I realise a man with a gun shooting everywhere has to be stopped, but why always shooting to kill.?

If shot to wound, they'd be far more use to eg. the Paris Police/security authorities, being alive to provide information!! Or is that just too simple?
#PrayForVegas ?? Pray for my city y’all , mfs shooting up strip , shooting up concerts & rumors been told , they plan on shooting up schools
Can we STOP saying #SutherlandSprings shooter was stopped by neighbor. He wasn’t stopped from shooting anyone. He w…
"They kept shooting and shooting and shooting" – #LasVegas eyewitness Latest live: 2295178 - 98.809523809524
ABC: Vegas worst mass shooting in US history. Dec 29 1890: US Cavalry kill 149 Sioux at Wounded Knee Sioux kill 25 troops. #UShistory

1. The Marshes in April 17. Down the St. Joe River 2. Plover Shooting 18. Brook-trout Fishing 3. The Melancholy Crane 19. A Masque of the Seasons 4. Fishing for Big-mouth 20. Wood-chucks Bass 21. Frog-hunting 5. Flight of Common Birds 22. The Crow's Wing 6. Fishing for Crappie 23. Prairie Chicken Shooting 7. In the Haunts of the Loon 24. A Fox in the Meramec 8. Blue-bills and Decoys Valley 9. Walking as a Fine Art 25. Fall Jack-snipe Shooting 10. Fishing for Bull-heads 26. In Dim October 11. Along a Country Road 27. Ruffed Grouse 12. Wood-cock Shooting 28. In Prairie Lands 13. Under the Green-wood 29. Hunting with Ferrets Tree 30. The Bare, Brown Fields 14. Pan-fishing 31. Quail Shooting 15. A Northern Nightingale 32. In Winter Woods 16. Squirrel Shooting
Looting and burning began to occur in Newark on a wide-scale basis. Before long, the Guard was called in, and the shooting increased. The chief of staff of the New Jersey National Guard testified that there had been too much shooting at the snipers. His opinion was that the Guard considered the situation as a military action. Newark's director of police offered the opinion that the Guard may have been shooting at the police with the police shooting back at the Guard. "I really don't believe," he said, "there was as much sniping as we thought."