What are some meaty and high publicized murder cases in the last 17 years?

I'm going to write a paper on one...Preferably a very debatable one!! Any ideas?? Also why did you choose that specific one?
With SA having so many high profile murder cases, isnt it time we have a Live Court TV channel #PanayiotouTrial #Van Breda
800 journalists killed for speaking truth the last 10 years. Only 1 in 10 murder cases saw a conviction. #EndImpunity
93% of murder victims are local reporters. In only 4% of murder cases, full justice has been achieved. #EndImpunity
#OscarPistorius got 6 years for murder and #Brickz for 15 years for Rape.. kodwa the minimum sentence for murder is 15yrs.
Call for ‘body farm’ in UK to help police solve murder cases: A

* Browne seems to me a bit too cheerful about high-pinned insects being protected from some museum pests. High pinning might help a little, but it most certainly is nowhere near adequate. I have seen entire cases reduced to labelled pins standing among Dermestid beetle frass. Use modern insecticides and carefully sealed drawers or cases. I like the new pyrethroids, but keep in touch with museums to be sure you know the best current means of protection. Grease from pinned insects has caused me less of a problem than Browne describes, but possibly that is because I always have used the high-pinning techniques, never having known any other.
For example, if we refer to that portion of the brain near the mastoid process, which in its excessive action produces murder, we perceive that as murder is an abnormal action, such a term is not a suitable name for an organ, as it would convey the impression that every human being has a constant murderous impulse, and that the faculty is kept inactive when murder is not committed; from which we might infer that the human constitution is badly planned.
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