Do vegans have a lower risk of cancer?

Theoretically I thought vegans had a lower risk of cancer due to plant foods being healthier. But Steve Jobs and Jennifer Faulisi both got terminal cancer and they both ate very healthy vegan diets. No junk food or anything. They ate lots of fruits and vegetables. So I just want to know if it is worth it to...
Risk management is supposed to lower risk, owning a firearm for safety increases risk = less safe. #guncontrol
People feel they have no way to reduce Alzheimer’s risk.They are so wrong!Follow dictates of @RudyTanzi#SHIELD mantra &U can lower y\risk.
Obesity can increase the risk of cancer. Take action to be a healthy body weight. #cancer #cancercode #WorldObesityDay
The women are gossiping about whether or not Peggy had cancer. How much lower can they possibly go? #rhoc
Gene therapy using 'junk DNA' could lower risk for heart disease. #UCLA:

Cancer ------ FidoNet has the forum CARCINOMA (Cancer Survivors). BITNET has the discussion lists CANCER-L@WVNVM and CLAN (Cancer Liaison and Action Network on CLAN@FRMOP11). CompuServe has a Cancer Forum. NewsNet offers the newsletter CANCER RESEARCHER WEEKLY. In September 1992, the following message was posted on CANCER- L by a member from Brazil:
"I have treated some cases with remarkable success; but of course I can do so only when the cancer has not eaten too far into the vital organism of the sufferer. I have treated some thirty cancer cases, the cure in all being complete. The treatment was that of laying my hands over the part affected, anointing with a little magnetized ointment, and sometimes the injection of magnetized oil. Beyond that I do nothing. I have here records of ten cures of cancer in all parts of the body. If you will glance over the accounts, described by the newspapers at the time when they occurred, or copies of the certificates which I leave with you, you will see that there is almost no limit to the variety of the cures which I have been able to effect."
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