Welcome to the Republic of Molossia: The smallest sovereign republic in the world - in Dayton, Nevada

  • [22-11] Congrats SOVEREIGN #Catalonia REPUBLIC#Spain NOT legal @EU_CommissionVIOLENCE VS UNARMED #EU CITIZENSMORAL WRONGThks
  • [25-11] The cooperation between the Republic of #Moldova and the #Italian Republic was discussed today at the meeting of State Se
  • [26-08] Q: if it's the people's republic of #cambridge, then what can we call #somerville? A: the united somervillian socialist republic
  • [20-01] 25 years of diplomatic relations between the Republic of #Moldova and the Republic of #Tajikistan. A quarter centur…
  • [17-12] What damages the Republic @morningmika Shrieka, is hatred FOR the Republic. That would be you as the destructive force, not #SarahSanders
  • [07-01] We live in the republic of south Africa not the republic of shaka Zulu.Let that sink in#OurPerfectWedding
  • [11-11] #myunjobs #Bangui, Central African Republic - Croix-Rouge Française looking forCentral African Republic: Délégué…
  • [26-01] This republic day celebrate with us.????Happy republic day to all.????
  • [14-01] I Love Dominican Republic Tote Bag!Plan a trip to the Dominican Republic @GoDomRep and get each of your family me…
  • [03-10] The territory of the former German Democratic Republic became part of the Federal Republic of Germany. #History #Germany
  • [27-11] DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: #Earthquake (#sismo) Magnitude 4.1 strikes 49 km NE of #Miches (Dominican Republic) - 2017-11-27 04:38:15 UTC
  • [27-10] Declare the new republic.No you declare the new republic.No you do it.It was your fucking idea.#redux .
  • [14-11] Republic of Ireland’s World Cup dream shattered by Eriksen and Denmark
  • [05-10] @republic Look who is talking...#Leftists who ruined world..which we use for shit....now teaching PM...
  • [29-10] Hello World! The Catalan Republic is born #Catalonia #RepublicaCatalana #HolaRepublicaCatalana
  • [24-01] ENOUGH third-world, banana republic, Communist bulls***, this is either #America or it isn’t! End the #Democrat del…
  • [29-11] @republic Why's it that #MediaShow always gives importance to such people who are cowards hiding from the world
  • [19-08] The world should not be silent about what 's going on in the african republic of #Togo #Eyadema is slaughtering his
  • [05-10] I'm so worried and sad at our republic and the things going on in the world. "History has its eyes on [us]" @Lin_Manuel #Hamilton
  • [27-12] #MarkHamill regrets voicing doubts about #LukeSkywalker in 'The Last Jedi' - Republic World #RianJohnson...…
  • [13-09] It's #InternationalChocolateDay! Did you know Dominican Republic is the world’s largest producer of organic cocoa? (Photo: c
  • [15-10] #WomenBoycottTwitter: Rose McGowan’s Twitter suspension prompts protest - Republic World
  • [14-11] ⚽ Republic of Ireland ?? ??? DenmarkHe didn't really deserve to be out of the World Cup, right? ⭐#WCQ2018 #Wc2018 #IRLD
  • [03-10] #Germany fined by #FIFA for Nazi slogans in away World Cup qualifier against Czech Republic
  • [10-10] Wales 0 Republic of Ireland 1 as Martin O'Neill's men secure World Cup play-off sp #SPFL #Fitbaw #FNH
  • [08-12] America, look @ the mug shot of 3rd World Banana Republic HOAX&CHAINS dictator who enslaved us to the NWO & Jihhadi…
  • [22-09] Now that was good, Mario. "The girl comes from a 3rd world republic where they vote by throwing a rock at a goat." #TheView
  • [10-10] #bhafc defender @shaneduffy is Republic of Ireland Man of the Match as they reach the World Cup Play-offs
  • [15-11] United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland last appearances at the World Cup.England: 2018 (Qualified) Republic…
  • [26-01] ASEAN at Republic Day;It shows the power of India at world level? Plz Indulge in Poll.#RepublicDay #EKAForIndia…
  • [05-01] Canada defeats Czech Republic 7-2 and will play Sweden for #WJC2018gold tomorrow night! #World JuniorsUSA and…
  • [12-11] Reposting @gurushots: Burning World - Ruslan Bolgov (Axe), Republic of #LithuaniaThis phenomenal shot with splash…
  • [07-11] The forgotten nation in the world of sport is the Republic of #IRELAND.Aidan O'Brien, Katie Taylor...putting the ??
