Theresa May's Brexit 'deal or no deal'

Theresa May's long-awaited speech on her strategy for Brexit leads Wednesday's front pages. 18-01-17
  • [18-09] Theresa May says 'no deal is better than a bad deal' but I believe no deal is a very bad deal! #Brexit #EUwithdrawalbill
  • [22-09] Theresa May tells @bbclaurak "no deal is still better than a bad deal" on #Brexit
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  • [13-10] A poem for Theresa May - THERESA DOESN’T NEED A DEAL #brexit #theresamay #remoaner
  • [15-10] On #Brexit PM position is "no deal is better than a bad deal."Labour’s ="A bad deal is better than no deal.” #Itsanegoti
  • [07-10] Dear #Brexit voter You have voted to rip apart the best deal we have with #EU & go for a worse deal or no deal #BrexitReality @RemaininEU
  • [14-11] The existing deal is better than a good deal, a bad deal or no deal.#Brexit
  • [10-10] How about let's replace "No deal is better than a bad deal!" with "ANY DEAL IS BETTER THAN NO DEAL!" #BrexitReality #Brexit
  • [19-09] #TheresaMay: 0 #Brexit deal better than a bad deal. this is what 0 deal means. hard 2 find anything it's better than
  • [20-12] Michel Barnier infuriates EU leaders after blasting Theresa May's Brexit trade deal hopes | #Brexit
  • [28-10] Japan has shot down Theresa May's hopes for a quick trade deal after Brexit #Brexit #UKmfg #UKIP
  • [11-10] #Britain - #Brexit | #TheresaMay ... the thing with posturing for 'no deal' Brexit is Theresa May needs to show she is ready to align...
  • [22-09] If there's one thing Theresa May needs to say in her #FlorenceSpeech it's: Deal or no deal, the UK will leave the EU on
  • [04-08] Ireland's prime minister tells Theresa May to strike Norway-style Brexit deal with the EU #Brexit #TradeAgreements
  • [15-08] More great ideas from the Three Stooges. #Brexit Theresa May seeks interim EU deal to avoid Brexit trade chaos
  • [05-12] Theresa May scrambles to save Brexit deal after DUP refuses to back her
  • [23-11] 'Ground is shifting' on Brexit talks as EU now 'willing' to help Theresa May secure deal
  • [06-08] BREAKING: Theresa May ready to WALK AWAY from #EU without a deal and say #fo2eu | Your #Brexit
  • [22-09] Kicking the #Brexit can down the road. Theresa Mays Brexit vision looks like remain to me. #florencespeech
  • [15-10] MPs move to block Theresa May from signing ‘no deal’ #Brexit - some common sense then
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  • [09-12] Theresa May’s EU deal will postpone the pain of Brexit, but won’t prevent it | Jonathan Freedland…
  • [09-10] Brexit: Theresa May warns British public not to expect a deal until last minute
  • [19-08] #StopBrexit. #Brexit=Madness We need deal with the EU to combat terror, experts tell Theresa May
  • [15-10] Marxist #JohnMcDonnell says #Labour MPs will block Theresa May from leaving #EU with a ‘no deal’ Brexit
  • [31-10] Brexit: Citizens' groups dismiss Theresa May's claim that a deal to guarantee their…
  • [16-11] A parliamentary vote on the final #Brexit deal is meaningless if it’s a blackmailing choice of“this-deal- brexit or no-
  • [16-10] @Mr_Nin @LiveEUDebate Wrong we leave whether whether we have a deal or no deal. H of C vote for deal or no deal! #BrexitReality
  • [14-08] Theresa May seeks interim EU deal to avoid Brexit trade chaos - The Guardian
Theresa May's Brexit 'deal or no deal'
Theresa May's long-awaited speech on her strategy for Brexit leads Wednesday's front pages.
If Theresa May can't even debate her opponents before the election, how she can possibly negotiate a Brexit deal?
When will the complete Brexit negotiations need to be concluded? Is there still a chance that the deal could collapse with no deal between the UK and the EU? What is likely to happen if no deal is agreed between the UK and the EU?
Brexit questions: Does Cameron discuss the deal with Parliament? Is referendum held if he makes a deal? Is referendum based on EU deal? When?
Easy points!! Is there a good chance this relationship could last awhile? Sounds like a shitty deal for the rent payer. 1. Why deal with an old man? 2. Why deal with someone else's kids? 3. Why deal with all the expenses alone and let someone freeload? 4. Why deal with anyone bipolar? Damn, I need to find me a girl that silly. I could be sitting back, chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school all day!
The UK is waking up to the abhorrence of the Tories. Now May only has a 5 point lead over Corbyn. Could Corbyn win now? Funnily enough, and this will surprise you all, I have decided not to vote Tories despite the fact she will negotiate the Brexit deal. The things she's been saying this last few weeks has convinced me she doesn't deserve to be PM. Labour is a waste of space so UKIP will have my vote and I know it's a wasted vote at this present time, but I can't be responsible for giving Theresa May a licence to punish the poor and protect the rich.
Trump recognized Jerusalem as capital of Israel. Does this mean more wars? How was this NOT begging for war, or more Attacks? Mr. Art of the Deal. Yeah, let me paraphrase the deal for ya........ Israel.-----here's everything you want on a silver platter, with nothing in return for it. Palestine.----Go F*** yourselves. Now everybody shake hands and agree to this deal! That was essentially the "great" deal he just made.
