Why do babies cry?

Why do they cry all the time!?
3 cute #chameleon babies hatch at @ChesterZoo in #England. These babies just 5 cm in length are the first of their kind to 2615925 - 95.397489539749
One night stand, two men, three babies. Rebound Babies, a #Romance perfect for #BeachReads and #MondayMotivation
@ScienceWeek Why do human babies have primitive reflexes like the Moro, while animal babies don’t? #StopAndAsk
Trend is also to abort babies with Down Syndrome - 90% of babies diagnosed with DS aborted in UK.Should we follow…

"Why, the babies that the Sunshine Society gives a Christmas to. And there's oceans of babies, and they all want dolls,--I guess the boys must like dolls, too, they want so many. And, oh, Patty, they're the dearest little things,--the babies, I mean,--and I just _love_ to dress dolls for them. I'd rather do it than to make presents for my rich friends."
Soon one of the babies began to cry, and the other was not long in joining him. Nakpa did not know what to do. She gave a gentle whinny and both babies apparently stopped to listen; then she took up an easy gait as if to put them to sleep.
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