Where is there a good amateur theater group in London?

I have just moved to London, and want to join a theatre group, are there any good Theatre groups in London. thank you for your answer
OTD - 6/10/1977 - @QueenWillRock filmed the Video to #WeAreTheChampions, in #London New London Theater. @HardRockLondo
Good morning, #London! Did you know you have an ISA group of your own? And that they have a Twitter account? Follow them at @theISAlondon.
#Ninotchka theater marquees Palace Theater Los Angeles, Stuttgart, Germany #TCMParty
Don't miss our theater session @ #MSIgnite! We'll be at the OCCC Hyatt Regency Theater Level 1 from 5:05 PM to 5:25 PM
@johnharvey1976 Me too. I took classes at a theater school nearby and have done local theater. #csaqt

DR. ANTHONY: I have said a number of times in our own group that one of the great disadvantages of our amateur nut growers in Pennsylvania is that most of them are 70 years old or older. That's fine for them, but it's hard on the industry, because just the time that they should be giving us the most valuable returns, they aren't there. So to secure the continuity you want, you are going to have to tie in your experiments with the experiment station. You are going to have to make a group, you are going to have to incorporate, because you are going to face the problem of propagation. You might have one good tree, and it's of no value for you, and you have got to plant it in more than one spot to know how good it is.
"Not much," answered Sam. "When you've got your money, it will be time enough to go to the theater; but if you haven't got any more than I have, you'd better not go to the theater much."
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