
  • [10-10] #Labour's George, Zippy & Bungle: House of Commons erupts in hysterics as Corbyn calls for Labour to lead Brexit :
  • [12-10] Wow... #Indians blew a 3-1 lead last year. Then 2-0 lead, this year. ? #ALDS
  • [03-10] Under a conservative Government. LOL. #labour sucks
  • [10-11] Attempts to put Boris on lead, PM falls #TheresaMay #SackBoris
  • [30-09] I hope to god this falls through. #TheresaMay #Tories #Labour
  • [01-10] #Labour and #Conservative conferences, compare and contrast.... :-P
  • [26-09] Fantasy #brexit with #conservative & #labour Disgusting.
  • [02-10] What do you notice about these people at the #Conservative conference? #Labour
  • [28-09] Labour and Conservative records on the national debt
  • [21-11] Pats’ Brady grows lead, Dolphins’ Cutler falls in ... -
  • [23-11] #Bears Wire: Spieth falls further from the lead at the Australian Open
  • [30-09] Who are these people trying to run our country we have had enough of, #austerity #conservative #labour it's time, n…
  • [05-10] Every #Conservative Gov that followed a #Labour one has had to sort out multiple problems. #LabourDoesNotWork
  • [15-11] #Labour MP apologises for calling Conservative 'token ghetto boy'
  • [04-11] Wish the #UnitedKingdom had more people like this, instead of the traitor #conservative and #labour parties that ar…
  • [01-10] A2z @petermu04344970 says that #Conservative, #Labour and #LibDems all have leadership problems. (Below r/t…
  • [05-11] When @CollinsworthPFF says @SNFonNBC that with the trade of @JayTrain23 it falls on #JayCutler to lead @MiamiDolphins??‍♀️
  • [17-09] #BREAKING Texas surrenders lead late in regulation, falls 27-24 to No. 4 USC in 2OT | #HookEm
  • [24-08] "@Independent: Net migration falls to 246,000 in lead-up to #Brexit as thousands of EU citizens leave
  • [03-10] #Labour MP @LucyMPowell has to explain that her constituents mean the Conservative delegates no harm. Welcome to S…
  • [17-11] Labour & Conservative at #LonConf17 agree international students must always be welcome to London
  • [13-01] Against the most incompetent Conservative government ever, Corbyn's #Labour is letting down the people who really n…
  • [14-01] How can #Labour seriously not eke out a lead against this lot?
Conservative lead over Labour falls to two year low
Are Tony and Cherie Blair Nothing But "CHAMPAGNE SOCIALISTS"? That's utterly ridiculous. They are not and never were socialists. Their (successful) aim was to drum any socialism out of the Labour Party and to continue the monetarist policies which Thatcher started in the 1980s, with a slightly more human face. EDIT: Ralf - I did vote for the Labour candidate in the last 4 elections. In 1997 and 2001 with a genuine belief that something different might arise. In 2005 and 2010 as an anti-Conservative vote in a Labour-Conservative marginal. My 2015 vote will be geared only towards unseating the chinless Tory prat who is currently my MP. If Labour is best placed, that's how I'll vote. I do hate what Blair and Brown did to the Labour Party, but worry that the party can't see that no one is genuinely excited and convinced by what they have to offer. The only positive thing which can be said about the Labour Party is that they aren't quite as shite as the other main parties. If you want to interpret that as an unequivocal endorsement of the Labour Party, and paint me as a Labour activist, then you haven't understood a word.
What will happen to the Labour paty if Scotland votes for independence? Hello Steve Can Labour get into power without Scotland? The answer is yes it will be difficult but not impossible. Tony Blair would've done it without the Scots. As I am sure you are aware Labour would lose 41 seats in the event of Scotland voting yes this has lead many to believe that the Tories would be in power all the time or most of the time. What happened last election was British politics was hung Cameron needed only 19 seats to get a majority and only Labour's Scottish Mps stood in the way. What is true is that all the while British politics is hung and more than likely it still is Labour cannot win out right and may struggle to form a coalition with Lib Dems for they will lose 11 and are very discredited. So that would favour the Tories. Now then as for a political force? The English Labour voter is more right wing then he Scottish one the only thing that keeps Labour vaguely resembling a left wing entity is the more traditional democratic Socialist in Scotland. In terms of what Labour will be after Scottish independence it will complete the shift to the right Labour has already started to do for like I said the English Labour voter is more right wing. Simply put Labour would fully become more a Tory Party than they are already. If you are Labour voter and you hope that one day you might be able to salvage Old Labour Scotland has to stay that's the only way you will get Labour elected on a Democratic Socialist programme is for Scotland to stay. The article below may prove useful. But anyway you slice it Scotland going is not good for Labour they will lose all their original identity and would need to win by a landslide to win out right. Labour governments are going to be fewer and every election will give the Tories an advantage I am ex Labour voter who will vote for UKIP next ATB
Why does Scotland vote Labour so much? In general Scotland is happy to be in the UK with a labour governement because we know what were getting but conservative do not do well in Scotland anymore. If Scotland get in I think SNP will get a greater vote in Scottish Elections next year and independance would be on the table.
