Kim Jong-il shown in rare video footage at North Korean rally

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Kim Jong-il shown in rare video footage at North Korean rally
Why is Trump brave enough to travel in North Korea's backyard but Kim won't dare leave North Korea? Kim Jong-un has a bounty on his head. South Korea has already said they are putting together beheading squads to infiltrate North Korea, and take out their leader. You have to believe South Korea already has agents in North Korea waiting for Kim Jong-un to go out in public. The South Koreans want him out just as much as we do. He's blocking the unification of South and North Korea. North Korea pours all their money into the military. They don't have enough food to feed the civilians, and have placed the military personnel ahead of civilians to get the food. If Kim Jong-un got on a plane and left North Korean airspace, he'd get shot down. He knows the people of North Korea, South Korea, and the US military want him dead. And, China doesn't want to deal with him and his supposed nuclear threat either.
Am I a bad person for secretly hoping a huge war takes place between North Korea and the U.S.? You are selfishly and ignorantly malevolent. Kim Jong Un has some nuclear "toys". If he explodes any in the atmosphere, the whole PLANET will get irradiated! I can only imagine what the USA might do in response, to such an attack, to stop it, and to prevent more from being sent. I would hope that North Korea's "big brother" has a tight grip on him. Kim Jong Un is the third generation of North Korean family leadership that has been angry at the USA since the 1950-53 "conflict". We just don't know which he values more: vengeance or his own survival.
Is it ok if we make Trump supporters wear a capital "T" like the 'Scarlett letter' because they dragged us into a war with North Korea? The Korean War started in 1950. 12 US Presidents have come and gone. No US soldiers have died as a result of North Korean actions since Trump assumed the Presidency. Where is this war you are imagining? Does standing up to Kim Jong Un, as Trump has done, scare you? Don't you have a Safe Room to go to? A little pacifier?
What does Abdul Malik look like? The truth must come out...he is Kim Jong-un...the famous North Korean leader. ps'...who is the barber that cuts his hair..should be shot
How would Kim-Jong-Un react if the President Trump said "I would rather see North Korean paratroopers land in Los Angeles than an ICBM."?
Agree or disagree: everyone hates Kim Jung Un? Kim Jung Un? Never heard such name before. Did you mean the North Korean supreme leader? His name Kim Jong Un. He's an azzhole but his slaves love him.
This rare aerial footage over Pyongyang shows a desolate North Korean capital
Airport video shows North Korean embassy official with Kim Jong Nam murder suspects An North Korean embassy official and a manager of Air Koryo, the national airline, met suspects wanted for the killing of Kim Jong Nam shortly after the murder, according to video recordings shown at the trial in Kuala Lumpur on Monday. Two women, Indonesian Siti Aisyah and Doan Thi Huong from Vietnam, and four men who are still at large, have been charged in the murder of the half-brother of the country's leader, using banned chemical weapon VX at Kuala Lumpur airport on Feb. 13. Defense lawyers have said Siti Aisyah and Huong were duped into
Kim Jong Un Promotes His Sister Kim Yo Jong To North Korean Seat Of Power
Video of fatal attack on Kim Jong Nam shown at women's trial
Video Footage Of Malaysian Prostitute Tricked Into Assassinating Kim Jong Nam.
Singaporean captures rare aerial footage of N. Korean capital September 08, 2017 5:00 AMSingapore photographer Aram Pan has captured rare aerial footage of Pyongyang, offering viewers a closer look at what the North Korean capital looks like.
S'porean captures rare aerial footage of N. Korean capital September 08, 2017 5:00 AMSingapore photographer Aram Pan has captured rare aerial footage of Pyongyang, offering viewers a closer look at what the North Korean capital looks like.
Trump warns North Korea: UN sanctions 'nothing' compared to what's next - North Korean hackers targeting bitcoins to fund Kim Jong Un, report says
North Korean prisoners look like 'walking skeletons' in Kim Jong Un's labor camps, officials say - Trump says talking to North Korea 'not the answer,' rips US 'extortion' payments
North Korean Defector Says Kim Jong Un Can’t Last North Korean Defector Says Kim Jong Un Can’t Last North Korea’s former deputy ambassador to Britain, who last year became Pyongyang’s highest-profile defector in two decades, said “Kim Jong Un’s days are numbered” and vowed to help bring down the North Korean leader.