France and Germany 'deal blow' to Theresa May's Brexit transition deal plans
The Brexit Deal Theresa May Should Aim For There are huge mutual benefits to all concerned to make the negotiation process as quick and non-confrontational as possible.
EU Will Do A Brexit Deal With U.K., Says Theresa May May rebuffed criticism from Slovakian PM Robert Fico.
Theresa May just admitted she might get 'no deal' after Brexit
Theresa May: No Second Referendum on Brexit Deal Prime minister's spokesman rejects calls from Owen Smith for election after deal.
A Brexit deal that rescues Theresa May The FT's editor and chief political commentator on the divorce deal
Theresa May Hints at Transitional Brexit Deal for U.K. The British prime minister is seeking to rebuild trust with industry.
Theresa May confident Brexit deal can be done in time Arlene Foster says more work needed on Border text
Brexit deal a much-needed win for UK's embattled Theresa May Few people will be more relieved at Friday's long-sought U.K.-EU deal on Brexit than British Prime Minister Theresa May. Rumours of May's imminent political demise have swirled from the moment she lost her Conservative Party's parliamentary majority in a June election that she had called in a bid to strengthen her hand in Britain's divorce negotiations with the EU. Instead, a weakened May had to strike a deal with Northern Ireland's small Democratic Unionist Party to prop up her government.
Theresa May ‘lacks the authority to secure Brexit deal’ Labour attacks the British prime minister’s ability to achieve a transition agreement
Get Brexit deal fast, business leaders tell Theresa May Senior representatives to warn prime minister that firms will assume and act on worst case scenario if no transition deal is achieved soon British and European business leaders are to demand an urgent breakthrough on Brexit from Theresa May in order to salvage a transition deal from the stalled negotiations in Brussels. The CBI and counterparts from France, Germany and Italy will meet the prime minister at Downing Street on Monday to warn that taking much longer to negotiate a transition agreement could render it useless because companies wil
Theresa May insists Brexit deal good for all sides PM manages to unite wings of own party with divorce settlement
Theresa May should prepare for no-deal Brexit, donors warn Tory backers have urged the PM against being stuck with a bad deal during negotiations to exit the EU.
Theresa May sets out Brexit options including 'no deal Theresa May also says the UK could face European Court of Justice rulings for two years after Brexit.
Theresa May pledges to publish Brexit studies only after EU deal Prime minister insists that she is not quitting despite government divisions
MPs move to block Theresa May from signing ‘no deal’ Brexit Cross-party group draws up plans to make it impossible for PM to allow Britain to crash out of the EU without a dealA powerful cross-party group of MPs is drawing up plans that would make it impossible for Theresa May to allow Britain to crash out of the EU without a deal in 2019. The move comes amid new warnings that a “cliff-edge” Brexit would be catastrophic for the economy.One critical aim of the group – which includes the former Tory chancellor Kenneth Clarke and several Conservative ex-ministers, together with prominent Labour, SNP,
Theresa May sets out trade plans for a no-deal Brexit PM says Florence speech set new dynamic but white paper prepares for vacuum
Theresa May sets out trade plans for a no deal Brexit PM says Florence speech set new dynamic but white paper prepares for vacuum
Not much remains of Theresa May's red lines after the Brexit deal | Dan Roberts Promises made after the referendum have now collided with the legal and economic consequences of leaving the EU If the EU referendum was the moment the British electorate clashed with the establishment, 8 December 2017 was the day that the legal and economic consequences collided with its political promises. The Lancaster House speech or party conference address of 2016. The first, and biggest, concession is buried in paragraph 49 of the 15-page report published early on Friday morning. Its implications will be anything but quiet in the weeks
Theresa May says Brexit deal 'good news' for all voters Theresa May tells MPs the agreement should reassure both Leave and Remain supporters.
Inside Theresa May's race to a late-night Brexit deal After triggering Brexit talks last March, May had a two-year deadline to wrap up a divorce settlement and negotiate the terms of a new free trade agreement before the UK leaves the EU
Theresa May asks for Brexit border plans help with EU deal worry The government has asked businesses for ideas for how to implement customs checks at the border after Brexit as Theresa May admitted the UK could crash out of the EU without a deal.
Theresa May fails to strike Brexit border deal with Irish government Lack of agreement threatens to put back progression of Brexit negotiations to second phase, ahead of crunch meeting between PM and Jean-Claude Juncker Theresa May and the Irish government have failed to reach a deal on the crucial Brexit issue of the Northern Ireland border ahead of a crunch meeting on Monday lunchtime with the European commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker. Despite intense efforts over the weekend to agree a proposal on how to avoid a hard border in Ireland, Irish officials revealed at midnight on Sunday that “there is s
Theresa May and Arlene Foster talked late into night on Brexit deal Prime minister made pre-dawn flight to Brussels to clinch agreement on first phase of Brexit deal with Jean-Claude Juncker Theresa May made crunch calls to Arlene Foster, the DUP leader, late into Thursday night to secure agreement to move on the Brexit talks, while the Christmas party at Downing Street played on around her. Senior advisers thrashed out the final details into the early hours of Friday, with the prime minister sleeping for just two hours before leaving Downing Street at 3.30am for a drive to RAF Northolt to take the short flight
Are the Conservatives preventing Britain from get the best possible Brexit deal from the EU; are they prepared to accept the consequences, if their actions harm the country? Why doesn't Labour distance itself from this historic error?
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