Why does Scotland vote Labour so much? I think it was to avoid a conservative rule. I'm Scottish, and I can see quite clearly that Scotland avoid voting conservative simply because of what Thatcher did. It's bitter resentment, and nothing more. Scotland, though I do love it, it's my home and most of it's people are some of the friendliest you'll ever meet, does have it's flaws and one of the big flaws is that it has an extraordinary will to hold a grudge. We're still sore about the English invading centuries ago, and we're still bitter about Thatcher. Okay, she messed up north of the border, but lets face it, she was human, humans make mistakes all the time. Labour has made too many mistakes this time around and it's time we let them go. The point of voting is to do the best for one's country. Labour is NOT good for any of us right now. SNP is not much better with it's "WE WANT INDEPENDENCE" crap, and Lib dem...well there's a reason they didn't get a look in. Who's left? In this election it was a matter of choosing the lesser of four evils...I've never voted conservative before, but I truly think it would be the better choice to get Britain out of the mess Labour has gotten it into. I don't want independence. I love Britian, I have no right not to, given that my anscestors on my father's side are English and Welsh and Scottish. I think it's time Britain just grew up and stopped bickering over things long past.
Why does Scotland vote Labour so much? Because we're stupid. How do I know we're stupid? Because there is a viable alternative that would ensure we'd never have to suffer the indignities of a Conservative government we never voted for ever again. And eighty percent of votes cast in Scotland weren't for that party. See? We're stupid. Anyone outwith that twenty percent of voters; stupid. Voting Labour, like so many fools did; stupid. Because now we've got all those Labour MP's and we STILL likely end up with a Conservative government. What therefore was the point of voting Labour? Oh wait, there wasn't one. I'm not sure what to make of your point about the Tories having a majority of nine without Scotland. If it's intended to be a 'see, it's Scotland's fault' you're on a hiding to nothing. You could as easily blame all those seats in England who returned a Labour MP. Edit - Sanny.. you normally vote SNP but you didn't vote... I greatly hope you've got a decent reason. Aberdeen Tyke... do all Yorkshiremen use words like 'quite vile?' Anyway, my point. If you think Salmonds vile, I'm interested to note that you don't seem to apply the same standard to Brown or the exceptionally smarmy Cameron. Neither of whom I would trust any further than Salmond. I might be a party member but wee Eck's a politician; I don't actually trust any of them to any great degree.
Will Labour's confusion about Trident cost them MSPs? Jeremy Corbyn has said Labour may have to go into next year's Holyrood elections without having a clear position on Trident. The Labour leader, who is visiting Scotland, said he hoped the position would have been resolved by then. But he told BBC Scotland that he could give no guarantee....
Lord Ashcroft Polls: The Conservative Brand: and how voters compare the Conservative and Labour agendas
Labour MP apologises for calling Conservative 'token ghetto boy Emma Dent Coad says remarks were taken wrong way after Tory assembly member condemned them as racist and hate-filled The Labour MP Emma Dent Coad has apologised for referring to a Conservative London assembly member as a “token ghetto boy” in a blogpost written before she was elected, after two Tory MPs called for the whip to be removed. Shaun Bailey, who was then Hammersmith’s Conservative parliamentary candidate, said the MP had written “racist, hate-filled remarks”.
Labour and Conservative records on the national debt | Isn't it nice to have the whole picture?
U.K. Conservative Party Wins Key Local Election Dealing Blow to Labour U.K. Conservative Party Wins Local Election Dealing Blow to Labour Trudy Harrison won a seat that the center-left Labour Party had held for decades, giving Prime Minister Theresa May a boost before she formally starts the U.K.’s negotiations on leaving the European Union.
Theresa May’s inspirational speech at the Conservative conference must become the party’s focus and blueprint — or we will have to worry about Labour INSTEAD of debating the future of the country at their party ­conference, the Tories have been ­distracted by Boris Johnson’s leadership ­ambitions. The party needs to get its mojo back, and fast. If they do not, we discovered at ­Labour’s conference last week what is at stake. Because what Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Chancellor, […]
Pound Falls After Exit Poll Shows Declines for Conservative Party Pound Falls After Exit Poll Shows Declines for Conservative Party The British pound slumped after an exit poll projected that Britain’s ruling Conservative Party may have failed to retain its parliamentary voting majority in the U.K.’s general election.
Chile election: Conservative Sebastian Pinera takes lead Ex-president Sebastián Piñera is on course to win the first round, but may fail to avoid a run-off.
