Is it Justice that the Manchester Police merely gave cautions for serious offences including rape, child abduction and soliciting murder ?

A caution requires an offender to admit their crime and is an alternative to a charge that would bring the perpetrator before a court.
#Manchester Police appeal to trace man #WANTED in connection with a child abduction
What's Feminist about Rape, Child Abduction & Teen Girls Being Slaughtered? Say No to Dairy!#DitchDairy #DayoftheGirl #V
#RichardHazell from #Hoddesdon a former #DragonsDen contestant jailed for 13 child sex offences, including sexual a…
When #OscarPistorius murder case doesnt get the justice it deserve and others get 15 years for rape
Bricks was sentenced 15years (Rape) and #OscarPistorius 6years for Murder there is no justice here

That part of the indictment against Captain Jack Smith and the other criminals still at large, which dealt with their offences against the smuggling act, would in later times have broken down infallibly from want of proper evidence: not a tittle of information was forthcoming which could support examination. But a judge of assizes and a jury in 1815, were not to be baulked of the necessary victim by mere circumstantiality when certain offences against society and against His Majesty had to be avenged; and the dispensers of justice were less concerned with strict evidence than with the desirability of making examples. Strong presumption was all that was required to them to hang their man; and indeed the hanging of Captain Jack upon the other and more serious counts than that of unlawful occupation, was, as has been said, a foregone conclusion. The triple charge of murder being but too fully corroborated.
And thus the successful Mr. Harcourt had been successful also in this. And now, having narrated this interview in a manner which does not make it redound very much to that gentleman's credit, I must add to the narrative his apology. If even-handed justice were done throughout the world, some apology could be found for most offences. Not that the offences would thus be wiped away, and black become white; but much that is now very black would be reduced to that sombre, uninviting shade of ordinary brown which is so customary to humanity.
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