Republic of Ireland's goalscoring hero Jon Walters: can rep of ireland now make sucess?

Republic of Ireland goalkeeper Shay Given, who missed the game through injury, has just been speaking on BBC Radio 5 live. He says: "It's phenomenal for the country, a great night. "The team spirit has been one of the biggest strengths and we haven't got a superstar. "We're all in it...
Will #Brexit eventually mean the return to a solid border between the Republic of Ireland ?? and Northern Ireland/Britain ??? #Ireland
NEWS: England's goalscoring hero looking forward to Russia:
Who is Jodie Taylor? #England #goalscoring hero who learned the game in Wirral
@NUFCThreatLevel Have been on 6 out of 7 in Republic of Ireland, sky in Ireland show 3 o clock sat games and the west ham one was on #nufc
World Cup Play-Offs are set! #WCQ2018Northern Ireland v SwitzerlandCroatia v Greece Denmark v Republic of Ireland

In 1641 there had been a Catholic uprising in Ireland which was attended with considerable success, won at the cost of slaughter often characterized as massacre. Although Charles I made peace with the insurrectionists in 1643, and soon afterward most of them became Royalists, disorders in Ireland still continued. At last the English Parliament resolved to put an end to these tumults, and in March, 1649, Cromwell was appointed to the supreme command in Ireland.
[Illustration: DUBLIN, IRELAND.--Dublin, the capital and chief city of Ireland, is the centre of the political, ecclesiastical, educational, commercial, military and railroad enterprises of the kingdom. It is the residence of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, and it claims a high antiquity, having been in existence since the time of Ptolemy. In the ninth century it was taken by the Danes, who held sway for over two hundred years. In 1169 it was taken back by the English, and seven years later, its history began to be identified with that of Ireland. The city is divided into two parts by the Liffey, which is spanned by nine bridges. This photograph represents Sackville street, one of its principal thoroughfares.]
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