Scared of another race to takeover the world?

Recently i have heard about the paris attack which was very upsetting I'm not trying to discriminate or anything it's what is being told. I'm frightened if Isis rule the world. For example they kill offa high end politician e.g David Cameron and they step in. It's unlikely but the way things are...
(Mirror):How Formula One world championship unfolded race-by-race as #Lewis #Hamilton..
“This race is the hardest race in the world to get into.” -@CEOIronman #IMKona
World #GrandPrix #Playoffs 2017 #COTA GP Race Duration:4Hours Entry Overall:36 Weather:Fine/Cloudy Race Time:6PM CT
#EU THE ISLAMIC TAKEOVER of the WORLD #ObamaLegacy COMING UP ON #ThursdayThoughts
Interest coming in from around the world as takeover talk continues at #nufc

"He took my wallet," says my new acquaintance. "Took it this morning. Y'know, some people would be SCARED of a guy like that. But I'm not scared. I'm from Chicago. I'm gonna hunt him down. We do things like that in Chicago."
Stonor scarcely heard the last words. His world was tumbling around his ears. But Etzooah's and Mary's sly, scared glances in his face brought him to himself. "Anything more?" he asked harshly.