If Rome is the Eternal City, Paris the City of Lights & New York the City that never sleeps, what is London?

What type of city is London?
New York City #Christmas Holiday Lights Tour, a great way to see the city's magical holiday wonderland!
#Birmingham is a top 10 world city, the youngest European city and the largest city in the UK outside of London
Bristol City v Man UtdBristol City v ChelseaBristol City v Man CityBristol City v ArsenalChampions League. #CarabaoCup
gunshots echo in sin city//bloodshed and terror//but hope rises// with the sun// over the city of lights #MandalayBay
@macgregor63 City lights. Renfield Street in #Glasgow city centre 1984. #Scotland #IrnBru.

The great cities all have faces. If all the people who live in each city could be photographed exactly one over the other, the result would be the general expression of that city's face. New York would be discontented and eager; London would be stolidly glum and healthy, with a little surliness; Berlin would be supercilious, overbearing; Rome would be gravely resentful; and so on; but Paris would be gay, incredulous, frivolous, pretty and impudent. The reality may be gone, or may have changed, but the look is in her face still when the light of a May morning shines on it.
But in a large city there is a great deal of city and suburban news. Take for example, New York; and there is that great city, and Brooklyn, and Jersey City, and Hoboken, and Newark, and Elizabeth, to be looked after, as well as many large villages near at hand. And there is great competition between the papers, which shall get the most, the exactest, and the freshest, news. Consequently, each day, a leading New York paper will publish a page or more of local news. The City Editor has charge of collecting this news. He has, perhaps, twenty or twenty-five men to help him--some in town, and others in the suburbs.
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