More than half Army's armoured vehicles in Afghanistan 'not fit for purpose'

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  • [14-08] Howl of sirens: half a dozen police vehicles just streamed past in W2, near Paddington Station. #London
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More than half Army's armoured vehicles in Afghanistan 'not fit for purpose'
Joining British army? Im 15 still in school and when i finish my exams i am going to harrogate army foundation college. When i finish there and move on to training with the actual army what is the chance or percentage of a chance im going to get deployed to a warzone such as iraq or afghanistan. Because all i have wanted to do since i...
What made the Battle of Somme so deadly? The Germans were in a better position, and were defending rather than attacking. The lack of armoured vehicles, (because they hadn't been invented) made an infantry assault particularly dangerous. Because of the wire entanglements, minefields, machine guns and artillery.
Why do auto manufacturers increase the size of their vehicles over time? To satisfy the customers. If you were older, you would remember how HUGE vehicles used to be. Then during the gasoline shortages, smaller vehicles were produced to meet the Government fuel economy requirements. Now with advancing technology the vehicles can begin to be made larger again. What you view as Large are still only half the size of the 1950s/1960s. Things have changed since gasoline was 25¢ a gallon.
How much combat do Pararescuemen, Combat Controllers, Special Operations Weathermen and TACPs see.? PJs are in combat relatively frequently due to the nature of their job, but they won't be actively engaged in a firefight unless the situation has really gone to ****. Their job is to get the casualties out as fast as possible. CCTs attached to Army SF and Ranger units in Afghanistan are in the same combat the Army units are. They will never be the tip of the spear. If Combat Weathermen are in combat, somebody ****** up good. Those guys operate like scouts, which is to say, making contact is to be avoided at all costs. TACPs it depends on who they're working with but it would be comparable to an Army 13F.
should David Cameron be prosecuted for arming feminists with weapons of mass destruction? he has been selling nukes and armoured vehicles to Swedish feminists under the condition they invade somewhere with oil, should he be charged for crimes against humanity for this as well as his plot to exterminate disabled and mentally ill people?
What would happen after if the Soviets had 'won' Afghanistan? Would they creep towards Iran next ? It was too late. In Afghanistan, to summarise very quickly, the Communists were the legitimate government, who then asked for Soviet help against the US-backed coup. In Iran half of the Communists had been slaughtered by the pro-US monarchy and the other half were being slaughtered by the Islamist revolution which broke down in the same time as the war in Afghanistan. There would have been no way for the USSR to get any local relay in Iran. More probably, the USSR would have focused on trying to eliminate the US influence in Pakistan, and ally with India to do so. The Kashmir could have become a more pressing issue.
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[World] - British troops' armoured patrol trucks break down in hot weather, army sergeant claims | Telegraph
Real Purpose of Trump’s New Afghanistan Strategy to Surround, Contain Russia The real long-term goal of President Donald Trump’s new US military strategy for Afghanistan is to surround and contain Russia and prevent its rising influence in the Central and South Asian regions, analysts told Sputnik.
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Interceptor vehicles fail to serve purpose
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Is GST paid on vehicles for office purpose eligible for input tax credit? If the motor vehicle is used by you for any of the aforesaid purposes, you should be eligible to claim the input tax credit, otherwise not
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“Half-baked measures won’t help Afghanistan”
Half of U.K. troops to leave Afghanistan
Civilian Deaths Rise in First Half In Afghanistan Civilian Deaths Rise in Afghanistan Civilian casualties and insurgent attacks in Afghanistan increased to new highs during the first six months of this year compared to last, a United Nations report says.
Over Half the $76 Billion Military Aid Sent to Afghanistan Since 2002 Stolen In what's becoming a recurrent staple of US overseas adventurism, over half the US$76 billion worth of US military aid sent to Afghan security forces since 2002 has been "looted and embezzled," according to a former intelligence officer, due to "brazen corruption” that has seen money and weapons siphoned to private militias.
BMW to Recall Around Half a Million Vehicles BMW Extends Recall of Vehicles German car maker BMW said it will recall about half a million vehicles worldwide due to an engine part defect, extending a repair action started in China that also led to recalls in the U.S.
Army Ups Afghanistan Airdrops Army Ups Afghanistan Airdrops The U.S. military is escalating its use of parachute drops to resupply troops in isolated outposts without exposing ground convoys to ambushes and roadside bombs.
