Are Indian motorcycles basically same as Victory bikes?

The Indian motorcycle models that I saw like 10 years ago were all like very classic and old style bikes but I was so surprised to see their very modern looking cruisers on their website. But I also know that both Indian and Victory are owned by Polaris. Some of the Indian models look like Victory bikes. Do they...
Early 1940's Indian Chief. My Grandfather had one of these. Beautiful old girder. #harleydavidson #motorcycles…
Bike-share firm Ofo launches in #Cambridge with 150 bikes, following mini-launch of 20 bikes in April. Bikes are unlocked 514454 - 97.457627118644
From the dirt bikes to the road, Matt takes home the #Victory Vegas. Thank you for your service!!
Not quite a full legislative ban yet, but basically #fracking is not going to be happening in #Scotland. #victory :

At that instant the motorcycles whirled past--a sudden call from the familiar voice of Amos Hiltze, and with a great tearing and crashing of brakes, the cycles stopped and the men ran back to the car.
As I said, most of the problem of getting on the net occurs when you live in an area that doesn't have a LOCAL provider. Basically there are three kinds of providers and three ways to get to them:
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