Family of Westminster terror attack victim tell of anger at ISIS thug as pensioner is laid to rest

THE heartbroken family of a “gentle, caring man” killed in the Westminster terror attack have spoken of their anger at his tragic death as he was laid to rest today. Leslie Rhodes’ loved ones said they felt shock at the way he was killed, describing the tragedy as “not right”. The 75-year-old from Clapham, south […]
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  • The pensioner was left black and blue after the attack (Metropolitan Police) Police are appealing for information after an elderly man was left black and blue by a violent robber who attacked him with his own walking stick. The 75-year-old victim was was approached from behind by the thug as he walked in St John’s Road, Harrow, after shopping in Harrow Town Centre. The suspect demanded the man’s phone before the pensioner’s walking stick was taken from him and he was beaten repeatedly around the neck, chest and arms. The attacker used the elderly man’s walking stick to attack him (Metropolitan Police) After dropping the stick, the suspect made off with the LG Smartphone, walking off in the direction of Harrow Town Centre at around 8:10pm on Saturday, 7 October. The victim initially went home, but went to hospital later that evening where he was treated before being discharged. The attacker is described as a white man, possibly aged in his early 20s who was wearing a baseball cap. Most popular on Yahoo News UK Man dies after stabbing outside Parsons Green Tube station in London Girl, 8, falls to her death on cruise ship in front of horrified passengers ‘Get off my land!’ Furious farmer throws punches and drives quad bike into hunt saboteurs in shocking video Parents of man arrested for indecency in Dubai say his life is ‘ruined’ Trump branded ‘fat f***ing liar’ by sister of U.S. soldier killed in Iraq Detective Constable Joe MacDonald of Harrow CID, said: “The level of violence used against an elderly man walking home from the supermarket is despicable. It hardly needs stating that the attack was callous and cowardly. “I would urge anyone who saw anything suspicion, or who has any information that may assist the investigation, to call police urgently.” Witnesses or anyone with information should call Harrow CID via 101 or to remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
  • Defeating ISIS Could Lead to ‘Iranian Radical Empire’ [ad_1] A vast Iranian empire could take over lands occupied by the Islamic State (ISIS) if the terror group is defeated, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger argued in an opinion piece. Kissinger wrote on CapX that recapturing the lands ISIS currently controls could come at a steep price for the Middle East and the rest of the world. “Across large areas of Iraq and Syria, an… View On WordPress
  • 8 Year Old Boy Victim In Greenacre School Car Crash is Laid To Rest
  • FBI Implicated in ISIS attack in Garland TX (!!!) #falseflag   This is shocking, and yet becoming commonplace. The FBI is consistently on the wrong side of the “war on terror.” None dare call it Treason. View On WordPress
  • New York terror attack: Eight dead as truck runs down cyclists in suspected terror attack
  • [10-08] We are the BRITISH we do not STAND for this TERROR. #SaffieRoussos youngest victim of #Manchester Bombing laid to rest
  • [05-10] @FLOTUS What kind of President. On Christmas Terror attack in Berlin #Breitscheidplatz no victim or his family were…
  • [27-07] #TYMUpdate Our view tonight.. For Saffie Rose Roussos who was left to rest today #Manchester Terror attack victim
  • [01-11] Strongly condemn the terror attack at #NewYorkCity . my condolence with the family member of the victim and sympathy with the injured member
  • [01-11] #ISIS inspired terror attack in #NewYorkCity on #Halloween 8 dead several injured.
