I want to ask a serious question. PLEASE help ! Its about BREAKING A VIRGIN. Please help me!?

Hi, My name is Amir i'm 22 and i live in England Birmingham (Spark brook) and soon i will get married (arranged). Im so confused and shy as well. What is the best way to break a virgin and when? And what kind of feelings does a woman go through at that time (breaking of a virgin)? My idea is to have sex soon...
Can I get a virgin mimosa? Can I get a virgin screwdriver? Can I get a virgin G&T? What's in a vodka cran? #StupidQuestionsForBartenders
My heart is breaking for those in the Virgin Islands & others about to be hit with another Cat 4? No roof! No services. #HurricaneMaria
Breaking: Donald to divorce Melania after hearing she's having an affair with Presidents of #PuertoRico and US Virgin Islands.
BREAKING - The roof at the University of the Virgin Islands in St Croix has been ripped off as Maria begins to come ashor
.@kathynajimy .@SJP Breaking news!! SEQUEL DELAYED!!@Disney having trouble finding a virgin!#HocusPocus

"Harry is sowing a very big crop this year, and most of it on fall back-set," she observed. "He has, however, horses enough to do that kind of thing, and, of course, he does it thoroughly." She glanced toward the place where the teams were hauling unusually heavy plows through the grassy sod. "This is virgin prairie that he's breaking, and he'll probably put oats on it. They ripen quicker. He ought to be a rich man after harvest unless the frost comes, or the market goes against him. Some of his neighbors, including my husband, would have sown a little less and held a reserve in hand."
And he was not surprised when, later on, just before they thought of breaking up the meeting, William got the floor on the question of a personal privilege, and threw a bombshell into the camp.