Should the Pont d'Alma bridge be renamed the Princess Diana Memorial Bridge in honour of it's royal victim?

Two years from now this summer will mark the twentieth anniversary of Princess Diana's death in the underpass of the Pont d'Alma bridge in Paris. Would it nt be a fitting tribute to HRH to rename the bridge in her honour? I call on our MPs and other government officials to make it happen! She may be dead,...
The Princess Diana Memorial Suite at the #Ploughing17
It's just a bridge but it was a cool bridge ! #scotland #instagood @ Connel Bridge
#bridge #Lyon @mikaromaniello #traveltuesday @ Pont Lafayette
I'm getting sick of the new bridge already. It's a bridge ffs, a bridge #Scotland #QueensferryCrossing
The Chehalis River Bridge in Aberdeen will have a bridge opening at 8. for 10 to 15 minutes for a vessel #ghtraffic #bridge #aberdeen

We did not want to do anything of the sort, we merely wanted to "do" the town, to see the tomb of Pope Jean XXII. in the cathedral, to walk, if possible, upon the part left standing of St. Benezet's old Pont d'Avignon, a memory which was burned into our minds since our schooldays, when we played and sang the French version of "London Bridge is falling down"--"_Sur le pont d'Avignon._"
[Illustration: LONDON BRIDGE, LONDON, ENGLAND.--Centuries ago the Saxons and Romans erected various wooden bridges over the Thames, on the site of the present London Bridge; but they were all carried away by floods, or destroyed by fire. This bridge was begun in 1825 and completed in 1831 at a cost of $10,000,000. The bridge, 928 feet long and 54 feet wide, is borne by five granite arches, that in the centre having a span of 152 feet. The lamp-posts on the bridge are cast of the metal of French cannons captured in the Peninsular War. About 15,000 vehicles and 100,000 pedestrians cross the bridge daily.]
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