inSane performance by manchester city 2 arsenal is it over for mancity at this point of the season or is it brexit? you choose?

Arsenal 2-2 Manchester City Ian Wright Former Arsenal striker on 606 I cannot see the Arsene Wenger I know not being in football. If he did retire, what would he do and that might be a frightening prospect for him. It's like when a player retires - yes, you get to spend more time with the family and do...
I'm now stocking at @salfordgs! Head down to choose from my Salford, #Manchester, City and United products! #mancity #manut
Manchester City to pip Arsenal for Premier League title #ManCity
Kevin De Bruyne plays down Manchester City’s chances of matching Arsenal’s Invincibles #football #ManCity…
Kevin De Bruyne plays down Manchester City’s chances of matching Arsenal’s Invincibles #football #ManCity…
Lucky punch! ? Not our best performance this season but a crucial point for us! #MUFCvAFC #COYG #OldTrafford @arsenal @p

Now, on Monday, the 5th of June, we are going to play at Liverpool, where we are assured of a warm reception, and where an active committee for the issuing of tickets is already formed. Do you think the Manchester people would be equally glad to see us again, and that the house could be filled, as before, at our old prices? _If yes, would you and our other friends go, at once, to work in the cause?_ The only night on which we could play in Manchester would be Saturday, the 3rd of June. It is possible that the depression of the times may render a performance in Manchester unwise. In that case I would immediately abandon the idea. But what I want to know, _by return of post_ is, is it safe or unsafe? If the former, here is the bill as it stood in London, with the addition, on the back, of a paragraph I would insert in Manchester, of which immediate use can be made. If the latter, my reason for wishing to settle the point immediately is that we may make another use of that Saturday night.
The city is spread out before you, embowered in orchards, in the midst of a plain of 300 square miles. Around the pearl-coloured, city--first in the world in point of time, first in Syria and Western Asia in point of importance--surge, like an emerald sea, forests of apricots and olives and apples and citrons, and "every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food," with all their variety of colour and tint, according to their season, sometimes all aglow with blossoms, sometimes golden and ruddy with fruit, and sometimes russet with the mellowing tints of autumn. Beyond the city the water conveys its wealth by seven rivers to shady gardens and thirsty fields; and, as far as cultivation extends, two or three splendid crops during the same year reward the industry of the husbandman. But even in the plain of Damascus the land is cultivated for only a few miles beyond the gates of the city. The water that would fertilize the whole plain flows uselessly into pestiferous marshes, and the wide plain within sight of the Damascus garrison is abandoned to the Bedawîn of the Desert and the wild boars of the jungle.[58]
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