terrorist experts predict an attack in britain is not a matter of 'if' but 'when'?

does this worry anybody else? i live in manchester and it makes me more than a little uneasy to know that britain is on the highest level terror threat? how do you walk around and feel relaxed when we live in such dangerous times with muslim terrorists?
Covering #brussels terrorist attack - Be honest with readers - 'We won't publish. we are not experts. please go to outlets who can.' #ona17
Gun-loving American says that #Britain has a terrorist attack every hour – the replies are amazing
IT IS A TERRORIST ATTACK. Not a mass shooting, Not "a mentally ill white man" but A domestic terrorist attack. #route91 #PrayForLasVegas 1556214 - 95.785440613027
The #Stratford AcidAttacks, may or may not be another Islamic terrorist attack, but they are undoubtedly a terrorist attack.

When the Nixon Administration still refused to change its policies in response to these violent confrontations, radicals turned increasingly to the use of terrorist violence. Bombings had been on the increase for a couple of years, and during the summer of 1970, they became even more frequent. But the walls of the Establishment still did not come tumbling down. Members of the Panthers, S.N.C.C., and the Weathermen--the left-wing of the Students for a Democratic Society--were generally thought to be responsible for much of this terrorism. Instead of rallying fresh supporters to the cause of the radical left, their terrorism only served to alienate other moderates and radicals. Although the violence of this left fringe increased, their numbers appeared to decrease, and because of this the terrorist fringe began to reevaluate its tactics and the whole situation.
'Matter!' she repeated, chafing her hands and elbows, nervously, and looking anywhere but at him. 'That's good in you, Britain, that is! After going and frightening one out of one's life with noises and lanterns, and I don't know what all. Matter! Oh, yes!'
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