Murders committed by mentally ill 'could be double what official figures show'

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  • [06-11] @realDonaldTrump the murders that took place in Texaswere about someone being mentally ill.. all mass murders R.in name of GOD #GunControl
  • [09-11] If we carved out the murders committed by POC, Who commit 75% of murders in the USA,we'd find our murder rate = Japan's #ThursdayThoughts
  • [21-01] Hey #Republicans, can we compare the number of murders committed by #illegal immigrants to those committed by…
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  • [16-08] .@BBCBreaking #UK #unemployment rate fell to 4.4% from 4.5% the previous month, official figures show
  • [05-01] "Official figures show that 91% of the total 260 people held on suspicion of #terror offences in 2016 were WHITE."…
  • [05-10] New official figures show Govt failed to make significant progress on #airpollution in 18 months, esp in #Bristol :
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  • [02-11] He COMMITTED the murders. He is not SUSPECTED of doing it. This is not an unsolved crime. #ManhattanAttack @cnn…
  • [29-11] LIVE: 'It is possible' #VanBreda committed murders, then had seizure - neurologist
  • [06-10] I'm all for #GunControlNow... for DEMOCRATS! All the mass murders are committed by THEM! #LasVegasMassacre
  • [01-11] @kulaha67 STFU#NYCStrong 12% of the population committed 36% of the murders in 2016.
  • [17-09] @fisty I can't watch this w/o thinking how many murders have been committed or disposed of in the hills.…
  • [05-10] Why is everyone so worried about assault weapons when the vast majority of murders are committed with handguns?…
  • [29-09] These group of students kill me, Annaliese cleared them from murders THEY committed and she’s freeing them and there still mad?! #HTGAWM
  • [12-11] #StupidQuestionsForGod How can right wingers claim to read the bible bit not notice all the mass murders you committed
  • [21-12] While you are wrapping gifts, find out who really committed the #OJsimpson murders with special guest F. Lee Bailey…
  • [16-01] Seems to me that the most recent fifteen or twenty mass murders were committed by Deranged Good Ol' Boys from Trump…
  • [27-12] "I worked incredibly hard this week physically and mentally."@StuartBroad8 returned his best figures of the year…
  • [13-01] Burke and Hare were serial killer, they committed 16 murders, and sold the corpses for dissection at anatomy lectur…
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  • [20-11] #BREAKINGNEWS #CharlesManson the wild-eyed 1960s cult leader whose followers committed heinous murders that terrori…
  • [25-09] #MyTipsForMentalHealth Stop blaming guns for crimes committed by mentally ill. Study the Leftist deinstitutionalization mo
  • [20-01] BREAKING: #Chicago Police Department solved just 17.2% of murders in 2017, according to #police figures obtained by @WBE
  • [06-11] tRump thinks #TexasChurchMassacre is due2 #mentalhealth problems. When r mass shootings EVER committed by mentally health people? #gunsense
  • [16-11] Ukrainian cops crash cars and kill civilians. Numerous crashes and murders committed by cops over the course of Pet…
  • [27-08] Please don't say, oh they're just kids. Mass murders have been committed by "just kids" #Charlottesville
  • [22-01] @ChuckTodd Presses WH Official: How Does Ad Calling Dems ‘Accomplices to Potential Murders’ Help? Chuck,how does ca…
  • [08-12] Yay, into double figures. Go on Sheffield. #UniversityChallenge
  • [13-10] Weeeel, I made double figures... ?‍♀️ #popmaster
  • [16-10] Will #ManCity score double figures in a match this season?
  • [20-01] Madine in double figures already and yet some fans will still slag him off #bwfc
  • [21-01] Hey #Republicans, can we compare the number of murders committed by #illegal immigrants to those committed by…
  • [16-01] Seems to me that the most recent fifteen or twenty mass murders were committed by Deranged Good Ol' Boys from Trump…
Murders committed by mentally ill 'could be double what official figures show'
Why do conservative Christians in America pretend crime is skyrocketing when it has been going down for years? Down compared to what? Chicago, population 3 million, had 762 murders last year. Blacks, who are about 30% of Chicago's population, successfully committed an astronomical 70% (533) of those murders. It's worth noting that violent crime is overwhelmingly committed by young males, which means that, after discounting black women, black elderly people, and pre adolescent black children, the troublesome demographic in Chicago represents less than half a million people. Every major holiday in the city of Chicago sees reports that sound like something out of Mogadishu with dozens of shootings, and very often, murders in the double digits. Nationwide, young black males commit close to half of all murders despite being around 3% of the total population. England and Wales, population 60 million, had 574 murders last year. Young black males in Chicago alone commit the same number of murders as the entire populations of foreign countries. This is to say nothing of the carnage wrecked by blacks in Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, East. St Louis, Atlanta, Houston, Camden New Jersey, Cleveland, Akron, Washington DC, Memphis, Charlotte, etc...... But, hey, everyone. Crime is down in by far the most violent country in the developed world, so nothing to worry about.
