Migrants and far-left join forces to attack Paris police with flares and petrol bombs. Is this an enriching occurrence?

Love the diversity!
Volunteers join Peshmerga forces to protect #Kirkuk as Iraqi forces and #Iran|ian-backed Shiite militia attack the city. #T
An outbreak of white suicide #bombers from Iraq to #America causes seven police forces & the #SAS to join forces...…
All Kurdish forces disarmed in #Kirkuk 2/3 suicide bombs hit Saraya Salam Arab governor calls for more militia forces ht
#United States calls for restrain as Iraqi forces and Hashd al-Shaabi attack #Kirkuk city, #Peshmerga forces hold defen 2432385 - 97.04641350211

Of course the bombers were also fitted to ward off attack, each being armed with two machine-guns, one forward, and the other aft where the man who handled the bombs could manipulate it. Slower and much less agile than the fighting planes, they were expected to defend themselves but not to attack.
Another problem is very little publicized, but it is a cause of genuine concern. Where there is persistent crime, but no effective police protection, then vigilantism can result. Telcos, banks, credit companies, the major corporations who maintain extensive computer networks vulnerable to hacking --these organizations are powerful, wealthy, and politically influential. They are disinclined to be pushed around by crooks (or by most anyone else, for that matter). They often maintain well-organized private security forces, commonly run by experienced veterans of military and police units, who have left public service for the greener pastures of the private sector. For police, the corporate security manager can be a powerful ally; but if this gentleman finds no allies in the police, and the pressure is on from his board-of-directors, he may quietly take certain matters into his own hands.
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