  • [09-12] World Curling TV Grabs ? a Cab with Anna Kubeskova, skip of hosts Team Czech Republic ??, at the Olympic Qualificat…
Welcome to the Republic of Molossia: The smallest sovereign republic in the world - in Dayton, Nevada
Definition of korea? A historic East Asian country on the Korean Peninsula currently consisting of two sovereign states; the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea).
Since our national government is sovereign, what type of power does it have? Sovereign is usually reserved for Monarchy. Not true if you think that America is a sovereign state; President does not rule alone. We are a Federal Republic of democratic nature ruled by oligarchs.
Why would guys pledge allegiance to the American Flag ? You are like many Americans who fail to understand the part of "and to the Republic, for which it stands". The first step by the Progressives, in promoting dissolution of the Republic, is to glorify disrespect for the Flag for which it stands. Hate the Flag.... next........ you will be instructed to hate the Republic. But, know that any allegiance for the Republic must be affirmed with a similar allegiance to the primary symbol for which it stands.
Is there a big difference when going from Northern Ireland to the republic of Ireland apart from being in a different country? Road signs are different, in the republic they are bilingual. Road surfaces are different, NI has better roads. The currency is different, NI uses the pound sterling (£) while the republic uses the Euro (€). Religion is not that different, slightly more Protestants than Catholics in NI, but the general attitude to religion is different - we are far more relaxed about it in the Republic.
Why should I serve another term in the army? Fair point. I don't know that I could enthusiastically serve the current administration, either. However, I always understood my service as being to the republic, not to a specific president or administration. And the republic is certainly worth defending. Christians may hate you, as you say, but the fact is that the republic is a secular nation and defends your ability to hold the views you do and to speak your mind.
When will Trump make America great again by resigning? As Trump who was elected by the current established rules agreed to by the Only allowed Parties (duopoly) It will be the end of the republic as we have come to know it. The Republic has withstood over two hundred years of political manipulations and survived. The small minded mob is heading for a cliff, of real repression. Remember Obama (the social political experiment) failed, thank the stars he did. “Ordinary people are too small minded to govern their own affairs, Order & Progress can only occur when they surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign.”
Nauru, World's Smallest Republic, Marks 50th Anniversary of Independence
Full text: Joint Press Communique between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Maldives
This is Senator Sheev Palpatine, he sold me, my fellow Jedi, and this Republic to the Galactic Empire for the price of 66 republic credits.
1971 UN vote to replace the Republic of China (Taiwan's) UN seat with that of the People's Republic of China [1420x738]
HURRICANES DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Hurricane Irma brings flooding to Dominican Republic, heads for Haiti
Republic or no republic? Day of confusion in Catalonia Is Catalonia's republic dead in the water? Are its leaders really beating a retreat just three days after the regional parliament declared independence?
An armistice ended the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, which resulted in two Hungarian nations; Republic of Hungary and the Hungarian People's Republic.
When Moga played for the world's youngest Republic
Republic of Ireland 2-0 Moldova: World Cup dream alive CRAIG HOPE AT THE AVIVA STADIUM: Two Murphy strikes - one hooked in from close range, the other a perfectly placed header - inside 20 minutes proved enough to see off Moldova
Italy have World Cup berth at hand against Czech Republic
Republic of Korea beat Bangladesh in Kabaddi World Cup
World Cup qualifiers: Republic of Ireland head to Copenhagen for first leg...
