Employment in London?

Is it difficult to find a job in London right now, specifically in the financial sector?
#FormulaE Formula E Could Relocate Its London HQ If There Is No Deal On Tax, Employment
New from our #Employment team - Supreme Court Scraps “Unlawful” Employment #Tribunal Fees -
NEXT DATE: Essential employment law for #HR professionals course ?@esgloballaw #London ?25 October ⌚️09:30-16:30
#LondonJobs #London #Jobs Employment Advisor Required, Hackney: This is a… !
Looking forward to seeing clients, contacts and friends (many all three!) at our #Employment conference in #London this

[Illustration: THE BANK OF ENGLAND, LONDON, ENGLAND.--This irregular, isolated, one-story building, covering an area of four acres, and located in the central part of London, is the largest and most powerful institution in the world. It is the only bank in London which has the power to issue paper money; its average daily business is over $10,000,000. It employs 900 people, and usually carries in its vaults from $75,000,000 to $100,000,000, while there are from 100 to 125,000,000 dollars of the bank's notes in circulation. On the right is the Stock Exchange, giving 1000 stock brokers daily employment.]
"Employment as an onion-peeler," he oracularly said, "has in a special order been specified as a subsidiary employment, and contributions are not required to be paid in respect of persons so employed."
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