What county is London in?

Read the question before answering ! I no its in england, and its the capital, but what county is it?
See a virtual tour of my listing on Lot 65 County Road 1786 #London #AR #realestate
@chowdallas Brainwashed? I live outside the county that pays for the #Browns and #Cavs and the #Dems always win in that county
County legends from the 1979/80 Promotion Season will be joining us for County vs Walsall in the #EmiratesFACup 👉… 2485407 - 97.89029535865
Gurnee IL #USA - Occupational Therapist in Lake County-Kenosha County IL-WI - Must have graduated from an ...

Early the next spring Mr. Weston visited Leyden to conclude the arrangements for "shipping and money," and Messrs. Carver and Cushman returned with him to England to "receive the money and provide for the voyage." The latter was to tarry in London, and the former was to proceed to Southampton; Mr. Christopher Martin, of Billerrica, in Essex, was to join them; and from the "county of Essex came several others, as also from London and other places."
I was born near La Grange, Oldham county, Ky., March 7, 1836. My father, Francis Myers Allen, was born in Brown county, Ohio, December 7, 1807. He was the son of Thomas Allen, who, in 1812, when my father was only five years old, moved from Brown county, O., to Shelby county, Ky., and lived on Little Bullskin, a few miles west of Shelbyville.
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