Still no Brexit strategy from Teresa May. Other than Hard-Brexit. Who will benefit from a Hard-Brexit?

EU closing ranks: Insults and threats from leading UK politicians, from among others, Turk Johnson, are souring the EU leave negotiations before they begin.
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The arguments for #hardbrexit - indeed any #brexit - continue to crumble:
A #HardBrexit is the only chance of not getting Eurofucked more now. #r4today #Brexit
A hard Brexit will actually stimulate the economy and put money in everyones' pocket #Brexit #HardBrexit

"Let me play the egoist for a moment. I spend most of my time in hard work, very hard work. The results of this work, you will allow, benefit humanity."
"Couldn't you, dear little duckledoms? Well, you do know it now; and you know also how to act. Don't you see by the lines round my mouth and the expression in my eyes that I can be hard as hard when I please? I am going to be very hard now. My honor is involved in this. I promised that you would be there. There are presents being bought for you. Come you must; come you shall."
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