  • [03-11] ISIS calls New York terror attack suspect a ‘soldier of the caliphate’ – CNN
  • [02-11] New York terrorist pledged allegiance to #ISIS before attack#Manhattan #terror
  • [17-09] I think this #ParsonsGreen terror attack was a practical joke that's got well out of hand, ISIS get well funded they wou
  • [01-10] Hey Liberals, another terror attack in France & now ISIS in Canada....you'll NEVER lead again #SundayMorning #WhyWeMu
  • [08-11] @annagestio @EU_Commission The same police that dealt with the Isis terror attack on #Barcelona? That is how #Spain…
  • [02-10] #LasVegas terror attack by ISIS #EdmontonAttack #marseilleattack & how many more before governments STOP importing violenc
  • [03-10] #BREAKING: #ISIS now says in official communique on #LasVegas terror attack, that Stephen Paddock is ‘Abu Abd Abdulbar a
  • [02-10] Marseille terror: ISIS claims responsibility for knife attack which left two women dead
  • [03-10] Significant insight tonight from terror expert @SebGorka on ISIS claiming responsibility for #LasVegas attack
  • [29-09] #Corrie legend Liz Dawn to be laid to rest next week, her family has confirmed
  • [16-11] VIDEO: 9 members of one family killed in #SutherlandSpringschurch massacre laid to rest
  • [17-11] Breaking News !! Hillary Sent Guns To Isis in Libya !! Clinton Terror Attack Eminent 1000s sacrificed to take the h…
  • [02-11] Nj Family, Neighbors Remember Attack Victim (RT↺ Fav❤️)
  • [12-08] @DinoFancellu Asian thug with knife beats up pensioner in #Birmingham
  • [02-10] GOING LIVE at 3:00 PM EDT to talk potential #ISIS links to terror attack in Las Vegas, #NorthKorea developments + live Q&A
  • [17-08] You condemned the terror attack in Barcelona quicker than the terror attack in #Charlottesville
  • [18-08] @realDonaldTrump So you codemn and call out the terror attack in barcelona but not the terror attack in
  • [01-11] This is Edward Waverly's (aka Kantbot) family. We're heartbroken to say he was killed today in #Manhattan terror attack. He
  • [17-09] List of all "terror attacks" where the #ParsonsGreen perfectly coiffured "victim" has been a... erm... "victim".
  • [08-11] @annagestio @EU_Commission The same police that dealt with the Isis terror attack on #Barcelona? That is how #Spain…
  • [16-11] VIDEO: 9 members of one family killed in #SutherlandSpringschurch massacre laid to rest
Family of Westminster terror attack victim tell of anger at ISIS thug as pensioner is laid to rest
THE heartbroken family of a “gentle, caring man” killed in the Westminster terror attack have spoken of their anger at his tragic death as he was laid to rest today. Leslie Rhodes’ loved ones said they felt shock at the way he was killed, describing the tragedy as “not right”. The 75-year-old from Clapham, south […]
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A ‘proud Texan’ who delighted in tabloid coverage of his tweet misrepresenting a Muslim woman was not what he seemed A simple tweet, sent when a nation is in shock, is a quick and effective way of provoking outrage. That’s what @SouthLoneStar discovered after rebuking British Muslims in the wake of the Westminster terrorist attack in March. After the attack, the tweeter shared a photograph of a young Muslim woman walking along the bridge looking at her phone, and wrongly accused her of ignoring the injured. It was swiftly picked up in the
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A POLICE officer was stabbed and terrified pedestrians mowed down during a terror attack in Canada. The 30-year-old rammed a van into a police car sending the officer flying 15ft into the air. He then jumped out the car and knifed the cop “several times” and fled on foot as a dramatic manhunt was launched. […]
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A THUG has been jailed for a “savage” attack which left his victim with a broken jaw, nose and cheekbone – all in front of his shocked family.
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David Blagburn, 47, from Barrow-in-Furness, told Shahina Patel 'it was your family who made it happen' during the vile rant on a train between Lancaster and Manchester.
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What do I do if I'm stuck in between flights and a terror attack happens? [closed] First of all, my sympathies go to the families of the victims. The events that took place in Brussels today are really unforgivable. My question might be a little out of line here, but I'm sincerely ...
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Greenacre school car crash victim, 8, is laid to rest - Breaking News & News Headlines, top news, top breaking news, world news, latest news, news update, headline news, important news update, end times, end ...
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