Why has the Guardian failed to report on the clashes between Romanians and Asians in Sheffield?

A bit uncomfortable so close to the European elections, eh?
Haven't we met before? Five memorable Hillsborough clashes between Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds United #LUFC
#TrumpsAWhiteSupremacist failed ❌Racist Nazis failed ❌Recounts failed ❌Riots failed ❌Resistance failed ❌Russian hoax
Dems are getting desperate! Racist - FAILED Sexist - FAILED Misogynist - FAILED Russia - FAILED Now Mental Health #TrumpNation #Trump
Says the woman who failed in finance industry to the tune of thousands of £’s #labourparty #guardian #c4news…
The Fans Forum / Steering Group has failed us: One thing that sticks out to me after the Sheffield……

"Well, do you expect to find them in the dwelling-house of Dr. Scoville? Ride down the road as fast as you can, and turn to the first left. If you meet the major, report Captain Sheffield badly wounded--shot by one of the prisoners."
"Perhaps you are right," said he. "But the Guardian of the Gate is considered a faithful Guardian, and the King's Army will not let the City be conquered without a struggle."
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