Why did the BLAIR/brown Labour government and the top execs of the BBC think they owed more to the world's poor than Britain's poor?

Is that still their true position? 20.8 The New Labour years were characterised by a change in culture that was not shared by the wider public. The mood at the top of government circles (politicians and senior government officials) was distinctly internationalist in its outlook and viewed national borders as an...
Poor Fergus, poor Jamie, poor Ian, poor Frank...poor everybody!!! ? #OutlanderCAN #Outlander
Why wont #lab17 admit last Labour govt could have stopped poverty but imported 6million worlds poor & housed them before Brits? #PMQs #bbcdp
Oh dear poor Lady Nugee - someone really should have told her the last major sale to Saudi was under a Labour government. #Lab17
#ADEatMEL glad I rarely watch this shit game. Poor poor poor excuse of a sport. That was terrible!!!!
Good talk by @Asda - today's mums are cash poor, time poor and hope poor #kidsconf17

"Then I must tell you. To begin with, I am employed by the Government and am in the President's confidence. The country is poor and depends for its development on foreign capital, while it is important that we should have the support and friendship of Great Britain and the United States. Perhaps you know the latter's jealousy about European interference in American affairs?"
Such is our apology for Mr. Harcourt. A very poor one, the reader will say, turning from that gentleman with disgust. It is a poor one. Were we all turned inside out, as is done with ladies and gentlemen in novels, some of us might find some little difficulty in giving good apologies for ourselves. Our shade of brown would often be very dark.
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