Deliveroo to add 300 UK tech jobs in new London office

The food delivery firm will hire a third more staff when it opens its new London HQ in summer 2017.
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  • Deliveroo gaat maaltijden uit eigen keukens bezorgen [ad_1] Deliveroo biedt in Brussel, Antwerpen en Gent een alternatief voor koken die almaar populairder is. De fietskoeriers brengen restaurantmaaltijden in een half uur aan huis geleverd. Maar ook wie niet in een grote stad woont, kan daar binnenkort van profiteren. Deliveroo gaat eigen keukens installeren op plekken waar weinig restaurants zijn. Dat schrijft Het Nieuwsblad. [ad_2]… View On WordPress
  • Deliveroo утверждает, что предложенная ею новая модель сервиса позволит голодным британцам по всей стране существенно сэкономить на регулярных доставках еды. Новая услуга Deliveroo будет заключаться в постоянной подписке, которая предоставит клиентам возможность делать неограниченное количество д…
  • More than 3,000 tech employees are volunteering their skills to turn the tables politically [ad_1] There have always been outliers, people in tech who are willing to volunteer to help certain candidates. An even smaller percentage of techies quit their jobs to join campaigns. Still, it’s probably safe to say that most tech employees, who are also U.S. citizens, have long viewed the extent of their obligation as Americans to vote for their preferred candidate — then get back to work.The… View On WordPress
  • Steve Wozniak announces tech education platform Woz U Steve Wozniak, one of Apple’s three original founders, has launched a new training initiative designed to get people ready for “high-paying technology” jobs. The Woz U digital institute is initially launching as an online-only affair and promises to deliver a “new approach” to education for tech industry jobs. For now, the curriculum focuses on training for computer support specialists and… View On WordPress
  • [29-09] Deliveroo Food Delivery Rider/Cyclist Courier - Ealing - Flexi-Time / #London #jobs Apply Now at
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  • [22-09] Have an office treat!! @Deliveroo are bringing #Cocktails & #Carbs to you!! #fridayfeeling
  • [04-08] A new #London Office of #Tech & #Innovation? Public's @camdentheo working w/ @FutureGov @ArupGroup. @diginomica
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  • [26-07] #Birmingham... get Not Dogs Delivered wherever you are! The park, your office or your home with Deliveroo & UberEAT
  • [01-08] Job Opening: PR Senior Account Manager, #Tech at Boyce Recruitment Limited in #London. #jobs
  • [01-08] The #tech sector in #London is booming with jobs outpacing financial and professional services via @startupstowers .
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  • [04-10] @Chaos_Be @Deliveroo Vous n'avez pas compris. @Deliveroo, c'est un truc pour les pilotes #Ryanair entre 2 rotations :-)
  • [18-08] Good news for #property and #tech sectors as hi-tech firms snap up #Manchester office space
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  • [26-08] Deliveroo me an Old Salty's please!!! #deliveroo #Glasgow
  • [02-08] Is the tech boom at an end? London VCs aren't worried #Tech #London
  • [01-10] @Pureinfotech Mauro #MSignite Poss #Tech Recap Weekly Recap: Windows 10 updates, Office 2019, tech tips
  • [05-08] Front End Developer - Remote / Home Based or Office Based #London #jobs Apply Now at
  • [03-10] #cogcdigisymp Steven Grier no longer 'technology jobs' but just 'jobs' (that use tech to vary degrees)
  • [03-08] Deliveroo takes steps to protect workers from violence #london #UK
  • [06-10] #London food delivery #start-up #Deliveroo expands across UK with $25 million fundraising
  • [04-10] Our milk #BubbleTea with #Oreo cookies delivered straight to you, with @Deliveroo #London :
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  • [23-11] Hope @MayorofGM is working to eliminate sexism in the Manchester tech industry and doesn’t associate himself/office…
  • [16-11] Employers Increasingly Demand Computer Science Skills in Non-Tech Jobs -
Deliveroo to add 300 UK tech jobs in new London office
The food delivery firm will hire a third more staff when it opens its new London HQ in summer 2017.
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