Denmark 4-0 winners against Poland and we won 4-1 away to Armenia today with a hat trick by Thomas Delaney. Are Denmark team of this round?

Are Denmark the team of this weeks games of qualifiers for the World Cup? We thrashed a very strong Polish team in Copenhagen with a 4-0 scoreline. Then today we travelled far away to a hot Armenia stadium and again we beat them 4-1 in their own stadium. Delaney was awesome for us today and he scored a 3 lovely...
FT #WCQ2018 Group E Kazakhstan 1-1 Armenia Poland 4-2 Montenegro Denmark 1-1 Romania *Polandia Lolos
Most underrated player on this planet.Superb hatrick for denmark!#eriksen#denmark
Republic of Ireland hold nerve to take Denmark back to Dublin level #worldcup2018qualifiers #denmark #worldcup2018
#Denmark - Failed asylum seekers travelling from #Germany pose terror threat, claims Denmark -
#Denmark Hvorfor alle er ligeglad med den sag i Denmark

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_Source._--Miss Roalfe Cox's volume on Cinderella, published by the Folk-Lore Society (London: David Nutt, 1893), contains 130 abstracts and tabulations of the pure Cinderella "formula," found in Finland, the Riviera, Scotland, Italy, Armenia, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, France, Greece, Germany, Spain, Calcutta, Ireland, Servia, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Albania, Cyprus, Galicia Lithuania, Catalonia, Portugal, Sicily, Hungary, Martinique, Holland, Bohemia, Bulgaria, and the Tyrol. Besides these there are 31 intermediate stories approximating to the Cinderella type, from Russia, Asia Minor, Italy, Lorraine, The Deccan, Poland, Hungary, Catalonia, Corsica, Finland, Switzerland, and in Basque, Spain. The earliest form in which the pure type occurs is in Basile's _Pentamerone_, 1634, and of the indeterminate type in Bonaventure des Periers _Nouvelles Récréations_, 1557, though the latter seems more cognate to the Catskin formula.
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