does anyone else with health problems worry about the NHS?

im a man in my late 30s, i live with both mental problems and health problems....i live in manchester in a small council flat and i have no support network, except for my beloved mum. i just worrying deeply about the state of our nhs and hospitals in england? when i hear the news about it, it doesn't sound...
Not just health of the sector to worry about but health of the sectors workforce..lots of coughing & spluttering in Hall 11? #NatFed17
Lawmakers worry cyberattacks on health industry could produce drug shortages #policy #health #tomPrice
#JimmyKimmel slammed the GOP health care bill & said he is politicizing his son's health problems because he has to: : 925159 - 95
#JimmyKimmel Blasts GOP Health Care Bill: 'I Am Politicizing My Son's Health Problems Because I Have To'

MR. SLATE: Mr. Stoke raises his nut trees in the Sunny South, and he has problems down there that we don't have up north. I think he has to worry a lot more about winter killing than we do way up north where we are in Central New York. What's been your experience with some of the varieties and what are your principal cultural problems with the filberts?
Mrs. Triphene Bevans, of Danbury, Mass., held a lively centennial reception in the parlors of the West Street Church, April 14, 1886. Her health, hearing and speech were good, and her step brisk. She attributes her age and good health to good habits and allowing nothing to trouble or worry her. She has always been a strict church member.
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