World Cup 2018 Qualifying live: Czech Republic vs. Germany Joachim Löw's Germany have taken an early lead through Timo Werner (pictured) as they look to continue their perfect World Cup qualification campaign. A win in Prague would mean Germany are almost certain to qualify.
[World] - Militia leader convicted in Central African Republic | NZ Herald
India to host Czech Republic in World Group Play-offs
World Cup qualifiers: Republic of Ireland hold Denmark to goalless draw ahead...
Second run for book about Republic of Ireland jerseys including Roy Keane's 2002 World Cup shirt A book about the shirts worn by Irish football internationals over the years is to get a second print run, owing to the huge demand for the illustrated tome. Eddie O’Mahony has collected match-worn Republic of Ireland jerseys for almost 20 years, and his gallery now forms the basis of ‘Forty Shades of Green’ — a book charting the history of team shirts from 1986 to 2018. The book begins with the shirt worn in Ireland’s 1986 match against Wales and appropriately ends with the jersey worn by Wes Holohan against the
Martin O'Neill 'delighted' after Republic of Ireland make World Cup play-offs
Wales v Republic of Ireland: Hosts will relish World Cup qualifier pressure - Chris Coleman Manager Chris Coleman says Wales will go all out to beat the Republic of Ireland on Monday, with both sides aiming to secure World Cup qualification.
Gareth Bale is OUT of Wales’ World Cup Qualifying games against Georgia and Republic of Ireland with injury GARETH BALE will miss BOTH of Wales’ World Cup Qualifying games this week through injury. The winger was left out of Real Madrid’s squad for the game against Espanyol at the weekend with a “muscle strain”. And the injury has proved enough to see him miss the games against Georgia and Republic of Ireland this […]
Royal Hideaway Relaunches El Embajador- The grand dame of the Dominican Republic’s luxury hotel world
Germany fined just £25,500 by Fifa for fans singing Nazi songs in 2-1 World Cup 2018 qualifier against Czech Republic GERMANY have been fined just £25,500 by Fifa fans chanted Nazi slogans in a World Cup qualifying game against the Czech Republic. The 2-1 win in September was marred by around 200 hooligans verbally abusing the hosts and their own goalscorer Timo Werner. The improper conduct charges also covered fans encroaching on the field and […]
The Entropies - Chenan Mastam (Czech Republic / Slovakia / Iran, sung in Persian) [Progressive rock, World]
Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland miss out on World Cup play-offs seeding Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have both missed out on being seeded for November's World Cup qualification play-offs after the latest FIFA world rankings were published on Monday. Eleventh-placed Switzerland are the highest ranked nation in the European play-offs, with Italy (15), Croatia (18) and Denmark (19) closely behind. Northern Ireland (23rd), Sweden (25th), Republic of Ireland (26th) and Greece (47th) go into the draw unseeded, with the latter looking to become the first UEFA nation to reach three successive World Cups vi
Documents for travel between Republic of China and People's Republic of China? According to this answer: travel between [ROC and PRC by citizens therof] requires different documents [than the passports issued by each country] that maintain the fiction that there is only one nation.What exactly are these "different documents" and how do citizens of ROC and PRC obtain them?
Schengen visa from the Czech Republic for travel only within the Czech Republic. I want to travel to Vienna and Berlin. Can I do that? [closed] I am travelling to the Czech Republic and have got my Schengen visa, but now I am planning to alter the itinerary and also visit Vienna and Berlin. Can I do this?
When did the Galactic Republic become known as the Old Republic? In Disney canon, it has been retconned that the original Old Republic precedes the Galactic Republic, spanning over the time before the apparent destruction of the Sith, the dawning of the Rule of Two,...
What is a Republic?
Is Yoda around during The Old Republic? I have been playing the Star Wars: The Old Republic game and I was wondering if Yoda was alive during this time frame; was he born yet or what?
Socrates and The Republic Why does Socrates think that right conduct cannot be defined as "telling the truth and restoring anything we have been trusted with"?
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