Movies like Fight Club?

I am actually obsessed with this movie and the book. The acting of Brad Pitt and Ed Norton is so good and the story line blew my mind. I think the only reason I can watch it so many times is because I still don't get what the hell happened. What other films or books are like that? (action, mind blowing)
Hi-Fi Fight Club = a group of diverse girls who are actually a vigilante fight club?@carlytron #NationalComicBookDay :
#nufc why are the media making a big deal out of this training ground fight? It happens at every club, anything to distract the club as per
So Sigurdsson left a bottom club for a record transfer to join Everton only to fight for survival against his former club #EVEBUR
They are movies for heavens sake Marvel movies are fun Message movies can be so up themselves We want to be entertained #ABCScreenTime
#4mariagespour1lunedemiel Fight club ? #4mp1ldm

Ohne Wein Wine not included A. C. B. Automobile Club de Belgique M. C. B. Moto-Club de Belgique T. C. B. Touring Club de Belgique T. C. N. Touring Club NĂ©erlandais A. C. F. Automobile Club de France T. C. F. Touring Club de France Bade-Raum Bathroom Grube Fosse or Inspection Pit
"Oh, I forgot to tell you. We're going to have a club, just a little club,--only four of us girls. And, Nan, you know there are so many clubs that make an awful fuss and yet don't really _do_ anything. Well, this is going to be a _Doing_ Club. We're going to be real _doers_."
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