Footage of North Korean defector's escape North Korea stands accused of violating the armistice agreement between North and South Korea, after North Korean soldiers fired across the line that divides the two countries in pursuit of a defector last week.
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Is Dead North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Is Dead Kim Jong Il, the dictator who used fear and isolation to maintain power in North Korea and his nuclear weapons to menace his neighbors and threaten the U.S., has died. State TV said the youngest of his three sons will succeed him.
Who Is Kim Jong Suk, the North Korean Leader’s Grandmother?
Who Is Kim Jong Suk, the North Korean Leader’s Grandma? North Koreans are commemorating 100 years since her birth.
North Korean uprising 'the only way' to deal with Kim Jong-un The only way to solve the Korean crisis is to remove the regime, says a South Korean-born US writer who spent six months undercover in North Korea.
North Korean calendars show no birthday for Kim Jong-un North Korean citizens still in the dark about the Supreme Leader's date of birth.
Kim Jong-un Apparent No-Show at Key North Korean Event Kim Jong Un hasn’t been seen in public since September 3. So where is he?
U.S. Puts First Sanctions on North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un U.S. Imposes First Sanctions on North Korean Leader Obama administration officials say the sanctions against Kim Jong Un are part of a campaign to attack his regime’s finances in retaliation for its nuclear weapon and ballistic missile tests.
Kim Yo Jong: Who is the North Korean leader's mysterious sister? North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly made his younger sister Kim Yo Jong an alternate member of the politburo, the communist country's top decision-making body. What do we know about Kim's enigmatic sister?
North Korean Suspect in Kim Jong Nam Killing to Be Released North Korean Suspect in Kim Killing to Be Released A North Korean man who has been jailed in connection with the Feb. 13 killing of Kim Jong Nam will be released, Malaysia’s attorney general said, due to a lack of evidence.
More North Korean Suspects Sought Over Kim Jong Nam Killing More North Korean Suspects Sought Over Kim Jong Nam Killing Malaysia police said that four North Korean suspects in the killing of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s older half brother left the country on the day of the incident.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has third child: Reports August 29, 2017 2:03 PMSEOUL (AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has fathered another child, reports said Tuesday (Aug 29), after his wife dropped out of the public eye for several months.
North Korean Man Arrested in Connection With Killing of Kim Jong Nam North Korean Man Arrested in Connection With Killing of Kim Jong Nam Malaysian police said they have arrested another person--a North Korean man--in connection with the killing this week of Kim Jong Nam, half brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.
NORTH KOREA NUCLEAR - Kim Jong-un calls North Korean nuclear test a great victory
Do North Korean men have to cut their hair like Kim Jong Un does? I read on several websites that a recent law compels North Korean men to cut their hair like Kim Jong Un does. Where does this information come from? Is it reliable? Here is an example in Belgian ...
Would the proposed new sanctions on North Korea's kim Jong Un strengthen support from North Koreans? [on hold] New sanctions are now being proposed the US and some UN member nations in the hopes of stopping further nuclear advancement by the North Korean government. These sanctions usually hurt the citizens more than the government as they under-cut the sanctions with other nations. For the North Korean citizens, do these sanctions strengthen/weaken their "love" and support for Kim Jong Un?
Which part of the Korean border is off-limits to North Korean soldiers?
Are non-Korean tourists speaking in Korean frowned upon in North Korea? Are non-Korean tourists in North Korea discouraged from communicating in Korean?Wikivoyage mentions that tour guides can speak a number of languages, but doesn't explicitly say whether or not it's ok to use Korean. I'm wondering whether it may be viewed with suspicion, because tour guides may want to use the language barrier to restrict what tourists can say to locals and vice versa.