Why is the murder rate, rising in America? ? well the figures exclude foreign murders like Iraq and Libya you make horrifying figures ISIS look like a group of nuns in comparison
About how many people were persecuted for homosexuality in the UK in the 20th century? I assume you mean 'prosecuted', as there would be official figures for that. There can be no figures for the far higher number of people who were 'persecuted' for homosexuality.
An independent Scotland? Is this true? Last tax year Scotland played 9.9% of UK tax and received back 9.3% in spending, this has been a common trend since devolution and oil is not included in those figures. Official UK government figures, look them up.
Question....? Most acts of violence are committed by people who are both clinically and legally sane. Mentally ill people, including people with "serious" mental illness like psychosis, are not more likely to be violent and are, in fact, much more likely to be the victims of violence. In large part because of hatred like that in your question. You should be ashamed of the horrible, bigoted nonsense you're spewing here. You're literally calling for violence and discrimination against a group of people and still thinking you're the victim and not them. Okay, so not only are you a bigot, you're a Nazi apologist, a eugenicist, and a Holocaust denier. Because mentally ill people were not the perpetrators of the Holocaust, they were a group specifically targeted as victims, in part because of the very ideas you're spewing here. You're so intent on demonizing mentally ill people you literally call us demons and advocate our murders. Which means you're the one who directly shares Nazi idealogy, backing up my point that most violence and hate is from people like you, not those you hate.
is anyone concerned about london gang violence spreading throughout england? The number of murders and killings in England and Wales has fallen to the lowest level in nearly 30 years, Office for National Statistics figures show. Police recorded 550 homicides in 2011-12, 88 fewer than the previous year and the lowest number since 1983.
New figures show housing crisis worse than official figures suggest The housing crisis is much worse than official figures suggest with figures showing the construction of new homes has barely increased in many urban areas. The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) said almost 18,000 homes will be started this year, up from the 13,234 units under way last year. However, CIF warned there was no end in sight to the shortages because an average of 35,000 new homes will be needed each year over several years to meet pent-up demand. CIF said that, in Cork City, 153 new homes were started by the end of October,
On Preventing Future Mass Murders by the Mentally Ill On Preventing Future Mass Murders by the Mentally Ill It is simply impossible at present to determine in advance which few of a large number of troubled or even psychotic individuals will commit such an act.
Mentally challenged man murders his father over a bible Mentally challenged man murders his father over a bible ....
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The 1960s cult leader, whose followers committed murders that shocked America, died Sunday
The 1960s cult leader whose followers committed murders that shocked America died Sunday
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HSE official figures reveal the toughest professions A report by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on Work-related Stress, Depression or Anxiety Statistics in Great Britain 2017 has revealed the level of workplace stress is worse for women.
Mentally challenged show the way
One online crime every TEN minutes official figures reveal Forces in England and Wales registered at least some online element in more than 55,000 offences including harassment, blackmail and child sex allegations in the year ending June 2017.
How reliable are inflation figures by official Iranian bodies?
British official visits school for mentally-challenged
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How many murders are committed per day in the US?
How many murders committed per day in Philippines?
[23-01] What race has committed the most murders in the us?
How many murders have been committed in Chicago in 2012? 150+
When mentally ill people are committed is this really a sly way of calling them outcasts and shunning them from society?
Why would a wife report her hubby to police as an abuser and Mentally ill and refusing treatment and as someone who needs to be committed to a mental institution and then go on vacation with him?
Top Nazi official who committed suicide after being convicted in war-crimes trials?
Top Nazi official who committed suicide after being convicted in war crimes trials?
What opera aria is sung in the episode The Oblong murders of the TV-series Midsomer murders 2011? The aria at the beginning (I haven't seen the whole episode) is "Ebben? Ne andrò lontana" from Act I of the Italian opera La Wally by Alfredo Catalani.
I can't trust anyone I have been negleted abandoned and abused my whole life I am 14 I live in my own world murders are the real victims and I never show how I am feeling what mental illness do I have?
How did Dorothea Dix show the injustices to prisoners and mentally ill? She saw how badly they were treating them. They were treated them like slaves.They had beaten them with whips like the plantation owners in the south did to th slaves.she went to the legislative branch and showed them how they were being treated. They put a stop to it they built a hospital to care for them.
In elongated figures show suffering and heightened emotions?
What measurement of how crime is reported attempts to measure figures missed by official statistics and victims' report of crime?
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What does the expression colt committed suicide on the television show 30 Rock mean?
[13-01] What do official data show about the level of crime and how it is changing What problems can be leveled against official crime data?
[13-01] What do official data show about the level of crime and how it is changing What criticismsproblems can be leveled against official crime data?
What is the the term in Spanish for handmade skeleton figures that show an active and joyful afterlife?
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