13 Hazaras dragged out of vehicles, shot dead in northern Afghanistan
Ukraine on Thursday disbanded an army unit that lost six armoured vehicles - an vs. the Source: http://news.yahoo.com/ukraine-disbands-army-unit-fiasco-push-east-144943083.html Ukraine on Thursday disbanded an army unit that lost six armoured vehicles to pro-Russian militants, as Kiev'...
In Warhammer 40k is it possible to have your army use vehicles from other factions? Is there anything in the rules that say you can have your army use vehicles from another faction? I use Harlequins and I always thought about trying something new and using some Eldar vehicles like a ...
In The Hobbit, what was the original purpose of Sauron's army? In the third Hobbit movie and in the book, the massive army of orcs and goblins from Dol Goldur and Gundabad march on The Lonely Mountain, resulting in the Battle of the Five Armies. My question is ...
Why didn't Harry continue Dumbledore's Army sessions in the Half-Blood Prince? Why was there no Dumbledore's Army in the Half-Blood Prince? In this year Snape is appointed as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts (DADA) teacher, and teaches, if my memory doesn't fault me, ...
Understanding purpose of components in a half bridge driver circuit I'm currently trying to learn and understand about creating an H-Bridge using two half bridge drivers. The half bridge drivers I have are IR2184. I found a circuit diagram someone else has designed ...
What exactly is the purpose of the embedded screw *inside* the window half with two windows You see that someone bore a hole with a screw in it, the problem is that it is in the right side of the window divider (?). On the other side there is absolutely nothing, no fixation or something else....
How many tanks and armoured vehicles destroyed at the battle of iwo jima in world war 2?
How many armoured vehicles and tanks were destroyed on both sides in the Italian invasion of France?
How many tanks in a modern us army armoured division?
How many combat vehicles are in Afghanistan?
Why us army is in a war with Afghanistan? because two Afghanistan people took two planes and bombed the twin towers
How many times does the army men in Afghanistan eat?
Are there any army hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan for british solders?
Is there a list of purple hearts awarded to army personnel in Afghanistan? Yes there is. I think you can find a full list on wikipedia ( maybe )
[29-11] How might the terrain of Afghanistan create circumstances in which a large army could starve?
What was the purpose of Lee moving his Army of Northern Virginia into Union territory and why was so important that Meade's Army of the Potomac track Lee's movements? Lee had won his last six encounters with the Potomac Army and was confident. He wanted to mount an offense, rather than just defend the South. There was no force preventing his move north, as long as he avoided Washington. Lee's forces had traveled past the Army of the Potomac through the Shenandoah Valley over the Potomac River and into Maryland. Meade had to find Lee. Losing contact with the enemy's main force could prove to be a disaster.
What was the purpose in the US Civil War of undertaking flanking maneuvers when one army was stationed in a defensive posture against an offensive minded opposing army? Flanking maneuvers were commonplace in many wars. It was taught at West Point and around the world. Focusing on the US Civil War, it might be helpful to provide some details even in a general sense of the word. An armies defensive position inevitably took the form of an extended line. Closer to the front, normally the lines could be at least 2 rows deep, perhaps more. This posture was meant to defend its lines of supply and of course bring to bear into play its firepower. Assuming the commander of the offensive minded army sought to dislodge its opponent, a frontal assault could be a disaster
What is the purpose of vehicles?
What is the purpose of damper in vehicles?
What is the purpose of springs in vehicles?
What is the purpose of temporary tags for vehicles?
Why do army vehicles have a white disk on the back or the rear axle?
What vehicles were referred to as water-carriers by the british Army in World War 1? Im not telling you
What is the purpose of the oxygensensor in vehicles exhaust system?
Learn Army Vehicles For Kids Military Vehicles Air vehicles for Children - In this cartoon we have compiled cartoons about construction vehicles. It shows what they are made for and helps kids in vehicle learning. Cartoons used: 1.
Zimbawe: Armoured vehicles on patrol in central Harare after military seize control - Footage shows several armoured vehicles deployed on Nelson Mandela Avenue in central Harare, Thursday, after the military seized control and placed ...
Zimbabwe: Armoured vehicles remain on Harare's streets amid apparent calm - Harare's streets appeared peaceful, Wednesday, amid the presence of military vehicles. President Robert Mugabe has been placed under house arrest in the ...
US Army Soldiers Combat Footage in Afghanistan - Firefights With Taliban | Afghanistan War - War in Afghanistan - Сombat footage of U.S. Soldiers from 101st Airborne Division during firefights against Taliban fighters. Soldiers come under fire from ...
U.S. Army"s Bergdahl spared prison for deserting in Afghanistan - U. S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is framed by foliage as he arrives for a second appearance of the day during sentencing proceedings in his court martial at ...
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