Did Kim Jong-un order the partial evacuation of Pyongyang in North Korea? [closed] Pravda.ru reported on April 12, 2017 that Pyongyang was being partially evacuated in fear of large-scale war with the USA: North Koreaт (sic) leader Kim Jong-un ordered 25 percent of Pyongyang ...
Did Hillary Clinton's Campaign Fake a Rally in Greensboro, North Carolina? I recently came across a video on YouTube claiming to present evidence that Hillary Clinton faked a rally in Greensboro, North Carolina on 9/15/2016. The video presents two major pieces of evidence: ...
Which visual medium is a story shown through narration and video footage?
How do or did either Kim Il Sung or Kim Jong-il keep control of North Korean people? with a strict army (dick-tatorship) and they feed the north korean people the wrong info they control internet and contols what they learn
When was North Korean leader Kim Jong-il diagnosed with life-threatening pancreatic cancer?
When you play a video on sony Vegas that you made with your aiptek hd camera it wont play any audio just the footage Is there anyway to get the audio and footage? well ill tell you what i did to fix this problem. i took the specific clip, put it in windows movie maker then published the clip after i put it in the timeline. after the publishing was done i found the movie i made in windows movie maker and put it in sony vegas and i worked
Why would the North Korean leader not let South Korean people work in North Korea? North Korea has recently declared that it is at war with South Korea.  This is not really because of anything South Korea has done, but rather it is an attempt to pressure the international community which has recently enacted economic sanctions against North Korea, in an effort to discourage North Korea from pursuing its nuclear weapons program.  North Korea cannot pretend to be at war with South Korea and still conduct business as usual with them.  That would not make sense, and would show that the declaration of war is meaningless.  Whether North Korea will take the next step, of actual
What are some of he facts shown on vevo while your video is loading on your iPod It always starts the video before you can read them? Billy ray still gives Miley a 300$ a month allowance
How does Kim Jong-il rule North Korea? In general... in a completely psychotic manner, however more technically as a military enforced dictatorship.no... he forced the governmant to get him to become the leader. Hope he doesn't throw nukes around.
When did humans first invent video footage?
Where can one find video footage from the Vietnam War? Unfortuanetly due do the standards of the Vietnam War you cannot find an accurate footage from the Vietnam War. However if you go to the local library chances are you may find one.
Can you get real video footage of the 1700's?
How did they catch video footage of world war 1? A photographic branch was established within the U.S. Army Signal Corps, on July 1917. It was responsible for both ground and aerial photography. 93,000 still images were taken during the war and 900,000 feet of movie film. Kodak developed aerial cameras and trained aerial photographers for the U.S. Signal Corps during World War I.
How do you record video game footage?
[29-11] Are there obese people in North Korea aside from Kim Jong-un?
[16-11] Is monarchy the rule of kim jong un in north Korea?
Any video footage of the 1983 AFC championship game? If you mean the Dolphins-Jets game of January 1983, footage of that game is on YouTube.
Is accident video footage at gas station free?
Is there any making-of footage of REM's Imitation of Life video? I seen it on MTV many moons ago but its nowhere to be seen online now :(
Is there any place you can find uncensored World War 2 video footage?
North korean dictator kim jong-un visits a factory - North korean dictator kim jong-un visits a factory Published: 06:20 EDT, 4 November 2017 | Updated: 08:12 EDT, 4 November 2017 North Korean dictator Ki...
North Korean Defector: 'Kim Jong Un's Days Are Numbered' - North Korea's former deputy ambassador to the UK, Thae Yong Ho, claims North Korean elites are starting to turn against the country's leader, Kim Jong Un.
Salmond likened to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il by Darling - First Minister Alex Salmond has called for an apology after Better Together leader Alastair Darling compared him to Kim Jong-il, the former supreme leader of ...
Aristocrat Kim Jong Un is worshiped by 150000 North Korean teenagers - Aristocrat Kim Jong Un is worshiped by 150000 North Korean teenagers. Watch complete news story of Around The World for getting detailed updates!
Weird or horrible facts about north korean dictator kim jong un - Weird or horrible facts about north korean dictator kim jong un North Korea's “Supreme Leader” is known for his distinct haircut and being the chubbiest fellow in ...
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