Britain Elections: David Cameron's Conservative Party in Lead Cameron's chances have never looked better. So why are the Tories so glum?
(LEAD) Conservative parties redouble calls for Moon to rethink N.K. policy (ATTN: ADDS more info in paras 15-16, 20-21) SEOUL, Sept. 3 (Yonhap) -- Conservative parties on Sunday raised pressure on President Moon Jae-in to rethink his "dovish" approach toward North Korea following its sixth nuclear test, urging him to explore
Merkel’s Conservative Bloc Retains 17% Lead Over Social Democrats – Poll German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc, made up of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Christian Social Union (CSU), holds a 17-percent lead over its main opponent, the Social Democratic Party (SPD), less than a month ahead of the federal elections, a fresh poll showed on Friday.
Poll finds conservative with huge lead over Trump-backed Alabama candidate Roy Moore has a nearly 20-point lead over Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.), the candidate backed by President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in Alabama's Senate special election, according to a new p...
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Poll: 31-year-old conservative to become Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz, a 31-year-old conservative, is set to become the next chancellor of Austria and Europe's youngest leader, though his party appears to have failed to win an outright majority, an exit poll predicts.
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Kevin McKenna: What Labour must do to lead it down the road to recovery THE best line from the launch of Kezia Dugdale’s Scottish Labour leadership campaign in June 2015 was underplayed by some members of the press present in Edinburgh that day.
Conservative Voters: What are your best points to convince someone that voting conservative is the right thing to do?
Welsh Political Barometer poll: Labour maintains its lead
Labour's lead now down to 0.3pts in our poll tracker: Lab: 40.6% Con: 40.3% LDem: 7.3% UKIP: 4.5% Grn: 2.6%
U.S. 10-Year Yield Falls to One-Year Low After Strong Auction U.S. 10-Year Yield Falls to One-Year Low After Strong Auction The yield on the benchmark 10-year U.S. government note fell to a one-year low after a government debt sale drew strong demand from investors home and abroad.
Is it common for a one-time windfall to lead to an individual net operating loss in the following year? Suppose that Alice ordinarily makes $100,000 a year. Then, in Year 1, she wins the lottery and experiences a one-time windfall of $2.4 million, bringing her income for that (single) year up to $2.5 ...
Did Google's analysis of 41 shades of blue lead to 200 million dollars in extra revenue a year? [closed] I was torn between posting this on Cross Validated, User Experience, or here, but here goes: Many have heard about how Google, not wanting to rely on the hunches of designers, tested 41 shades of ...
it is the labour itself, or the labour-to-be Does "labour-to-be" mean "the labour that is expected" or "the labour that is required for existence"? The world is made up of random encounters (Lucretius, Hobbes, Marx, Althusser). Art, too, is ...
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what is customer/sales/product lead? very confused the word “lead”? I am working in online advertising industry, and many time people use the word lead is kind of something that a company should achieve. Lead sometimes means a customers who actually bought products or ...
Why was the labour party called labour? it was todo with their link/care for the working class (generally doing manual labour etc in industrial britain) they appeal to this "lower" class and thus took on the name Labour.
[21-12] How many kids die nfrom child labour every year?
[08-12] What prefix could be added to the root word conservative to make very conservative?
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If your a 17 year old male living in Britain and your in love with a 14 year old female which the feeling is mutual on both sidesand she falls pregnantdoes the 17 year old male go to prison?
When Easter falls on April 25th in a given year - what day does Christmas fall on in that same year? If the 25th of April is a Sunday, then Christmas Day in the same year is always a Saturday.
Does lead pencil contain lead in any form if yes what is name and formula or lead compound if there is no lead in leaded pencils why they are called so? No, the "lead" is graphite.
Is it illegalfor a 17 year old to date a 24 year old in Wichita falls tx? No, there are no laws against dating so yes, as long as the minors parents agree to it you can date. At 17 in Texas you have also reached the age of consent so you can even have sex.
What is your advice for a sixteen year old girl who is constantly frustrated emotionally spiritually sexually and so on I come from a very conservative family that would not allow anything too naughty?
How much rain falls in the UK in 1 year? It depends how much water and hot weather there has been in one year. For example if one month it was really hot then water would have been evaporated into clouds. The next month it would rain. This is called precipitation. Also look up water cycle to improve your answer.
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In what year did Rick Pitino lead Louisville to a return to the Final Four after a 19 year absence? In 2005.
In which year did rick pitino lead louisville to a return to the final four after a 19 year absence? 2005
Where can a 14-year-old get a job in Wichita Falls Texas? EVERYWHERE! Summer camps, its legal to actually work in your 14-100,000,000 (joke) but yeah go to a casting call it worked for Harry Potter it can totally work 4 u
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